The group consisted of about 30 members, four of which served as an executive committee, who worked with the monsignor, representatives of the Diocesan School Office and Diocesan Administration. The four members include Larry Pepper, class of 1961, Fran Reilly, class of 1961, Chalky Ottinger, class of 1967, and Mark Ronchetti, class of 1977.
The Save Sacred Heart High School fundraising campaign pledges to raise $300,000 by May 1, this year, to comply with the bishop. Fran Reilly, spokesperson for the committee, said events and donor programs designed to achieve the May 1 goal soon will be announced. The diocese also called for a revised administrative structure to be ready for academic year 2012-13. Fran Reilly’s mother, Donata Cirelli Reilly, 98, who graduated in the inaugural class of 1931, wrote a letter to the school at her pleasure of hearing the school will continue.
Her son Fran told stories to students about the first year of the school’s operation, including when the building was not quite finished and students had to hold class in the back of the church. He also said his mother reminisced that they would need to sit on the kneelers and use the pew as desks.
When Monsignor Burton announced the school would stay open, students erupted in applause and cheers, followed by a standing ovation. Steven Tobolski, 15, Lorenzo Montalvo, 14, and Lukas Gavigan, 15, all freshman, were devastated when the schools closure was announced.
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Spokesman Joe Rhys says they picked up about 1,100 dozen donuts in Toronto today, and made many of them available for sale to anyone who can come in and buy some. Usually students buy up a lot of the donuts, but with buses cancelled, they needed residents to help out. Newcastle-based Siemens Energy Service in partnership with Tyne Metropolitan College has kick started a new targeted programme of outreach activities for local schools and colleagues to raise awareness of engineering as a career for young people.

Newcastle-based Siemens Energy Service in partnership with Tyne Metropolitan College has kick started a new targeted programme of outreach activities for local schools and colleges to raise awareness of engineering as a career for young people. The project is focused on giving young people the opportunity to experience first-hand a a€?day in the life of an engineer.a€? A Outreach includes school visits and talks by Siemens staff as well as a visit to the Newcastle site. In this year and next Siemens is working with four schools and colleges locally in addition to its existing outreach programme in the region.
We have a long standing programme of engagement with schools and our latest outreach initiative will build on this and help increase understanding of engineering as a potential career path. It is also a great way to engage our own employees, who are always willing to support schools engagement with their time, expertise and enthusiasm.
Siemens was established in the United Kingdom 170 years ago and now employs 13,760 people in the UK. Students also take part in an interactive exercise to build a miniature turbine and overview of the Siemens Apprenticeship Programme. As the worlda€™s largest engineering company, Siemens provides innovative solutions to help tackle the worlda€™s major challenges across the key sectors of energy, industry, infrastructure & cities and healthcare. ArredondoThe Book club was established with the intentions of creating a community of readers, so that the groups could benefit from multiple interpretations of literature.
Siemens has offices andA  factories throughout the UK, with its headquarters in Frimley, Surrey. RamirezIn a society where sexploitation and human trafficking are at an all time high the Goretti Club will offer a counter cultural environment were students can focus on the love that God has for every single one of us. Only when we understand what sex is for and how it affects our bodies and souls can we truly know, and be able to love others in a way that leaves us truly happy and fulfilled. PinaPhotography club was established with intentions in which the Comets capture all the wonderful moments happening on and off of campus at Sacred Heart.
The ladies will learn how to use photos as an expression of art as well as the secrets behind photos in social media.

Kinman The Sacred Barristers is a club that is perfect for anyone who wouldlike to have a career in law. In addition to answering any questionsthat a student might have about the field of law, we will take thestudents on field trips to the Court House. Ceccon, a former lawyer, will gladly help outour members with any obstacles they are facing, question that they needanswers, and tips for a successful future.
The Sacred Heart Barristersis a great club that will help prepare the student mentally by educatingthem about lawyers. Another great aspect of The Sacred Heart Barristersis that the girls will be visited by lawyers and will get to ask themall about their jobs and hear all of their personal experiences.
JalbertSalt and Light is a group for 9th and 10th grade students, led by the Campus Ministry Leadership Team. In this group they share in the fun and fellowship we have together in addition to the service we take part in. SolisThe Social Justice Club was established to engage students in applying the message of Jesus and his church to the struggles of justice and peace. We intend to do thisby having the best students as Ambassadors of Sacred Heart High School.Ambassadors will recruit students from all different middle schools inthe Los Angeles County.
GreenThepurpose of the Sacred Heart High School Letterwomen Society is to unitethe letterwomen of Sacred Heart into a useful body which willcontribute its services to the school, promote all athletic activities,and encourage all athletes to win the respect of their fellow students,the faculty, and the general public by their exemplary conduct andexample by their courteous deportment and standard of speech.The LetterwomenSociety is found under the patronage of St Dominic and Mother Pia and onthe basis that each of its members shares a common pride and spirit. The student council serves as ameans for expression of student opinion, coordination of extracurricularactivities, and encourages participation in clubs and other schoolactivities.

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