Sabrina's Secret Life is a continuation spin-off series to Sabrina: The Animated Series, based on the Archie Comics character Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
Hilda and Zelda quarrel so much over each other with their magic that they grow tall and fat, beginning to sumo wrestle each other until they explode and are left shrunken down and frozen. Maritza, Tiffany and Margaux tease Cassandra and turn her into a balloon, passing her around. Salem is one of the secondary protagonists of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch series as he lives with the Spellman family namely Hilda, Zelda and of course Sabrina Spellman.
CatsTuxedo (Moderator) said at 12:53 AM on Wed Sep 10 2014 3 Shout Outs!Oh wow, the night I add the Ian clip is exactly three years after this compare was made! Anyway, as difficult as it is to unhear Bakay as the character, Corlett's got some pretty good comic delivery going on. Bauglir100 said at 12:11 PM on Tue Jul 22 2014 3 Shout Outs!You know who should voice Salem?
Emily Hart (Sabrina:The Animated Series Britt McKillip (Friends Forever and Sabrina's Secret Life). Sabrina Spellman, the major character of the series, is a cute and very beautiful half witch–half mortal who won't become magically empowered until she's sixteen.
Sabrina has growing long blonde hair with blue eyes and often wears glowing star and moon earrings. Sabrina is very social and tries hard to fit in at school, even if it means using spells to do it. In "Anywhere But Here," when Sabrina fast-forwards herself to adulthood, she finds that Harvey is her husband and they have three kids.
Sabrina can't access her full powers until she's sixteen but, thanks to training and help from the Spooky Jar, she can still cast spells. Gem, and Harvey both have seen Sabrina's magic in problems, but Sabrina persuade both people with excuses to cover it.
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Salem is known as a talking cat whom while he has a highly sarcastic sense of humor but despite of that he does genuinely help the Spellmans that he is living with whenever he can. Nick is a really funny take, and Maurice does a great job impersonating him, despite sounding a tad bit more deadpan. He brings more the the character and has the best range as he could go from silly to kinda a jerk to being kind. Grated his voice is a little higher than I would like for Salem but he did capture the sarcastic yet kind side of him. In the first show Sabrina the animated series  her signature outfit was a white crop tank top with a pink horizontal stripe,a pink mini skirt, pink panties and wears white and pink, sneakers. Like when she made clones of herself so she could join every school club or when she and Chloe used a shrink spell to fit into a pair of Waif Moth jeans.
Gem has lots of money which why she is able to pay money to others and make them make Sabrina's day miserable. Sometimes she tells Harvey its a dream, other times something happens before she can explain it.Gem has no excuse though, but she does make Gem think its not real somehow.
Taking place a year after Sabrina: Friends Forever, Sabrina is now at the age of 14 and attending Greendale High School.
Salem is generally referred to as Salem Saberhagen as he was once a warlock whom once aspired to take over the world but as punishment he was turned into a talking cat for a hundred years (but there were different reasons why he was turned into a cat in the past).
We shall actually begin with the mid 90's live action sitcom of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in which Nick Bakay voiced the role of Salem. In her second show Sabrina's Secret Life, her signature outfit was a purple sweatshirt hoodie with a pink stripe, blue jeans, and wears no shoes.
Sometimes she can be selfish and use her magic for her own pleasure but at the end of the day, she realizes abusing magic is wrong and learns from her mistakes.
But when the spells backfire, Sabrina realizes being herself, doing what makes her happy, and not caring so much what other people think is better than trying so hard to fit in. Chloe usually insists using the Spooky Jar or bewitching, and of course she also is bullied by Gem.
She has a crush on Harvey which is stated on a top column, so she and Sabrina have fights to ask him out.
She usually drools over boys or talks about them which usually causes a fight between the sisters.

While Salem was not the only popular aspect of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch sitcom he was easily quite a fan favorite and Nick's performance for the role was a good reason why.
She has a lab downstairs in the basement, and recommends Sabrina not touching the Spooky Jar again.
Nick's performance for the role definitely suited Salem's Sardonic wit but does also suit on how Salem is not truly a bad guy in the series either.
Chloe helps Sabrina in many situations that others won't understand, specifically witchcraft although she isn't a witch. But still lets just say I can understand why Salem was always quite a fan favorite in the show and Nick Bakay's work on the role is a definite reason why.While Nick Bakay did reprise the role as Salem in DiC's initial Sabrina the Animated series which was made back when DiC was owned by Disney and the show was on ABC. Gem saw Sabrina's power in some episodes but Gem is pure evil and is always competing something with Sabrina. However in the early 2000's when DiC was still able to make Sabrina the Teenage Witch productions but no longer have Disney involved there was a bit of a VA cast change.
So in the 2002 movie Sabrina Friends Forever, Louis Chirillo gets to take over the role here.
While fans have complained that Louis' voice for the role  was a bit too different from Nick's lets just say but I thought it was decent enough. Louis' performance as Salem did have a fairly good amount of snark for the role which needless to say does work.
Granted when it comes to Vancouver voice talent Louis Chirillo may not have been the best choice for Salem but he was a decent substitute nevertheless.Now for the 2nd Sabrina animated series from DiC namely Sabrina's Secret Life in which surprisingly enough Veteran VA Maurice LaMarche got to take over the role here. While yes it was indeed nice that Maurice's Salem voice sounded more like Nick's Salem voice then Louis' but still Maurice does play the role of Salem as a Snarky aid to Sabrina rather well enough. While Maurice's work as Salem is not one of his most memorable performances but it is a good example of why he can play a comedic character rather well. Ian's work is rather good as while unlike his early 2000s counterparts instead of trying to imitate Nick Bakay he does his own take on the role in which it is pretty good.
Ian's performance does have a very good sense of energy as Ian does seem to be trying to channel the late Paul Lynde in which he does pretty well at that.

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