When you think of Pokemon communication features, you may think of Link Battles and Link Trades.
When you visit another player's Secret Base, that base's members will be hanging out there. Use your Decorations to create tricks in your Secret Base, decide the rules for what kind of Pokemon battles are allowed in your Secret Base, and make it like your very own Pokemon Gym! The Smogcast Request forum is now open for those wanting to talk competitive 'mons on Smogon's Twitch!
It'd be a beautiful thing if someday every Secret Base location had a corresponding QR Code for Blissey punchbags. Make one of the Blissey hold a Toxic Orb because Healing Wish fails if it is the last Pokemon.
Also, if there's a limit of 3 mons that are registered, how can you tell which three mons on your current team are registered? All secret bases are in the secret meadow area, all are triple battles (for efficiency, but healing wish won't work), all Blisseys hold toxic orb. If so, this is definitely unfortunate; I had planned to create a Sandstorm Gym with five members--Gym Trainers--having a team of their own. If we are allowed uploading our base patterns here, I have a weak team I would like to share. I just made a base with the maximum number of Cyndaquil dolls possible while still having Inverse Battles.

So I've figured that the most efficient Blissey farm is probably triples where all Blisseys are holding Toxic Orb.
But in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, you can also make your own Secret Base and share it with others using communication features! It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
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Let me know if one of the trainers doesn't have Blisseys for some reason, though they all should. Replaced one of the Trainers and added an Assault Vest (Struggle!) to the last Blissey in my team. However, the new hordes are 100% encounter rate and Sweet Scent now works in rain weather so I don't think that EV training will be an issue!
My base is the one on Route 127 that has one elevated part, and I can't reach that part. I knew the team limit was three, so I planned to put in Landorus-Therian, Excadrill (Mold Breaker), and Mega Tyranitar, all in that order. What I do with the Centrico Plaza trick in Y is leave my DS on a hard surface, and place my DSi - an object of acceptable weight - hanging off of the D-Pad at an angle. From one end I hear that they bring in their whole team (which would allow for multiple Blissey trainers in one base!) while from another end I hear that their team depends on the trainer class.

If you find base owners that you like, you can scout them as one of your Secret Pals, and bring them back to your own Secret Base. Check out a number of the special skills that will be a great help to you when developing your Secret Base or elsewhere on your adventure.
This works in the same manner as the Centrico Plaza in Pokemon XY, yet is--arguably--a better method in ORAS. Using communication features, you'll be able to easily connect with other players all around the world to share your Secret Bases with one another. Once you've become Secret Pals with someone, you can continue to have Pokemon battles against them,  and also have your Pal use "special skills" to support you on your adventure.
Deposit your Blisseys in both of the Day Care Centers provided in-game, and set your system on an infinite loop around the Battle Resort. To do this, start in a corner near the Day Care on the right, and hold either right, left or up on the Circle Pad or the D-Pad. If done correctly, the player should continue biking around the island with no interruptions.

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