Share1010 Last year when Baby started first grade, I was stunned at how many details of their homework was integral with the internet. Secret Bear World is a cool new online game that offers tons of fun for both boys and girls. Everyone is welcome to join Secret Bear World free of charge, although members who purchase Gold Bear Card membership are entitled to exclusive members only items – including secret levels of virtual merchandise and access to invitation only special events. Secret Bear World is perfect for rainy days, sick days, long car rides or even a last minute birthday or holiday gift. By using this exclusive discount coupon code for Secret Bear World: bear06, you’ll receive 50% off on a 6 or 12 month Gold Membership to Secret Bear World.
Secret Bear World is a virtual world where children ages 6-14 (although my 4 yr old loves it) can have fun playing cool games designed especially for kids. A few things I noticed is there’s no navigation like arrows to tell kids they can go this way or that. Children can express themselves with colorful costumes and furniture for their very own virtual bear home, and safely interact with other children. Joining Secret Bear World is free of charge, although only members who purchase Gold Bear Card membership privileges will be able to play in secret levels of virtual merchandise for their Bears, unlock all of secret bear world and get you into special events.

Other Thoughts: When my daughter first saw the site she said that it played a lot like Club Penguin which many of her friends play online. You’ll receive 50% off on a 6 and 12 month Gold Membership to Secret Bear World which is a code you can use today and any day until the end of the year. To enter Log into Rafflecopter with your facebook I.D (so you can keep track of your entries) or use your email address so I can contact you if you win. My daughter loves to play games on the computer she will love everything about this but I think she will like the bears the most. In Secret Bear World you get to play games, explore a colourful world of fun and decorate your own house! Ryan Bear is the Bear Ambassador for Secret Bear World and he welcomes everyone to join the fun.
I normally do not allow my children to play online games but this once I allowed an exception. We began by picking a bear name (his choice), a bear (he chose the Panda) and secret password (only I know). Children can play in the beautiful Ice Castle and the sparkling waterfall in the Rain Forest, hang out at the beach (my son’s favorite) and shop in the City for virtual clothing and furniture before sharing milkshakes with other bears.

Along with being able to register and play for free the great folks at Secret Bear Want to offer the readers of the Night Owl Mama and opportunity to Win a Gold Membership for 1 full year. Along with being dedicated to keeping kids safe on line Secret Bear world also donates to Children’s Cancer research in hopes that someday the world will find a cure to preventing childhood cancers. When I was asked to review the Secret Bear World online game site for kids I thought I’d have a look at it first. They didn’t ask for any personal information but I did use my email address for verification. I'd love for you to join my family in our culinary and family adventures around Atlanta (and beyond).

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