This story is a bizarre but somewhat believable one and revolves around a rumor that Nas isn’t really the father of his presumed son, Knight, with ex-wife Kelis. One would think that Nas would have gotten a paternity test before he agreed to pay child support to Kelis, but if they were married and in love and he had no reason to suspect an affair, perhaps he trusted her enough that the question of his paternity never crossed his mind. With all the MULLA NASIR has been paying, I KNOW HE DID A DNA test, right NASIR?pls dont tell me you didnt..GOD NO!
The reason she didn’t let Nas in the delivery room and subsequently divorced him was because he CHEATED on her with groupies with she was pregnant. Please – even in the general population of people, 1 in every 10 men are raising a child that they believe is biologically their own, who actually is not. The number of married men who hit on me is one of the reasons I’m not keen on the idea of marriage.
Not so much…my co worker had a child with another man while married and now she cant collect child support from the father because she got pregnant by another man while being married. I believe some of the laws in some states have changed regarding a child born in marriage automatically being presumed to be the husband’s.

Many are saying this isn’t about Kelis and Knight, but about his first wifey and daughter destiny. There is NO WAY in hell after all the legal hoops these two have jumped through that Nas didn’t have that baby DNA tested. Still, any dude would be really dumb not to ask for a DNA test when a very huge amount of child support (especially from a rap-star standpoint) is involved. It is very difficult for people not to cheat, especially if they believe they will not get caught. Especially when it’s the husband of women you know think their husband is the sweetest nicest man. One of these men has been declared the legal father of the child, and there is no circumstance where the father isn’t legally obligated to pay child support.
After adult freaky tape allegations leaked featuring Kelis and a man other than her husband she decided to become pregnant to save her failing marriage. Totally disgusting, and a big generalization, but I have been hit on by enough gross married men and know a fair number of people who have cheated on their spouses.

She though it would take a few months for her to conceive but she was pregnant within a month. She and Ogunleye were having an affair and things happened so quick she was uncertain of the child’s paternity. That’s why she refused to allow Nas into the delivery room and refuses to allow him to visit her son without her or the nanny. Her son has striking features he inherited from his biological father who is of Nigerian decent. She just recently purchased a foreclosure in Glendale California, and is desperately seeking a sponsor.
She fears losing another property she has had two foreclosures and two evictions since her divorce.

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