Is Phuket too busy and crowded with tourists to have many secretive, little-seen beach retreats? Here we give a Top 10 list of the more interesting true beachfront getaways, including modest but comfortable, 3-star accommodations like the hard-to-find Baan Krating to super luxurious villas like those in the secretive Trisara. Note that more hidden secrets on Phuket can be found on a separate page called Phuketa€™s Top 10 Most Romantic Beachfront Resorts. Getting to this island hideaway requires stepping onto a boat, though the water journey is both short and scenic. This luxury, 5-star resort has its little coconut-covered island virtually to itself, with no other resorts in the area.
Guests of The Village Coconut Island can relax in absolute tranquillity, plus get to and from the island without ever coming across the crowded beaches or traffic jams that some people now complain about on Phuket.
Cape Panwa Hotel & Spa opened in Phuket during the 1980s, a time when resorts could buy up the land behind a whole beach a€“ exactly what the owner did here. Both beach and hotel are hidden from view on Phuketa€™s far southeast corner, on the tranquil Cape Panwa peninsula.
Set in a quiet backwater on Phuket, complete with its own private beach and lots of lush coconut groves, Cape Panwa Hotel is definitely one of Phuketa€™s most delightful beach escapes. This new low-key, family-run resort lies in a small backwater at the top end of Phuketa€™s Chalong Bay but is accessed from the Cape Panwa peninsula. Though this peaceful little resort is only ten minutes drive from Phuket Town, the sense of tranquillity within makes guests feel very, very far from everywhere. Anantara Resort Phuket fits both tranquil hideaway and super luxury categories, and this Phuket hotel could be called this renown groupa€™s finest creation in Thailand.
Enhancing both the sense of isolation and the natural environment here, Mai Khao has neither villages nor urban development at this north end.

Anantara Phuket is especially low density, with luxury villa rooms scattered between and around lagoons, often connected by elevated walkways.
Facing beautiful Nai Harn Bay and some of the prettiest scenery on Phuket, this modest a€?foresta€™ resort lies on a small beach at the extreme southwest corner of the island. As the photos show, this resort is build into forest running up a hillside, giving the rooms ocean views through the foliage. The average visitor to Phuket may see Trisaraa€™s gate when driving up the northern coast road, but will never suspect that within lies one of the most beautiful of beachfront resorts in Thailand, in one of the most idyllic locations. Couples looking for a sumptuous, 5-star pool villa in an exceptionally tranquil environment, with amazing panoramas of the Andaman Sea from their private pool and bedroom, can do no better than here at Trisara.
Chandara Resort & Spa might be called the original a€?remote resorta€™ on Phuket a€“ and even daring. Chandara was built on a low hill overlooking a small beach at Ao Po, on the northeast corner of the island, as far from the main tourist beaches as it was possible to get. With Chandara being relatively close to the airport, it is possible to drop into Phuket, take a holiday here, and never see the beach crowds, traffic jams or over-development that many people now complain about on Phuket.
The Vijitt Resort Phuket is nervous about calling itself a a€?true beachfronta€™ resort because some guests have been disappointed that its beach is not suitable for swimming.
The Vijitt is beautifully placed in coconut groves by its narrow beach, offering guests excellent sea and island views. The spacious green beachfront, the open air beach bar and the infinity-view, black pool of The Renaissance come together as disparate design elements to form one trendy, beautiful whole. This is a large resort, with 180 rooms, most in three-storey buildings facing an inner garden courtyard. With this outstanding, grassy beachfront area being the highlight and focus of the resort, it is put to good use with guests enjoying atmospheric dining under-the-stars here.

Mai Khao Beach is far from Phuketa€™s famous beaches like Patong, and its other crowded neighbours on the southwest coast. Almost hanging off a cliff, or clinging to an exceptionally steep hill slope, Ayara Kamala is not your typical beach resort a€“ but an excellent remote and romantic escape it can be. Life up high in a pool villa watching the sun sliding into the ocean can be very seductive indeed, and very private. The modest swimming pool and a relaxed, sand-floored restaurant are set back from the beach, surrounded by lawns and trees.
At the north end of the small strip of resorts on isolated Mai Khao Beach, this is far from the crowded beaches of Phuketa€™s southwest near Patong. The rooms are surrounded by lush tropical foliage, which creeps in to join guests in their bathrooms in some places.
Facing west, and the setting of the sun over the Andaman Sea, this resort is all about grand ocean panoramas.
Peaceful ocean and island views can be enjoyed from many parts of the resort, including from the infinity edge swimming pool. Both the Mai Khao area and the resort itself qualify for that, and for some couples this could be the perfect place for a healthy mix of chilling out and firing up.

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