Ananda's musical compositions use the harmonic ratios of sacred geometry like the golden mean (A?), and the Sierpinski pentahedron, to compose an entirely new plateau of electronic music, that is also groovy and VERY danceable in the mainstream music world, with a growing a€?cultural followinga€?. The unique combination of ingredients in Anandaa€™s compositions produces remarkable shifts in health measurements. HYPERDIMENSIONAL GROOVIN': The compositiona€™s utilise transcendental harmonics, 14 with transcient series tuning: True Interdimensional Music!

A  Envisioned by Ananda as a new form of technology for global cultural events a€” creating a new experience of sound enabling coherent effects in the audiencesa€™ nervous system, health, & well-being. Neutralising effects from damaging radiation by the extraordinary protective properties in strengthening the overall biological system that AUMega Music exhibits. Utilising these harmonic properties, such global cultural events will enable the musical arts to expand into a new medium of experience, where the artistic vision can realise a cultural attempt to make contact with the cosmos.

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