The other day I was browsing the Victoria’s Secret website looking for cute pajamas (all my old ones are literally falling off of me and why can’t I be a grown a$$ woman with PINK sprawled across her booty whilst in the privacy of my own home?
A former finance girl, Danielle is a New York City based freelance writer and fashion and beauty expert.
Join the TSABD Insider Email List!The TSABD Insider email list is my weekly newsletter with even more fashion and beauty insight, blog posts you might have missed, events, and other FAB insider info. Something I’ve always wanted to do but not sure I ever have was to do a regular playlist post.
I can’t quite tell what pulls me to certain pieces but I saw this bodysuit on Nasty Gal and it felt really me. NoticeThis blog makes use of affiliate links and works with brands in a manner that is complimentary to the blog.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
As someone who runs, takes various classes and Spins on the regular, I understand the importance of a quality sports bra -- and especially because I wear a 34DD. Celeb-Approved Booty Moves, Kate Bosworth's Collab With Topshop Hits Stores Today and More!

She's a Hofstra University and Fashion Institute of Technology grad with an obsession with fashion and beauty which she loves to tell you all about every weekday on her award-winning blog. I'd really, really love to be able to wear the adorable bras that you see our itty-bitty counterparts rocking: A strappy, neon one, nothing with eighteen thousand hooks, etc.
I wore the bra in both low- and high-impact workouts: First, a barre class, and then later, a quick three-mile run. But what I can’t have is all my sweat getting on my phone and possibly causing a malfunction.
Think of her as your style and beauty entourage all wrapped up into one bubbly brown package. I’ve had this playlist sitting for a couple weeks, waiting on a title and some sort of artwork, which I finally settled on tonight. I thought it would go perfect with this building in Wynwood that everyone’s already taken a photo with from years back.
But in the past, when I had forsaken comfort for looks, I ended up with raw, chafed breasts, shoulders and ribcage, and some serious floppage. At my FlyBarre class, which is FILLED with mirrors, I felt slim and sexy as I completed my ab and thigh work.

I didn’t make me have uni-boob, they didn’t compress my breasts and flatten them, and the bras are comfy! But when it came time to work our seats (that’s code for butt), I noticed what I felt to be was quite a bit of cleavage as I did leg lifts from the floor. Anyway, next playlist is due out in a couple of weeks but I hope you can find a way to get a lot of use out of this one before then. Somehow, I ended up with a 5th circle skirt from American Apparel but I wouldn’t have picked anything else to pair it with.
The circle skirts are such versatile pieces…I can dress them up or down or make them sweet or style them edgy. Released by the newly relaunched Victoria’s Secret Sport on Tuesday, the Incredible bra is kinda awesome.
The fit was beautiful: There was no side spillage, no front spillage, no back fattage, nada.

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