Part of the intense curiosity about Lee Min-ho’s background and personal life is because he was so unknown before Boys Before Flowers, even despite several film and drama roles. The encore run will be shown on EBS on Saturday evenings beginning February 28, with one episode per week.
Secret Campus is a school-centered drama depicting the lives and conflicts surrounding six very different main characters, who are all high school students. I actually saw some clips of them together in secret campus and their scenes are great together! I have high hopes for this guy-not only is he very talented but he’s soooo good looking! Sebelum booming berkat Boys Before Flowers, Lee Min Ho sempat berperan di beberapa judul drama dan film.

Now one of his old projects is drawing particular notice: Secret Campus [??? ??], which he acted in back when he was 19.
Park (19) has been on the rise with her film and TV work, but really hit it big with one of the biggest movies in recent history, the comedy Speed Scandal (?? ???, aka Scandalmakers) also starring Cha Tae-hyun. A rep explained that following the massive successes of both Speed Scandal and Boys Before Flowers, the website for Secret Campus has been attracting many visitors and requests for rebroadcasts. In the story, he plays a soccer team member (perhaps art imitating real life?), although his soccer dreams meet with some trials and tribulations. I was actually wondering about this drama, but i didn’t know much about it because of my, ahem, lack of korean language skills. All the action is there right now, even though the Pacific ocean is between seoul and los angeles, I can feel the heat(Lee Min Ho FEVER)!!!!..

By the way, his picture with Park Bo-young reminds me of a conversation I had with my friend about how big his head is! Gaya gila khas anak muda bukan hanya ditunjukkan di depan kamera tapi juga ketika di balik layar. Let’s hope it lasts longer for LMH, coz he’s got the acting chops to sustain it!

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