We’ve all probably done it at some point, that exciting moment when you throw down all your remaining chips for the chance of one last, big win.
The Parlay Roulette system tries to capture this idea and provide a framework for trying to win a certain amount.
There are lots of variations of the Parlay roulette system (as always) however the basic idea is that you specify a target then make a series of bets to reach that target. Again with any of these sequence systems if you reach your goal you must pocket your winnings and stop.
It’s perhaps just a way of organizing your bets rather than a full blow roulette system. Probably the oldest, certainly one of the simplest – the Martingale system is also one of the most misunderstood roulette strategies in existence. Betting Limits – All Casinos place a limit on a single bet, if your required amount in martingale goes above this, then you will lose.

Infinite Bankroll Required – The amounts required can quickly get very large if you get a streak of bad luck. These two facts make the Martingale a very dangerous system to play, for instance just imagine a small losing streak. But if you want to play around with the possibilities of ┬áthe Martingale system then try this simulator. Establishments that will be able to be assigned: h top royal sun or h top royal sun suites. Depending on which site you visit then the martingale is either described as a huge confidence trick, a mysterious hidden secret to wealth or somewhere in between. Make sure you change the wheel to a European one to see the most favorable results, frankly no-one should ever play roulette on an American roulette wheel – if that’s the only thing available play something else !
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In this page with the help of a small computer program I want to demonstrate the reality behind the Martingale system and then you can make your own mind up (the Martingale simulator is at the bottom if you want to skip straight there!). In fact on a purely mathematical basis I would tend to agree with the Wizard of Odds who states that all betting systems are worthless.
You keep doing this until you win, therefore in theory guaranteeing a small win on every sequence you play. Streaks like this are surprisingly common if you spend any amount of time watching a roulette game. All our clients are fully protected and, in the unlikely event of insolvency, all monies will be secured under the bonding arrangement and any necessary repatriation arrangements made through the Department of Transport, Energy and Communications.

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