Earn 3%-5% commission when your friend makes a purchase through your unique encoded link in the email. Visit Niagara Falls (Maid of the Mist, Jet Boat Ride, Niagara Falls Adventure Movie), Schenectady (Secret Caverns), Thousand Islands (Thousand Islands Cruise). In Paleolithic times, artists went deep into Europe's caves to mark the walls with cryptic and beautiful paintings.
The Secret Caverns lodge itself, rebuilt after a mysterious fire in 1995, is one big work of art.
Secret Caverns billboards fan out along the surrounding highways, tempting travelers with a bedeviling array of bats, dragons, Space Invader aliens, renderings of the Secret Caverns "100 Foot Underground Waterfall," and large arrows faithfully pointing the way.
Stories, reports and tips on tourist attractions and odd sights in New York.Explore Thousands of Unique Roadside Landmarks!
Buried 16 stories beneath Grand Central Terminal a new commuter rail is being blasted and tunneled out of solid bedrock as part of an audacious $15billion development that will span 14 miles throughout the city.The grand concourse, seen at a massive eight stories high surrounded by dripping stone walls and lapping puddles, will provide more floor space than New Orleans' Superdome stadium when finished. And when they're all completed, estimated for 2019, they will bring subway and commuter rail service to vast, underserved stretches of the city, particularly the far East and West sides of Manhattan.
Fresh steps: A planned glass Mezzanine elevator in the Second Avenue Subway will look like this artist's impression in the planned works to ease congestion on Lexington Avenue trainsDubbed the 'The Line That Time Forgot,' the Second Avenue Subway has been a New York City dream since the 1920s. For underground adventures that will enlighten, entertain, and fascinate you; see our complete list of caverns and mines in Upstate New York.
Take the 2-hour lantern tour, in which you use a lantern to help guide you through a virtually pitch-black cave.
These masterpieces were hidden, unvisited, for thousands of years -- and that's probably because early humans had no concept of a billboard.

Visitors enter through the mouth of a half-skeletal 80-foot-wide bat, and encounter a day-glo mural of earth's prehistory and the mummified remains of Secret Caverns' first visitor. Then came the Great Depression and World War II, followed by lack of funds that stopped the project after several stretches of tunnel with tracks were built in the 1970s. 7 subway line from Times Square to a huge new real estate development on Manhattan's Far West Side, New York's biggest besides the World Trade Center.
He commands the nether domains, and dominates the billboard landscape around Schoharie county. Whether you're passing through Upstate NY or you're seeking a fun family vacation, find detailed information about caverns in Upstate NY. In modern times, the evolved cave artists at Secret Caverns in Cobleskill, New York, know that the cave should be left in its pristine state, and that a better canvas is a 30x20-foot piece of plywood propped up along a highway. Todd and Kurt have covered the bathrooms, floor through ceiling, with a menagerie of painted dinosaurs, Neanderthals, and cows.
No portion of this document may be reproduced, copied or revised without written permission of the authors. I looked at it and said, "Wow, how did they do that?"' In New York, they hauled out so much rocky debris from under Grand Central that it could have covered Central Park, a park of 843 acres, almost a foot deep, Horodniceanu says. It's called Hudson Yards, a small urban village of high-rises, parkland, retail businesses and cultural institutions in the West 30s.
A floor grid in front of the men's room urinal progressively extends: "Novice, Professional, Tour Guide" -- or it did until worn away by corrosive overuse after only a couple of summer seasons. In comparison internationally, UK's London Underground transports roughly 3 million per day or 1,107 million annually.New York's three mammoth projects require creative solutions and the latest technology.

Old ones collapse (or are obliterated by wayward cars), new ones are built in new spots, some of the smaller signs are stolen, many simply get repainted with new ideas. The greatest mass of signs stands along Caverns Road, winding two miles from Hwy 7 to the lodge, directly past arch-rival mega-cave Howe Caverns, providing a near-ceaseless barrage of imagery, slogans, and enticements, while deftly avoiding flavor-of-the-month pop culture references in favor of Todd and Kurt's custom cosmology. Titled, "Things You Won't See at Secret Caverns," it featured a bloody clown with a hatchet, a Grateful Dead skeleton, and a flying monkey.
Their gag-art bulging eyeballs and ragged teeth, said Todd, were inspired by his reading of too many Mad magazines as a child (Floyd is a nod to cave explorer Floyd Collins; Emily is a riff on a real spelunker with a broken leg rescued in 1991 from deep in a New Mexico cave).
Of particular note are the symbols on the Cool Caveman's arms -- government icons for radiation and Civil Defense. We've got something they don't have -- a grid on the floor in front of the urinal." (Actually, touring the cave at Secret Caverns is a ton 'o fun, too -- we recommend it highly -- with formations such as "Giant's False Teeth" and "Bob Marley's Evil Twin" and whatever else the guides can come up with on that day).
Commercial caves have always been a bastion of nuclear survival, a haven for those lucky enough to be on a tour or in the gift shop when the five minute warning sounds. And Secret's most famous formation was called "City Hit by Atomic Bomb" during the Cold War.

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