The Seattle Meditation Center (SMC) is a Theravada Buddhist Monastery and Buddhist community.
Meditation helps improve concentration and foster good qualities,         enhancing every aspect of life. On the first Saturday of every month, we join in a meditation session and Buddhist service led by Master Luang Phaw Dammajayo in Thailand via DMC satellite TV from 7 to 9 pm. Seekers often ask how they can tell whether they are meditating properly or whether they are just deceiving themselves or having mental hallucinations.
If you are enjoying mental hallucination, you will feel that peace is within and restlessness is without. When it is your imagination, you will get a very sweet feeling for a few minutes; then immediately dark or frustrating thoughts will come into you.
Contact For questions and class registration fill in our contact form or call (206) 322-2600. Anyone would feel comfortable with David … he's soft spoken, gentle, listens attentively, and explains information so you understand it.
Have you ever been curious about meditation and how it can support your journey of health and wellness? You are yearning for peace, light and bliss, but outwardly you are feeling a volcanic turbulence.
If you are actually entering into a higher plane, you will feel that your body is becoming very light. If peace, light, love and joy have come to the fore from within as a result of your meditation, then you will know that you have meditated well.

I originally went to see him for a skin condition and he managed to fix everything else while he was at it.
They are exercises using similar movements seen in Tai-Qi, designed to have a specific therapeutic benefit on the body, mind, spirit. First, I have recently added a small meditation area in my treatment room and have started to incorporate seated meditation into people’s sessions if they want it. There is a lot on the calendar now, so please go to the website for the most current schedule – Blue Heron Zen Calendar. We welcome you to explore a spiritual path that emphasizes insight and experience over dogma and belief. If you are having a real meditation, a sublime meditation, then you are bound to feel peace within and without. Or doubt will enter, and you may say, “How can I meditate so well when yesterday I did so many wrong things? If you have a good feeling for the world, if you see the world in a loving way in spite of its teeming imperfections, then you will know that your meditation was good. Some may facilitate the cultivation or circulation of energy, while others may strengthen particular organs or meridians in the body. Do you find yourself having an overactive mind or feeling consumed by particular feelings or emotions?
Basically, I offer simple instruction on posture, breath, and methods of working with the mind. Nobody has given you good news, nobody has brought you any gifts, nobody has appreciated or admired you, nobody has done anything for you, but you will have an inner feeling of delight.

If it is soulful meditation, you will feel your eternal existence; you will feel that you are of Eternity and for Eternity. In fact, when you have reached a very high world, you will actually see a bird inside you that can easily ?y just as real birds do. And if you have a dynamic feeling right after meditation, if you feel that you have come into the world to do something and become something—to grow into God’s very image and become His dedicated instrument—this indicates that you have had a good meditation.
How can I be having a high meditation?” But if it is really a high meditation, you will feel that your whole existence, like a divine bird, is soaring high, higher, highest.
But the easiest way to know if you have had a good meditation is to feel whether peace, light, love and delight have come to the fore from within. They are powerful tonics for our entire energetic system – based on the Five Elements, the 12 Major Meridians, and the 8 Extraordinary Meridians.
But if you feel a mental tension or disturbance, then you will know that the kind of meditation that you are doing is not meant for you. While you are having this feeling there will be no sad thoughts, no frustrating thoughts and no doubts.
This is very important work and a wonderful adjunct to an individual’s healing process when done consistently.

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