Dedicated to Black superhero News, Reviews, Previews, Sales figures, Interviews, Galleries and the people who bring them to us. Nick Fury knows who he wants for the new Secret Avengers–the deadly mercenary known as Taskmaster! Espionage- The covert vibe runs through every page of this issue giving it a different vine than the other books under the Avengers banner. Gadgets- The only times I became excited throughout the entire issue was when Nick Fury Jr. Flashbacks- I don’t know about anybody else who read this issue but I was downright confused upon hitting the last page and realizing that some parts of the issue were flashbacks and some were actually taking place in the present day.

Silly- So as Nick Fury is escaping with Taskmaster he’s attacked by a deluge of supervillains, lame and powerful…..and he holds them off with a simple gun? Characterization- This issue focused on Taskmaster as a major component of just about everything. Inconsistency- The art was worst than Fearless defenders this month simply because it was so uneven and looked rushed. Ok so we have inconsistent art, questionable characterization and flashbacks that detract instead of enhance the story? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Unfortunately Taskmaster behaved more like Deadpool than himself……I could not get past that.
Also he’s pretty good friends with Constrictor one of the villains who attacked him in this issue……I feel almost like I’m in an alternate world here????

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