Device Adapter: The prime job of the adapter is to generate output from the controls and map to a markup language which the device can understand such as HTML, cHTML, WML and XHTML. These two components work together to render the same application’s data across multiple devices. Now examine a case study of how it works when you are requesting a web page from a Pocket PC (PDA). The User Agent string contains the device info and this string will be used to machine.config to identify the details about the requesting mobile device. Now let's examine another case study of how it works when you request a page from a cell phone. Now the WAP gateway translates this into an HTTP request and passes it to the web server over the internet.
I am Anand Kumar from India my core expertise is developing robust service components using ATL COM ,Remoting and Web Service. When the user wants to upload a image using a mobile, this application should know whether the request cooming from the system or the mobile device. I have mobile application from which I can take a picture and directly upload to the web server. Actually, its a GPS application so, whatever picture you take it will put that picture on to the map and place it on a marker.

Some mobiles are capable of rendering rich graphics, a few are able to render even low quality graphics and others are capable of displaying text only. For example, consider a mobile web page (let's call it a “birthday tracker”) that contains a calendar control to track birthdays. Once the page has instantiated the controls (mobile controls), the execution process starts based on the user’s inputs. If your mobile device is capable of displaying high-end graphics, then you will see the calendar control in your mobile screen or if not the same control will be displayed according to the device's capability (may be in a text format). Once the page identifies the application, the server looks for the instance of the requested page. The process of execution of the page is the same as we discussed earlier in our case study for Pocket PC. Microsoft is doing lots of enhancements to its mobile development facilities because a lot of today’s businesses run on mobile devices.
I believe knowledge sharing is the greatest joy ,the philosophy behind knowledge sharing is gain more by sharing more , apart from my regular office work I do involve in various Microsoft User Group forums such as UG-Hyderabad ,Bangalore, Chennai etc. The interesting point is developers are freed from the task of writing additional code to make the application compatible across various target devices. The first stage involves identifying the type of the device, in this case a Pocket PC, and its capability like image and browser capability and the types of markup languages supported.

If the requested page is not yet instantiated, then the requested web page (.aspx) will first be parsed, then compiled by the compiler, and then the compiled page is stored in the assembly cache and finally the server will create a new instance of the cached page.
The main point is, instead of generating an HTML output now, it generates a WML output because cell phone mobile browsers can understand only WML.
I am one of the core members of Microsoft User Group Hyderabad (MUGH ) and a volunteer member of INETA. The parsing and compiling process is a one time activity, all subsequent requests for the same page will be instantiated from the cache irrespective of the mobile device requesting it. The device adapters generate a markup language compatible with the device for the output, in this scenario, HTML output, and send it to the device (Pocket PC). Once the WML output has been generated, the web server sends the output as HTTP response to the WAP gateway and the WAP gateway translates it to a WAP response and passes it to the cell phone.

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