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If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. So, some backstory first: The show is set in a Pennsylvania town and it follows four high school girls (Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer) who were, at one time, pretty close. As the series progresses, the girls continue to create bigger secrets in their efforts to protect themselves and their loved ones from A. Ali returns to school in typical All Eyes On Me fashion, but it’s not the favorable attention she was used to. Even her best friends don’t know what to expect, but they stick by her side, bitchwalking the halls with Ali like nothing has changed. Ali swears she has changed and tries to make amends with a few people at school, including Paige during an Emily-monitored clearing of the air.
In last week’s episode, Hanna realized that Mona had groomed her into being The New Alison and she never really grew into the person she was supposed to be.
Aria feels super guilty about killing Shana, even though they all believe that Shana was A and that she was trying to kill them. When word gets around that Shana is dead and Jenna returns to town, Aria decides to visit Jenna and find hers crying on the floor before quietly slipping out. Spencer begins the episode keeping the secret of what happened in New York from Toby, but she eventually tells him and they hook up in his truck. She has a degree in journalism, works in social media, lives in Portland, Oregon, and loves Peyton Manning. Hanna ne se separe jamais de son fond de teint couleur peche et de son brillant a levre aux teintes rosees.

Spencer aime les teintes nudes, les cheveux en queue de cheval ou un chignon qui s'accordent a merveille avec son allure stricte.
Emily privilegie une allure naturelle, les cheveux parfaitement brillants et le teint hale.
Par contre quand l'actrice ne travaille pas, pas question de s'embeter pendant des heures devant la glace : Lucy laisse secher ses cheveux a l'air libre. Concernant sa peau qu'elle qualifie de "super sensible", la brunette de 23 ans a un peu tout essaye, mais ce qu'elle prefere, ce sont les soins Neutrogena, notamment le gel nettoyant et la lotion. Elle aime aussi piquer des astuces aux maquilleurs pros qui s'occupe d'elle quand elle tourne Pretty Little Liars. There are many suspects, but as some start dying and others are proven innocent, the girls begin to believe they’ll never figure out who A is. Her own mother had buried her, thinking she was dead, to cover for the mystery person who hit Alison over the head with a shovel. And speaking of Emily, Ali tries to convince her friend that the kisses they shared before she disappeared meant something to her and that she did miss Emily the most. Mona makes it clear that she wants Ali gone and keeps pushing until Ali shifts back into Bitch Mode and threatens to take away all the popularity Mona has gained. She’s an escaped patient from Radley, believed to have ran off the night that Ali was allegedly kidnapped. When not watching massive amounts of British television or writing, she is sketching plans to build her very own TARDIS. Son look rock ne serait complet sans un regard smoky, une bouche brillante et un vernis funky sont bien sur indissociables de son personnage. Diplomee en Communication et en esthetique, son blog etait au depart un blog beaute qui pouvait conjuguer sa passion pour les medias sociaux et l’esthetisme.

My little sister, who’s 16, used to write recaps of the show for Project Fandom and I would load them on the site, editing them and making sure the pictures were sized properly. The next thing I knew it was a week later and I’d watched all four seasons that were streaming and watched the first four episodes of season five On Demand.
When the series begins, a year has passed since anyone has seen Alison and it’s clear the four friends are keeping some kind of secret concerning what happened the night Ali disappeared. She suspects that Paige, Lucas, Mona, and others worked together to ensure that the girls were otherwise engaged when she was confronted by Mona at the church. Unfortunately, someone killed her mother so we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the answers.
The whole time she was gone, Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer became closer than ever because they were busy trying to unlock Ali’s secrets and protect their own, sometimes from each other. When Ali tells the other girls about the encounter, she leaves out the part about her threats and slap, so it’s no surprise that they feel betrayed when Mona plays an edited video of the confrontation for the whole school and it looks like Ali was the aggressor. Somehow this is all tied up in whatever Melissa whispered to her father in the police station and the identity (maybe) of the girl who was in Ali’s grave all this time.
I just knew that people seemed to like it and according to Google Analytics, it brought traffic to the site. For a time we thought A murdered Emily’s girlfriend Maya, but she was killed by a spurned ex. Etre Radieuse existe depuis 2010 et continue de grandir chaque jour avec deja plus de 2000 articles en lignes!

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