I don't think there are many people out there who haven't heard of the Necronomicon and the dreadful things connected with it. When medical knowledge past is considered, lack of aseptic technique, pain-killing drugs and antibiotics are an accepted part of our modern legend of these ancient healing practices. On Friday, David Wasserman, House editor for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, floated the possibility that the down-ballot drag from either a Trump or Cruz nomination could put the GOP's House majority in jeopardy.
They keeping subverting the will of the people as they rigging elections each time we get to the ballot.
A Blois comme a Romorantin, c’est la meme technique de la democratie a la sauce socialiste. La premiere reunion de la communaute de communes du Romorantinais et du Monestois avait ete preparee en amont par Jeanny Lorgeoux.
Pour Agglopolys, il y avait deux candidats: les bulletins Christophe Degruelle etaient prets mais, pour la 2° candidate, Mathilde Paris (FN), il n’y avait pas de bulletin imprime et chaque electeur devait inscrire son nom… secretement et discretement. There will be a meeting on October 24th at the American Legion Hall in Ottawa Located at 901 La Salle Street.
On September 26th The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and PetSmart, Inc.
If you have any questions about the election feel free to post them on this page and we will do our best to answer them as quickly as possible. Union meetings have been set for the next three Thursdays, October 3rd, October 10th and October 17th at the American Legion Hall in Ottawa.
To demand that OSHA investigates the workers lack of access to washroom facilities sign on to the below petition. Management at the PetSmart Regional Distribution Center limits our access to washroom facilities by imposing nearly impossible productivity standards. To demand that OSHA investigates the workers lack of access to washroom facilities sign on to this petition.
In a third shift start up meeting held on June 28th, General Manager John Kerns made several misguided and misleading comments about what a Union can bargain over in negotiations.
Either management does not have a full understanding of the bargaining process or they have intentionally misguided workers about the bargaining process.

Examples of mandatory subjects include: wages, shift premiums, overtime, premium pay, longevity, pay for training, holidays, sick days, hours of work, work schedules, grievance procedure, workloads, vacancies, promotions, transfers, layoff and recall, discipline and discharge,  on call pay, severance pay, pensions, health insurance, leaves of absence, tuition reimbursement, job duties, seniority, probationary period, testing of employees, rest and lunch periods, bargaining unit work, subcontracting, no strike clause, nondiscrimination. I think that any employee who works in the distribution center can agree that LM affects your workload, jour job duties, and as we have seen when your friends are marched out the door because they were unable to meet new LM standards, discipline and discharge. If the Company truly believes that the Union can not do anything to help you, then why do they care so much if you become a Union or not? There have been some rumors about the Facebook user Norma Rae being someone from the company, UNTRUE. Railway’s largest employees’ union known as All India Railwaymen’s Federation (the AIRF) has called in more than 10 lakh workers in their association as they have taken a decision to go for  a strike ballot on Friday. In the secret ballot, the employees will be voting either for or against the strike call which will be announced on Monday. The employees are demanding guaranteed pension scheme, quota for the wards of employees in the railway recruitment, flexible timings for women and ministerial staff, and exempting women railways employees from night shifts in the open line. According to Mishra, the general mood is to go for an indefinite strike as most of the pending demands are being ingored by the railways.
Access a trail leaflet featuring the Birmingham sites our groups discovered had links with the history of the right to vote. See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Secret Ballot History. The temples were in essence the *Home of the God* and thus a place where only Pharaoh as the Son of God and those he appointed as his deputies, could meet with the god. Fragments of the earliest books come from Egypt, where dreams were considered to be the messages sent from the gods. While company management does not specifically tell workers not to use the washroom, they will not sign off on our lost productivity (off standard time) due to washroom usage.
This means that any subject that either party proposes to bargain over that impacts any of these three areas, has to be negotiated in good faith. As the railways possibly head into the first nationwide strike in 39 years, it will obviously have a wide impact of the lives of millions who use the railways as their daily transportation.
The railways workers are frustrated with the government, who have been insensitive to their demands and have gone back on several promises which they have made, according to AIRF general secretary Shiva Gopal Mishra.

More than a thousand voting centers have been set up where ballot papers have been printed in all the different languages so that employees can cast their votes. Due to the Government shutdown, your election that was set for October 24th and October 25th has been rescheduled for October 31st and November 1st. The only ones that will see the petition are myself and OSHA (who are required to keep your information confidential).
If our productivity drops below the company’s ridiculous productivity requirements (LM standards), we are fired.
These are subjects over which the parties must bargain if they are requested to do so by the other party. The last railway strike which was held was in the year of 1974 by AIRF leader George Fernandes. Once we have collected enough signatures we will attach the petition to the formal OSHA complaint. Our members work in transportation, warehousing, manufacturing, service industries and everything in between. LM standards are now so tight that workers don’t even have time to use the toilet because of the fear that they wont make rate and be fired?
The result of strike ballot will be available on Monday and based on that AIRF will chalk out further strategy ” Mishra said. Perhaps they should focus their speeches to areas that they are experts in and give you lengthy speeches about employee turn over and overloading the local unemployment offices and leave the information about our Union to us…. Employees at the distribution center work either 10 or 12 hour shifts, sometimes in extreme heat. In order to stay hydrated, workers drink large quantities of water and have limited access to the washroom. We believe that the company has not only violated our basic human rights, but has also violated OSHA standards and created an unsafe work environment and would like to file a complaint and have OSHA investigate the issue.

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