Long a purveyor of genre splicing and cultural convergence, Trey Spruance of Secret Chiefs 3 has carved a niche in the American music scene that few co-inhabit. His meticulous compositions span a vast spectrum of sound, ranging from Indian to Spaghetti Western and surf to death metal, and Spruance, best known for his work in Mr. And more challenging than teaching the arrangements, Spruance found, was freeing minds from the Western structure.
Bungle, sought no exception to aurally cross over on the Chiefs’ 2005 release, Book of Horizons (Web of Mimicry).

These factions, all still under the greater SC3 umbrella, are distinguished by their lineups, styles, and meanings; The Electromagnetic Azoth, for example, is a percussion-heavy union that serves as a central nervous system of sorts for the rest.
His near-orchestral works, often both beautiful and haunting, evoke classical Indian scores. In addition to forthcoming Secret Chiefs 3 album Book of Souls, due this fall, Spruance will put out a retrospective disc titled Path of Most Resistance and record a Masada release for John Zorn that will coincide with curatorial duties for Zorn’s New York club, The Stone, in July. With plans for full-length releases from subgroups Ishraqiyun, Ur, The Holy Vehm, and The Electromagnetic Azoth, it’s a wonder that Spruance gets any sleep at all.

Burman and Ananda Shankar as Ennio Morricone and Bernard Herrmann, Spruance spends a great deal of time alternating scales.

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