Anonymity app Secret and an independent security consultant are coming clean about a hack that could have destroyed the entire point of the popular secret-sharing app.Bryan Seely, who made headlines earlier this year with a Google Maps hack that let him listen in on FBI and Secret Service phone calls, figured out how to identify the person behind specific posts to Secret.
In social-engineering hacks, intruders take advantage of human nature and the ways people tend to behave, rather than burrowing into software code to unlock access points into computers.Seely's hack involved creating dummy Secret accounts that were "friends" with each other, so they appeared to be legitimate Secret users, but had only one "real" contact listed in their friends list, the contact information of the targeted Secret user.
We are petitioning for you to do the right thing in the name of anti-bullying and to save countless precious lives. The petition also cites the suicide of actor Robin Williams: “People who commit suicide often suffer from depression and has just been proven by the passing of Robin Williams. The well-funded anonymous messaging app is moving its crew and refunding its investments after a year of development. Did you ever want to share a secret but didn't want people to know that you were the one who shared it? Secret is one of a number of apps that let people post messages anonymously, with others including Whisper and Yikyak. Byttow says that he will spend the next few weeks winding down Secret as gracefully as possible. Lukas Nelson, the son of Willie Nelson, has released a new album, "Something Real," with his roots rock band Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real.
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The app has become popular because it lets you share secrets to your friends without revealing who you are.
Secret automatically matched that contact info to the person's Secret profile, and so the only direct "friend" contact who appeared in the dummy account's stream was the target contact. Recently, however, the app that allows you to tell your secrets anonymously has been the target of those who say the app encourages a toxic environment where cyber bullying can thrive. The petition was started this week and has just over 400 signatures of the 100,000 it wants to obtain. How it works: You download it to your phone (it’s free) and share anonymous messages with your friends, friends of friends and publicly. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. One downside is that just like YikYak and Whisper, "a significant portion of posts were 'defamatory, offensive, or mean-spirited,' as Secret itself described them last year when attempting to quash the trash talk," reports NBC News. De forma que as pessoas podem contar o que quiserem, a quem quiserem, sem se preocupar em ser descobertos. While everything is anonymous, people who share within their circle of friends can oftentimes figure out who posted a message. Seely was able to take advantage of that and created a way to determine the person behind a Secret post."We showed David [Byttow, Secret's co-founder and CEO] a photo [that he took] that we pulled from Secret. And this is where things can become tricky because some of what is being shared is honest, embarrassing, goofy, scary.

He asked us if we were submitting a bug report," said Seely, chief technology officer for Rhino Security, a small analysis and research startup that nevertheless counts big-name investor Mark Cuban's Cyber Dust firm as a client. Or, as Seely put it, he followed the ethical guidelines of "not making a $34 million startup go poof.""It's a bit of a clever social-engineering trick," Byttow told CNET in an email conversation. It keeps everyone honest," Byttow said.Still, he wouldn't reveal a more precise timeline of the hack, or what Secret did to fix it. He did say that the exploit method Seely used was originally discovered in May, although he didn't elaborate on why it wasn't fixed until recently. Founded in January by ex-Square Wallet technical lead Byttow and former Google product manager Chrys Bader-Wechseler, Secret has had a bug-bounty program for crowd-sourcing security bug-hunts for most of its short lifetime, with 34 hackers uncovering 42 security problems so far, Byttow said. Bug-bounty programs, which can involve payouts of thousands of dollars, are common at large firms like Google and Facebook, but they're rare at the startup level.
Few startups invest in bug bounties, often citing the cost or user bases too small to justify expensive security experts. Yet Byttow noted that Secret hired two hackers for its permanent security team that the company found through its bug-bounty program.Seely's security warning appears to have had an impact on Secret's co-founder, beyond fixing the vulnerability.

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