High cliff walls, long stretches of sand, and a view of the Kilauea lighthouse make this beach one of Kauai's treasures.
Your Questions Answered!The Explorer's Guide to Kauai answers all the frequently asked questions from the discussions on this website, including the questions you didn't know to ask. He was waving for his friend to come join him, but his friend was smart and didn't want any part of it. However, in the summertime the waves have dropped off quite a bit and the shorebreak is not so monstrous {remain ever vigilant, nonetheless}. While beaches 1, 2 and 3 are fabuloso, there is a beach to the left we like to call "Zeroes" which forms some lovely pools with the high tides.
Sometimes a few shells do find there way to this beach, so if you find any live ones, please toss them back.
In regard to most of the beaches on the northshore area of Kauai, what sort of "general rules" are there when swimming and playing around in the ocean. Im going to Kauai for Christmas this year and would love to see a good sunset, which beach would be the best place to go? Star, Go to The Beach House near Poipu for the sunset that time of the year it is spectactular there. Dan - there is permanent public access to "Secrets" via a short dirt road off of S Kalihiwai road. Hi Tina - Secrets is a great spot to explore but you should have MAJOR respect for the ocean there.
Aloha Alon, I'd recommend Anini beach, where there is protection from surf, shallow calm water and plenty of trees for shade.
One of Sarah\'s questions, from 4-1-08, didn\'t get answered yet and I\'m kind of curious myself about travel times since there are sooooo many beaches and so little time! She asked: approx how long does it take to drive from Kilauea to Anini, Tunnels, Hanalei Bay and Ke\'e Beaches?
It takes about 15 minutes to drive from Kilauea to Hanalei and about the same amount of time to get to Anini. Going topless is actually NOT illegal in Hawaii however indecent exposure is illegal.Some islanders and families get very upset when they encounter nude sunbathers.
We'll be visiting Secret Beach tomorrow after spending the entire day today at Larsen's, about 3 miles the other side of Kilauea. The Kauai Explorer Staff are promoting disinformation about the subject of nudity in Hawaii.
Hi Richard - I'm posting your comment to clarify that the Explorer staff is not expressly anti-nudist.
I will be visiting Kauai in May and I have heard from friends that there are good bouldering and climbing locations at Secret Beach and I was just wondering if this was true? My wife and I are visiting in May for our first trip to Kauai and I\'m looking for the most secluded beach any suggestions? Hi Dan - there are secluded zones at many Kauai beaches, but we do not disclose them for the sake of exploring. Any suggestions on what beach to start with, we have no problem walking hiking to get into any of the beaches. Hi Dan - great exploring beaches are Lumahai, all of Haena, Kauapea, Larson's, Mahaulepu, Anini. Hi Jim - the trail to Secret Beach (Kauapea) is accessed via a dirt road off of the Kilauea side of Kalihiwai road. Hi Judson - if you keep it chill and don't leave trash then there is no problem having your romantic dinner and beverages. While we understand that "legally" there are no nude beaches in Hawaii; we have been told that Secrets is often frequented by those seeking to sun and enjoy the beach au' natural. Sounds like Kauai needs to place a lifeguard station here or do something so that visitors know that this is a dagnerous place to swim. I want to Thank the Kauai Explorer Staff for all their helpful responses and much appreciated responses! He should have not gone in the water-he was pulled out by a current, I don't think he was in too far.
Knowing that you should always take precautions in any water situations and always be aware of your surroundings, how safe is Secrets to swim in the summertime when things are fairly calm on the northshore?
Secrets is an amazing beach that has 3 parts divided by rock jettisoning across the sand into the ocean. There is some tree brugmansia on one of the trails down that is really, really strong - perhaps deadly. One of the farms has a compost pile we used to eat off of that has the most delicious, succulent fruit.
Are there any whales still passing the island we leave June 27th 2011, I will be the one with the big smile at the airport. I am planning a trip to Kauai early April for just a few days after a week on Maui, and will be traveling alone. Point of info, shortly after moving to Kauai from Oahu in 1978, my wife and I were walking this beach when a "bodysurfer" rode into shore on a wave - and stayed there. Jesse and Kaina - the truth is that there are visitors AND locals with class, and those without class. Secret Beach Kauai has no facilities, but if that doesn't deter you, you'll be rewarded by the great scenery and the many things to do.
Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, Mokuaeae Island, Kalalau Trail, and Puukumu Stream are all nearby attractions to visit during Secret Beach vacations. Secret beach has a reputation of being one of Kauai’s nude beaches (the other being Larsen’s) but typically only a couple people will be without clothing, preferring the eastern section of the beach.
A reasonably steep path leads down to the beach and may be difficult for people with mobility problems.

Walking on the lava rocks to the left of secret beach is only safe on the calmest summer days when the surf report calls for waves less than 2 feet high.
This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. Secret Beach (also known as Kauapea), isn't so much a secret as it is just a hard beach to get to. The waves here can get big and are fun to watch, but strong currents and rocky shorebreaks can make going in the water precarious.
Note: If driving from Princeville turn left on the second Kalihiwai Road after crossing Kalihiwai Bridge.
Leave your big coolers and heavy tents at home, while nicely isolated, it is also a little bit of a trek. He was sucked over the falls on a medium sized wave, and to my surprise, he came out for some more punishment.
The visuals are stunning: The deep brown of the rocks, the green of the trees, the white of the sands, the blue of the ocean, all elemental colors, all juxtapose to create a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts. I was so determined to find this beach that I walked down someone's property and asked the construction guys who were working on the property "how do we get to this beach!?" a local guy told us just to drive down a little more and a huge empty lot will be there.
We are inexperienced ocean swimmers, so should we stay within a certain distance from shore or only go out when it's calm? Your awareness that education is important will help you have a more enjoyable time - it's the people who don't observe and think first that get into trouble (sometimes fatal). Just got back and after visiting most of the beaches on Kauai I'd have to say that not only should people pack out what they pack in, they shouldn't hesitate to pick up any litter they may encounter. Should I add this to my "Top 10 things To Do" list, as I only have just 7 short days on Kauai? Any suggestions on a good spot to stay that has easy access to a great spot to sit and just watch the sea. We weren\'t doing anything nasty, just tanning and snoozing, nobody else around either, so keep your suit on or pay the fine.
What should we expect the waters to be like at Secret Beach or other beaches at that time of year? We strive to present accurate and valuable information for people who love exploring the outdoors.
This whole site suggests places to go; each location is carefully chosen and they represent a variety of experiences. Barking Sands is the shoreline area in PMRF (Pacific Missle Range Facility) and access is restricted. Some days the surf is calm but on others it is one of the more powerful shorebreaks around (a lot like Lumahai).
That said, people don't usually like to walk far from their cars and if you start walking "around the corner" at Kauai beaches, you'll most likely be rewarded.
The wife and I have had plenty of great times here and just now, because of your website, I now know that my wife can go TOPLESS at the beach and can't wait to go exploring to find a secluded part of the beach.
For weddings I do think it's best to hire the services of a coordinator that knows the local ways and weather. Also, a GREAT place to learn the true power of cross-currents, riptides, whatever you call them. No matter how strong of a swimmer you may think you are, you will never over power the strength of the ocean! Looking forward to all the beaches, Secret and Hidaway were our favorites, we climbed down a ladder behind the tennis courts to get to hidaway, have not seen it mentioned anywhere, is there another name for it? Kauai is under heavy pressure these days, and our government is doing little to keep up with infrastructure. Ideal for sunbathing, fishing, swimming, paddling, surfing, and bodyboarding, this beach has a lot going for it.
There are great Kauai golfing opportunities nearby for anyone who wants a combination of beach time and golf time.
The entire system is turning 200, and Volcanoes National Park is reaching the 100 year milestone. DescriptionKauapea Beach, popularly known as Secret Beach, is on the north shore of the island of Kauai in Hawaii.
The name Secret beach is actually out of vogue: The beach hasn’t been a secret since the 70s. It's sometimes swimmable during the summer when the ocean is calm but really not suitable for novice swimmers.
Because the lava shelf is near sea level, this is a particularly dangerous place to explore. Golden sand interrupted with numerous black rock outcroppings, tide pools, and even a small stream or two make this an interesting beach to explore.
Even if you're a strong swimmer be sure to study the currents and ask the locals before going in the water.
Then immediately turn right again onto Secret Beach Road (this road is unmarked and rises up between an 8 foot berm on each side).
I knew we had to find some type of dirt parking lot (from this website), yet we couldn't see any.
Just be aware that Hawaii is exposed to many powerful ocean forces that are constantly changing. The advice on this site errs towards caution because the everyone has different perception and ability.
As a rule do not swim at an area where nobody else is swimming and get familiar with hazards before nearing the ocean. We aren\'t great swimmers and so only really interested in wading and scenery..so what would be our other beach best choices that time of year?

If Kee is calm the water is shallow and nice for swimming (but when the North swell is up it can be dangerous). Where the rock is more stable down by the water's edge you have to be aware of waves that come in sets.
The first right turn had a chain across the entrance so we took the second right and followed a dirt road to the end where there is new home construction. Getting married on the beach is great but there are some sensitivities and weather variables that require local knowledge. While I was hiking out to our car to drive to Kilauea and call the police, my wife had to rescue a tourist who got into trouble in the surf. For women, it might also be a way to push the limits in terms of tempting the other sex, which seems like something that women feel like they have to do for empowerment purposes.
Elemental colors combine to create a beautiful setting ideal for watching the day go by and soaking up a sunset or two. There are no actual hotels in Secret Beach Kauai, but there are many great accommodation choices nearby in Princeville and Hanalei.
The beach is subject to shocking amounts of sand redistribution as Kauai’s massive winter surf changes the beach’s landscape from season to season. Also, Hawaiian place names are preferred over modern substitutes, it being recognized that the Hawaiian names infer additional meaning and cultural significance. In less than a half mile you'll come to the end where there is a small parking area in front of a few homes. We drove up the road that leads to the light house, although before you get to the lighthouse, we took a left into a road that leads to houses that face the ocean. Some of the earlier posts talked about construction, and homes being built where the access is. Is it the west leg or the east leg and if it's the east leg it looks like it splits so which way at the Y?
Not everywhere is going to be rough and if you pick the right spot it can be like a swimming pool (only bigger and with fish). I would love to see a photo of what those suckers look like breaking at Hanalei or Ke'e or even here.. We'll tell you the current hazards as well as recommended calm swimming locations for that day. People in the USA are so prudish that they have to worry about seeing naked flesh, especially children. Visitors should look for a large parking lot that is connected to the ravine and the trail leading down to the beach, which is located on the western side of Kilauea Point. Secret Beach has for many years attracted nude sunbathers, particularly toward the east and west ends of the beach. But the beach is somewhat sheltered from wind, so conditions aren’t as choppy as many other places. The rocky coastline leads to a beautiful waterfall, but some rock climbing is required to view the falls (the fourth panoramic photo below shows the waterfall). So at almost any Kauai beach if you walk a bit "around the corner" you are likely to find some privacy. I'm not a swimmer but am looking for a lagoon where the water is not more than 5' deep yet offers that swim through an aquarium experience.
I was concerned when shopping for a destination that it would be a little cold with the wind blowing and the water would be cold. Although public nudity is not legal in Hawaii and despite the beach's reputation, the beach is rarely patrolled and no one seems much concerned with the practice. Depending on seasonal sand erosion it may not even be possible to explore the lava tide pools, as the beach that connects to this area may be missing.. From here the trail is a 5 minute or so walk down a very steep trail on the left side of a draw next to a fence. These are published by (name omitted), a Republican and Mormon who is terrified of nude persons. Secret beach was a nice shaded walk down the hill but the first time you see the beach it is so worth it.
However, I am thankful to be alive, and have a new found respect for the ocean after a death defying experience at secret beach. In the rare instances that patrols are conducted, violators will invariably just be asked to dress.
She and her (name omitted) employs a Mormon Japanese vigilante named (name omitted) at 15 bucks per hour to harass beachcombers.
I was grabbed and dragged out 200 yards from the shore in a matter of seconds by a rip tide thats strength over powered me. The surfer chicks are plenty nude, as their bikinis are nothing more than dental floss going up their butts. Thanks to the unforgiving ocean for releasing me the second time and allowing me to live out my days here on earth. The tourism officials in Hawaii also will never volunteer to tell you that topfree bathing in Hawaii is perfectly legal, except at State Park beaches which are very few in number. The religious elements in Hawaii, and Kauai, are bigoted and do not care what the law actually is. To Mandy: if you were innocently sunbathing at Secret and got a ticket it was an illegal ticket.
Law enforcement had no authority to ticket you as Secret is unencumbered land, not a a State Park.

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