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THE POPULAR iOS and Android Secret app that lets users speak anonymously with friends isn't so secret after all, security experts have revealed by demomstrating a hack. Launched in the UK in April after much success in the US, Secret is the latest app to make it big with social media users.
However, security researchers at Rhino Security Labs have demonstrated that it's possible to hack the app and thus reveal the identities of the posts in a user's feed by using personal email addresses and "dummy" accounts. Caudill explained that the hack can be performed to identify the names of people behind the posts. Upon signup, Secret pulls a list of contacts from the user's Facebook account or phone and automatically adds these as potential friends. Caudill was able to identify the names of his friends behind the first two posts and also learned that the third post about "Lucy" came from the founder of Secret, ex-Googler David Byttow. To perform the hack, Caudill created a new Secret account, created a bunch of dummy friends and then added one single genuine person as a victim to see what secrets he or she had posted. After running the script once, Caudill managed to verify all the fake accounts that were made. Caudill said Rhino Security Labs worked closely with Secret to resolve the vulnerability and only broke story about the bug once it had been fixed. Have a secret or two you want to get off your chest without telling the world or revealing your identity in the process?
It’s called Secret, and it lets people post random thoughts, deep dark secrets, and everything in between on a neat, user-friendly platform. Navegando por mi cuenta de Digg pude ver que la aplicacion de Secret se esta convirtiendo en la aplicacion de moda ?por que? Secret es una aplicacion disponible para iOS o Android que te permite realizar publicaciones completamente anonimas y  conocer aquellos obscuros “secretos” que otros jamas se atreverian a compartir en sus redes sociales. Secret comenzo en Silicon Valley gracias a sus creadores que por cierto son ex empleados de Google, Chrys Bader-Wechseler y David Byttow y ha adquirido gran popularidad de manera acelerada en America Latina (?sera que los latinos nos gusta el chisme?), tanto asi que en las ultimas semanas ha recaudado $25 millones de dolares por parte de inversionistas.
Sera un resumen diario de las conversaciones que de producen clasificadas en una serie de temas, asi podras suscribirte en aquellos que te resulten de interes. Como esta era una de las caracteristicas mas solicitadas, Secret decidio complacer a los usuarios. Secret is targeting English-speaking markets first, but co-founder Chrys Bader-Wechseler said the company is developing ways to bring the app to non-English-speaking countries. Secret has been recently updated with other features, including location-based sharing that surfaces secrets from nearby users. Less than a year out, the startup has already raised close to $10 million in funding, and is reportedly valued at around $50 million. New social app Secret has surfaced in the Google Play store after enjoying a successful start on the iOS platform.

The pool of posts that individuals see is built using the contact info on a user’s phone. Each secret can be dressed up with colors or backgrounds along with blurs, textures, and moods. If you are interested in Secret, use one of the download links below to grab the free app from Google Play. Raised in North Carolina, Jeff Causey is a chief financial officer and licensed CPA in Durham, North Carolina.
The well-funded anonymous messaging app is moving its crew and refunding its investments after a year of development. Did you ever want to share a secret but didn't want people to know that you were the one who shared it?
Secret is one of a number of apps that let people post messages anonymously, with others including Whisper and Yikyak. Byttow says that he will spend the next few weeks winding down Secret as gracefully as possible.
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You don't have to be a booze hound to enjoy the travel adventures of Jack Maxwell, host of "Booze Traveler" on Travel Channel. Louise Harrison, the elder sister of George Harrison, had a front-row seat to musical history. We Millennials are killing the art of conversation and the desire to make our voices heard a€“ really heard a€“ one text message at a time. This guide is intended for companies, organisations, and IT professionals who are looking for a network and application monitoring tool that provides a holistic view of application performance, including performance monitoring, from the end user perspective. Luckily, Secret offers an API with some vulnerabilities of its own that allowed us to automate the process of creating fake accounts rapidly," explained Caudill. This is pretty easy, as Secret doesn't require verification of a phone number or email, [and] obviously this makes the process a whole lot easier to carry out en masse. With the fake friends as well as a victim in his address book, he was able to finish the registration process for his main fake account himself - uploading the contacts to the server. No hay nada de que preocuparse pues Chrys y David aseguran que el contenido no sera compartido en esta plataforma, es mas ni siquiera almacenara el nombre publico. A TechCrunch report later revealed that New Zealand would also be among the first countries to get the app outside the U.S. Bader-Wechseler didn't reveal the exact timing of an Android release or international expansion, but Monday's report suggested that both will happen in the coming weeks.
Whisper, another secret-sharing app, has been similarly successful, recently raising $30 million in funding following a $200 million valuation. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

Even if a user opts to not provide a phone number, which results in the app not accessing your phone contacts, the email requirement means any contact with an email could be the source of a secret that is displayed in the app. Besides the nature of the secret, these effects can help draw attention to a secret and perhaps entice a user to like the secret.
First, since users don’t know who posted a secret, they could be consumed with paranoia wondering if any given secret is about them. Jeff has owned an HTC EVO, a Samsung Note II, and an LG G3 along with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1. One downside is that just like YikYak and Whisper, "a significant portion of posts were 'defamatory, offensive, or mean-spirited,' as Secret itself described them last year when attempting to quash the trash talk," reports NBC News. Its founders claim it was established on the principle that people can "be more authentic, empathetic and self-aware among friends" when their identity is kept private. To prevent users from just adding one person at a time, Secret refuses to show any secrets of friends unless they've got at least 10 of them, meaning they can only guess and speculate at whose closeted skeleton is whose.
What makes it different from other apps is the fact that only people in your contacts (who also have the app installed) can see your posts. The app hides the identities of individual users, but does reveal the city from which a secret originates. After signing up, during which time uses are asked for their phone number and email address, users are delivered anonymous posts that are supposed to help the sender “Be honest.
If for some reason a user does not have any contacts using the app or who have little to share, they can access a list of secrets from unrelated people. When that happens, the secret spreads to their friends and after six degrees of Bacon liking, everyone in the world knows the secret or something like that. Second, due to the anonymous nature, it can be difficult if not unwise, to rely on the app as a trustworthy source of information. If they love the post, it can reach even further. When your secret travels beyond two degrees, it will be marked with your general location, like “California”.
People beyond two degrees will be able to love your post or comments, but won’t be able to add comments to the conversation. Life at home often includes demonstrations of the superiority of his Android based devices. In his free time, Jeff is active in his church, a local MINI Cooper car club, and his daughter's soccer club.

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