Minecraft Building Inc All your minecraft building ideas, templates, blueprints, seeds, pixel templates, and skins in one place. Who has been spending billions of dollars to construct this elaborate bunker network beneath America’s busiest Airport, complete with residential amenities, and what appears to be a fully functional Continuity of Government facility deep underground? A new DIA whistleblower has come forward to confirm many of the details of this story which were previously only speculation. The airport serves over 50 million passengers a year and is now incorporating a massive new project called “Airport City” an aerotropolis which has been presented publicly by the Mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, who respectively declined an interview with Intellihub News. The concept is innovative, a first for an airport in America, and is likely to become the envy of other airports around the world. In 2010, DIA and the City and County of Denver took a major step in DIA’s evolution to fulfill its gateway role by inviting firms from around the world to submit proposals to assist DIA in planning, assessing and creating an Airport City at DIA as the core of and competitive accelerator for the emerging Denver aerotropolis.
However, local residents and others have been questioning the new construction in and around the airport property as several red flags have been raised. Some speculate that a deep underground military facility, part of the Continuity of Government (COG) program exists on the site. Now, a source of mine within the airport confirmed for the first time astonishing information regarding the underground facility, providing details unknown to airport staff and the general public until now. Level 1 of the airport is inset into the ground to protect from vibrations coming from underneath. The airport’s gate and door numbers correspond to emergency action and response plans that indicate specific details to people “in the know”.
The design of the airport is built to throw people off as levels are labeled differently on each in some cases and grading changes make it difficult to pinpoint your actual elevation. Due to lawsuits (or potential staged events) in the “United Airlines, Inc.” section of one of the basement levels at DIA, an infectious bio-hazard or fungal outbreak has instigated quarantined off areas of the underground, as they are now inaccessible to the airport staff and personnel.
There is a militarized intermediary entrance located in the “United Airlines” section of the underground.
21wireWe are a North American and European-based, grass-roots, independent blog offering geopolitical news and media analysis, working with an array of volunteer contributors who write and help to analyze news and opinion from around the world. And populated by Morlocks, ape-like troglodytes who live in darkness underground and surface only at night to feed on humans. American taxpayers paying for these underground locations for the elitist, but they won’t be invited when the final days come.
If you are the type of person who likes to be in control… The book features nearly all unknown secrets. So if hes the bringer of the light why is he assosiated with all the negative and unpleasant and evel thangs?? Sorry, no matter what your preacher told you by cherry picking biblical passages and building a theological house of cards, the tribulation is for ALL.
Denver is very remote from the coastal cities and is high in altitude away from the predicted flooding and there is enough empty space to build their new seat of future government if it all goes awry.

Beware that even religion is used as a control mechanism to prevent the populace from doing away with their minority of slave masters.
That tone and feel of that mural can have a 10 page smorgasbord of symbolism, meaning, interpretation.
As we have not once mentioned, there is a real problem in 2012, and to suggest otherwise would be, at least not honestly. You will understand why the date of 20 December 2012, which for several years already spend too much time in the cinema, the press, the various conspiracy sites, or eschatological, in reality has little to do with the Mayan calendar, but has very different roots.
We had an awesome opening last night, and now work from Secret Base’s JAPANESE DEVIL Show at Toy Art Gallery is now available online! SECRET BASE “Japanese Devil” is shaping up to be an amazing show and we just had to share a few samples with you!
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However, interestingly, the new aerotropolis will incorporate an expansive business district with new lodging as well as an agricultural and technical district within the confines of the airport property to attract more revenue to Denver’s growing economy.
In fact, since the first construction phases of the airport started in the early 1990?s, there have been several indicators that something else may be taking place on or under the grounds of the 53 square mile complex. A massive underground city to be used by our government in the event that Washington or our central governments command hub is compromised. The quarantined section of the underground was confirmed by the source to be located in Concourse B’s East side lower levels.
He confirmed numerous such locations within the US and these were to be kept hushed up by the military. I feel exactly the same and you put it so well sir, keep freethinking and seeking truth my friend. It is impossible for a Jesus, only 2 thousand years old to be any sort of god, king or magical prophet. In them we will try to explain to our readers what the reality is behind this date why she was chosen by secret manipulators, as well as what can be expected Russia and the world in relation to the events in 2012. However, one must clearly and clearly realize that this problem is artificial and man-made fit actual events to date, chosen the occult way.

Today, your attention is invited to become the first part of the cycle, during which we will tell you about the main areas of occult power on the planet, is directly related to the preparation of the events that may occur after December 2012.
And the greatest number of data artifacts is in the United States of America: Since the country was selected as the world behind the scenes to support embryo globalism. Keep in mind that this is just a fraction of the awesome works that will be available, so make sure you’re at TAG this Saturday July 7th to see the show in it’s entirety and to get first pick! This is Secret Base’s first-ever West Coast exhibition and they are bringing the heat with an enormous assortment of exclusive vinyl toys, prints, art, apparel, and more! A collaboration between Nickelodeon and Secret Base, the SpongeBob X-RAY DX is 5 inches of Japanese soft vinyl with a full internal vinyl skeleton. In fact, between the planed aerotropolis and Colorado’s booming marijuana industry, DIA just might be the next biggest thing since sliced bread. John Kasarda, Integrity Parking, Transcore and Ambient Energy to prepare the Denver International Airport City Development Strategy. According to some investigative reports, including one headed up by the former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, the underground city that lies beneath the airport quite possibly connects to other deep underground military installations throughout the country. The employees have been told the reason for this is to protect from vibrations from the public train that leads back and forth to all concourses, A, B, and C. The landfill has a functioning element to it but is “mocked-up” to look like a landfill hidden in plain sight. The locals stood by and watched cowering in fear and explained it away by saying it must have been the will of the christian god. Jewish sheep herders wrote the bible, it is NOT factual, but only spooky stories that attempt to give the ancient Jews hope. Works will be available first come, first served and line tickets will be given out starting at 12 PM noon on Saturday. Hiddy of Secret Base and Hiroshi and the THREE TIDES TATTOO crew will be in attendance making this an opening not to be missed!
Mortality is lighting the place up with a glow in the dark cloak and clear green head and hands (with a clear gray variant!).
This first release celebrates the duality of the ‘Bob with half the figure fully painted in the traditional SpongeBob colors and the other side left clear exposing the bones underneath. So, without using violence or fear, how are you people in Denver going to react when the trucks turn up with the new stormtroopers and start to arrest all those who dared to expose the reality of the terrified fascist american elitist rulers. We have the newest Devilman mini set, this time blind-bagged (Blue or Green version) with a sweet Rockin’ Jelly Bean poster!

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