You know those feelings that come over you when you play around a bit with a recipe, adding a pinch of this and a tablespoon of that? Note: I cut 1 single layer in half, width-wise, and stacked the semicircular halves on top of one another to achieve the 2 layer cake shown here. This gluten-free chocolate cake is so decadent and moist, you’ll never guess its secret ingredient – black beans! Spray a 9″ cake pan with extra virgin olive oil cooking spray, or just grease it with a thin layer of butter. Cut a round of parchment paper and line the bottom of the pan, then grease the parchment lightly. In a bowl, use a mixer to cream the butter with sweetener (erythritol or honey) until light and fluffy. Finally, stir in cocoa powder and water (if using), and beat the batter on high for one minute, until smooth. If you are stacking this cake, level top with a long serrated knife, shaving off layers until the cake round is flat and even. The entire cake (made with erythritol and stevia, not frosted) contains 2,077 calories, 150g net carbs (fiber subtracted), 131g protein, and 103g fat.
Powder erythritol or xylitol in a coffee grinder or Magic Bullet for a minute or two, until extremely fine in texture (reminiscent of powdered sugar).
Slowly (unless you want to redecorate your kitchen!) blend in the cocoa powder, vanilla, and sea salt.

The entire batch of frosting (made with erythritol and stevia) contains 939 calories, 9g net carbs (fiber subtracted), 10g protein, and 105g fat.
Update #2: As of 2012, this cake has spread its chocolaty lovin’ all over the blogosphere!
I have no particular intolerances or anything, just a risk of diabetes, but decided to try this recipe out tonight. Lauren my favorite cake is yellow with chocolate frosting or chocolate cake with white frosting. I already posted, but as I’m enjoying another heavenly slice of this cake I wanted to return and say so.
You want to giggle as you write the poem on your gift tag and you want the gift receiver to chuckle as well. The Secret Santa poems are all done,but certainly not all the fun.Continue on to view this site,chances of boredom are pretty slight. The nervousness as you put the batter in the oven, the fiddling around with the baking time, the checking and rechecking for doneness? The key to making a sugar-free cake taste good is to use a blend of sugar-free sweeteners (stevia, Splenda, Truvia, erythritol, etc.).
If you’d like to bake the batter as cupcakes, line 16 cupcake tins with paper liners. Use 1 cup + 2 Tablespoons of erythritol, and 2 teaspoons of pure stevia extract (I like Trader Joe’s brand).

To find out why you should combine these sweeteners in recipes, check out the Healthy Indulgences Cookbook. I couldn’t find any black beans for the life of me so used red kidney beans and decided to go for coconut oil instead of butter and Cocao powder. I used all honey to sweeten the cake and I think next time I will double the amount but with frosting it was great. Haha, I just play around with grams of macronutrients on calorieking, and also just make a lot of inedible mistakes until something works out. Cake made out of a surprise ingredient, one that will make you wrinkle you’re nose upon hearing it. Feast your eyes and try not to drool too much looking at the phenomenal creations from some very talented food bloggers! It turned out pretty damned good I must say, just don’t taste it before you put it in the fridge overnight like I did or you might traumatize yourself lol. Served with a cold glass of almond milk, it was all the more refreshing after a day spent soaking up the Carolina sun. With the cake being this cheap, I can’t think of a reason to ever make a chocolate cake with flour cake again.

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