During our previous trip to this amazing desert oasis in May 2012, the lake still had deep water in it. These kind of temporary desert lakes form after heavy rainfalls, normally occurring during the winter months.
When we visited the lake in November 2012, most of the water had dried up and in its place was a beautiful green meadow full of flowers. My friend Mandi who writes the blog Under the Abaya came with us and I’m so glad she enjoyed the trip despite the lack of water!
My husband watched the babies next to the are we found water at, while Mandi and I made our way up the hill like nimble mountain gazelles (not). The sun was setting behind the hills and the light started to color the valley first a golden hew and then a beautiful pink color. This area is rich in fossils because it used to be the bottom of the ocean some 50 million years ago. UPDATE: Available now the ebook guide to the Secret Lake with GPS- coordinates, maps, directions and more!
Read and follow this beautiful young girl who’s telling about herself preparing for her marriage, falling in love with a foreign man and getting ready to leave her country for him.. Over the years the hubs and I have enjoyed camping in all fashions. Whether you throw the tent in the back of the car, take a small pop-up or enjoy your camping in a home away from home, we've been there, done that and want to share our favorite time and money savers with you.
Tip #2 - Take a Walk: Once you get to a destination you have never been too, it's likely you are going to see other campers in spots you wish you had. Tip #3 - Keep a Camping Journal: It's easy to forget where you camped and what you liked and didn't like about each place. Wasatch State Park is in Heber Valley and offers a lot of great nearby attractions such as golf, horseback riding and Winter sports. Details: The Cottonwood loop has sites with full hookups and sites with water and power only.
Location: Located adjacent to the town of Midway, about 50 miles south east of Salt Lake City. If you travel to this campground, you must also make sure to stop at the nearby Calf Creek Falls to hike (15 miles east of Escalante). Ruins from a large ancient Fremont Indian village were uncovered during construction of Interstate 70 in the 1980s. The largest Island on the Great Salt Lake that also has a visitor center which offers various events and activities through out the year. Antelope Island is home to a herd of 600 American bison. Nearby recreation includes sailing, kayaking, horseback riding, biking, saltwater bathing, bird watching and more. Details: Includes two campgrounds for a total of 46 sites with access to vault restrooms - pit toilets and no showers (modern facilities and showers are located at the day-use area about one-half mile away). Location: Take Exit 332 off Interstate 15, then drive west on Antelope Drive for 7 miles to the park entrance, then another 7 miles across a narrow causeway to the island. The campground is set way back in Arches National Park and is a great location to view the sites within the park. Arches National Park has the highest concentration of natural arches in the world with over 2,500 of these rock formations. You will find some of the most unique rock formations here that have been carved by wind and water.
The scenery is gorgeous, there's great activities like hiking, boat rental, farmers markets.
Tibble Fork is close for those that live in Utah and Salt Lake County. The reservoir is located about eight miles up American Fork Canyon.
Granite Flats campground: is a great camping spot about a mile away from Tibble Fork Reservoir.
We have not been to Fish Lake for years and was really excited when two of our Facebook friends offered the reminder.

Fish Lake campground:  is a beautiful campground that includes a lodge, cabins and lots of camping areas and offers the seclusion of lots of Aspen. Duck Creek Campground: The campground is situated in a scenic spruce forest, adjacent to Duck Lake and Creek at an elevation of 8,400 feet. Mirror Lake in the high Uinta Mountains in Utah. Be prepared, because of the elevation it's cold, so you might want to plan your trip to Mirror Lake during the hottest part of late summer. We love when you share the information in our posts but please keep in mind the images are our own copyrighted material. Secret, because not so many people seem to know of the existence of such a hidden gem so close to Riyadh, which I think is actually for the better. Because the surrounding area is so arid, all the rainwater flushes down the dry hills into the valleys, from where it travels to the lowest grounds forming seasonal lakes such as this one.
After our little picnic we decided to climb up the hill to catch a better view of the lake. We were in a hurry to leave the site shortly after sunset because it becomes very difficult to drive here in the dark. It’s raining today in Riyadh so there’s a good chance water would accumulate here again if enough pours down from the skies! I loved the pictures of the different plants and how they changed through the dried up lake bed. Camping is a great way to make fun memories, bond with family and friends and teach the kids about nature without breaking the bank. Over the next few weeks we'll have some ideas for you to make the planning and execution easier. Holly and I pulled our minds together and came up with some of our secret Utah camp spot favorites. I recommend you take a walk around the camp and take note of the camp spot number and why you like that particular spot. Half the sites can be reserved and the other half are available on a first come, first served bases. This is a fun camping location where you can also enjoy various water activities and great beaches. Early settlers planted orchards along the Fremont river and you can pick and eat the fruit for free, but there is a minimal fee for taking some home. This is a great area for ATV enthusiasts with 60,000 acres of sand dunes, trails, and sagebrush flats.
This is a spectacular hike located at Calf Creek campground (which is also a great site to stay).
Island rangelands and shorelines are also home to antelope, deer, coyotes, bighorn sheep, shorebirds, and waterfowl.
There are various trails at all levels from the easy trail of Balanced Rock to the difficult trail of Delicate Arch.
It's become a tradition for the kids to give the hubs his yearly fishing licence for Father's day.
The pond is a still water location that makes catching fish less challenging than it would be in the rushing waters of the surrounding streams. 4 Group sites. Flush and vault toilets are provided, as is drinking water from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
Turn off the technology, get outside, get your hands dirty and start making some amazing family memories.
We ask that you contact us and give credit to the source before posting to another website or newsletter.
We bring with us pretty much nothing but fishing supplies since we spend the whole time out on the water.

We are having our family reunion this year here in Utah and I was wondering what camping site would you recommend?
Being new to Utah and not really having good resources to tell us these things, this is great. In order to keep the blog upbeat and informative, we ask that you keep your comments cordial and relevant to the post.  Read more information on our comment policy. Unfortunately many of the most popular, picturesque picnic and camping areas have been ruined by litter!
I’m letting my readers know about this location via an ebook guide because I know you’re all responsible, environmentally conscious people, right? We also want to tell you that we left no litter there and also request others visiting there to do the same. Maybe it's the size, the trees, it fits your over-sized tent, it has great privacy, it's close to water or the bathrooms etc. Make a left at the junction and travel up Big Cottonwood Canyon 9.7 miles to the campground. One of the things I love about this location is that there are showers, which is a must have for me with kids if I am staying for more than a couple of days. The sites are mostly shaded and there is a little store nearby with homemade honey and ice cream. Most of the sand is the result of deposits left by the Sevier River that once flowed into the ancient Lake Bonneville.
It's also near the quite town of Escalante where we love to grab shakes or malts at a nearby drive-in diner.
The Lower Calf Creek Falls is 130 feet with a deep swimming hole and a sandy beach surrounding it. The camping fee also includes access to the museum  and trails with a bunch of great Native American rock art.
Activities include guided hiking tours of the Fiery Furnace, an off-road vehicle route, road biking and picnicking. You can wander off-trail freely through the park and it is a great place for the kids to explore.
The park is definitely a beautiful place to be, especially with all of the rock formations, and we always catch a lot of fish! One such example is another desert lake, Lake Kharrarah at the Red Sand dunes, which on the weekends hosts half of Riyadh for a picnic! You'll find that the next time you go, you'll have a lot more piece of mind if you know where you'll be pitching that tent. One of our favorite trails nearby that is also very kid friendly is Donut Falls and is only about a 30 minute hike.
The trail is 3 miles one-way and it does get hot as you are mainly walking on sand, but the the view is worth it and you can jump in and take a swim once you have reached your destination. There are also some great slot canyons such as Little Wildhorse Canyon and others of the San Rafael Swell just outside of Goblin Valley. They are both good for resources for fish conditions, updates on recently stocked ponds and other fishing information. Here's a few spots that we favor. If you are looking for a quick place to grab some fishing solace without pitching the tent, stop by and give it a try.

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