One caucasian men detective secret agent criminal with gun in silhouette studio on white background. The quality of life on my boat just went up a lot with the addition of a fan (ventilateur).
That looks like a monster fan, and I'm glad to hear that it is helping with the heat and the mosquito swarm. The internet rocks right now so I thought I must post even though there is not much to report.
I believe I just discovered that my internet connection works way better with safari than Internet explorer. After Eric left to battle with (its) mosquitoes, construction workers have decided to invite him to participate in a game of volleyball.
It sounds like you're having the time of your life out there Eric, and I must say I'm not without jealousy! Here is a picture of the anchorage in Anaho which has been the best in the marquases so far. Eric has not had internet access except in the two large villages of the Marquesas, and that is without attachments, meaning small notes and no photo's.
In this contest you can photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply). This is basically a weekly exhibition of your creative works with no "contest restrictions".
Elke Sommer CaricaturePSMandrake Elke Schletz in art Elke Sommer, (Berlin, November 5, 1940), Actress, Singer, Pin-up Photomodel. Primate Photos Coming to Lifehobbit90 +6 commentsfull view I like this image.All Gorilla are looking danger Proboscis monkey stealing bananas is freaking hilarious. Submerged Car in the Oceandeaddog +3 commentsfull view Yeah, freaking awesome.
The Spoils of WarHitspinner +3 commentsfull view Blurry background is eccessive, otherwise pretty good entry. Girl in a Bad DreamRoadRunner44 If the picture is offensive please remove +3 commentsfull view Im-freaking-pressive!
VooDoo Coconut vs Tiki TokGummy Coconut wins every time.+6 commentsfull view Where does this Tiki Tok hail from? Vladimir Putin's BusHoHouse +2 commentsfull view how can they be seated and their heads be out of the glass?
I do not have any photos of her that she would like to see on the internet so here is one of our grandmother holding her first great grandchild.
Your niece was Miss Grumpy Gills today (apparently she didn't know it was mommy's birthday), but I still had a great day. My friend Alain had an extra one and I got 220 volts to the boat with a big extension chord. We are looking forward to seeing you out on the water in Fiji if you make it while we are there!
This match was welcome because Eric was already beginning to take shape in his boat (laughs).

We have all the Bubbles guys, and some english and australians from "ghost" and we are about to go on a night dive.
I got my anchor stuck on a coral head really bad and spent most of yesterday diving it to no avail. The bubbles coming out of the car is a nice touch Picturesque work, would make a great poster! Hope no bears were hurt while making this chop Like this a lot.
It seems like the simplest thing but it makes an enormous difference with both the bugs and how hot the inside of the cabin is. I will stay on Raiatea for a couple of months doing boat work and waiting for cyclone season to be over. The trades have been reinforced but last night they were mellow We had full sail up the whole time and never saw more than 20kts.
And having an older brother like you waiting when I was born was the best birthday present a little sister could get.
This is very frusterating because I try to write something interesting and fun to read for you guys and then loose it. There have been some pretty violent squalls with a lot of rain in them the past few days but I guess that is the tropics for you. I am sorry to have missed all my friends that I did not see and look forward to catching up with you all down the line. Today Mom and Dad and I motored up here on the start of the first of two trips up to the san juans this summer.
What you are learning will be I'm sure invaluable in your future career in the boating industry. Today is the Sound to Narrows and James and I are going up to Tacoma to celebrate Dad's birthday. I caught a Mahi Mahi yesterday and today we hiked to an awesome archeological site with lots of Tikis and cool Maeae (platforms) after that we treked and i do mean treked to a waterfall.
The anchorage here is sketchy which is why, but the locals are the coolest and most friendly I have seen so far. And when I say summer that is technically what season it is but up here at 48 degrees north in late june, it is about 40 defrees F and raining. Today I had a rescue team of three guys and a lady help me as they were headed out to dive with two resident mantas. It was about 20k or more round trip and some bush-wacking to get to the fall but it was spectacular.
12 februarie 1942)+4 commentsfull view I've seen so many chops of the American Gothic painting, so many of them were brilliant that I think it's harder and harder to match that brilliance with a new chop of this source.
I also played barefoot and ended the practice with blisters on my big toes but they are not too bad. Todays was about mosquito poison and skippering a moorings boat on a trip next week with a bunch of employees here at the boat yard. I have done a lot of sweating, drinking water and standing under the cold shower here at the boat yard.

Today I wore all the gear I brought and was very glad to have my foul weather gear once again.. We chilled with a carver and his apprentice most of the day at his house because it rained a lot. I dont know what Im going to do about this yet because on these islands everything is about 20-30% more expensive than in the states because of the shipping. There is a big game next week that me and my friend Alain will go to and Ill bring my camera. The current was ripping and to get around the point you seriously had to rock climb on coral in about a foot of water. We sat under it and bathed (see photo - Dad;-))and the pressure of the water was incredible. I'm sure that Hitster will be along soon to concede that the Coconut has shamed and defeated his Tiki Tok. It was really nice to wash some cloths that had been sitting my boat for 6 months and were very grody. My french is good enough that I am not a fly on the wall when hanging out with my french speaking friends.
There is a high over us right now so the entire atol is glass and the visability is better than usual.. I got my radio parts a long time ago and just got the engine parts from Silver lining who got them from Capaz at my request. The trades were reinforced, but last night we had full sail up the whole time and never saw 20 kts.
Liz and I hiked over a mountain range today to the next village and had ice cream with Margo and Frank and Logan from Silver Lining. Alain has really gone out of his way to help me out and I want to give him a shout out and say "Thank you very much man" I know you will read this with the translation program so I hope it comes across en francais.
We will continue to circumnavigate and probably be in town within a week and check out and head to the Tuamotus. Ill try to post on the blog today but between emails to you and mom, there is not much else to report. But it is a beautiful day here it has been blue sky without any squalls so far today which is unusual.
I saw two white tip sharks really close and flew over the reef in a flood that was still strong. Voodoo Coconut brain-burn sacrifice of what looks to be that chick that is the head of the DNC! And finally after a late lunch and frisbee session with some local kids we made some bling with black pearls and the some of that kit that you sent me in mexico mom, thanks for that. My tuamotus pics are not yet on my computer so here is one from bay of virgins on fatu hiva.

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