Nigerian universities have been in the fore front of promoting education, diversity and research. Most universities in Nigeria have been cut-up with the ugly menace of secret cult activities among students.
Secret cult as we all know has eaten deep into the fabrics and foundation on which our universities were built.
Whenever there is a new incident of violent attack among cult groups in Nigerian universities, yet again we are left to count the number of deaths. Before I go deep,  how secret cult, brotherhood or fraternity came into been in our universities or its history might be important but those believed to be the founding fathers of this cult group felt that the initial  ideology and purpose on which it was form have been deviated and the group has taken a dangerous and dreadful path now.
The question that always come to my mind is;  in every incident of cult attack, why do we die rather than graduate? It is important to have a deep thought about this question as you keep reading. There are many reasons why different people choose to become a member of a secret cult group. There have been some incidence were people are forced into becoming a member through sever threat, abuse, bullying and assault from members of a cult group. I am not taking any side beside I know that this type of question is like arguing about religion. Nevertheless as our world is becoming increasingly competitive, graduating from university to face the real world is always difficult. Many people have argue that being a member of a secret cult while in university can actually help you build a strong network of friends that might be of  great help late on in your career prospect if you connect with the right members in the group. To  large extend it is true that network is one of the important factor you need to have as a competitive advantage over others but remember you can also build a strong network of friends without being a member of a secret cult. Protection has been the biggest campaign strategy  many secret cult group use to lure people to become their member.  If we evaluate the said protection, it means that the protection  each cult group guarantee to their members are not 100 percent effective because many of their members have paid with their life and there is no one to protect them from their untimely death.
The greatest price anyone can pay for being a member of a cult group is to die inline with their cause or believe. One of the main reasons why we are here in the university is to acquire knowledge that will help us become successful in life. Most of us fought so much for our university admission; reading all night, scaling through exams like WAEC, NECO and JAMB, seeing our parents or guidance working extra to foot our educational bill and at the very time  we should use the opportunity we have to redefine who we are and create a meaningful life, some of us choose to thread in a path that usually result to death. Depending on the level of someone’s involvement, the dangers  you face as a member might be slight different but there is no way you can run away from paying a price  as a member. Remember even as we all know what the price might be, many students who are members of different cult groups have threaded their path very carefully.
Why do secret cult activities in Nigerian universities claim more students’ lives than any other cause?
We walked into the university environment one faithful day as innocent, well focus and eager to learn students but it turns out that some of us will not walk out the environment alive while some who do walk out will bear and live with the burden of being a murderer or being path of a murder crime. I do not want to judge other people decision in life but I do hope that our students should take full responsibility for their actions. Those how started confraternity in Nigerian universities did not waste any blood while should we in almost the same circumstance and environment kill the hope of our brothers by mere disagreement we had. Having a deep thought about what your actions can cause your families and loved ones can help you make a better decision. The death of secret cult members have left many families in so much pain, agony and without a closure. Most parents and loved ones wants the best for you, they want to see you become who you want to be, they want to grow old with you and love you all the days of their life.
His desperation to acquire wealth pushed him to join the Ogboni confraternity but 15 years after his initiation into the cult, Chris Obi realized he could only get what he wanted so badly if he surrenders that which is dear to him, his first son. Now 54 years old, Obi who is based in Onitsha, Anambra State is bitter that he has lost 15 of his early years in search of wealth where nothing is given free. Not ready to keep sealed lips, Obi, who was once a machine operator with a firm in Onitsha before turning to merchandise, told Saturday Sun that sweet story of wealth by his friends who are members of the group encouraged him to stake all he has to join. While giving account of his initiation into the cult, Obi said he was given a blood-like liquid in a calabash to drink as a mark that he would keep the secrets of the society, which he is now determined to break and damn the consequence. After that, they put the ring into my hand and said that it was a covenant that demands that I keep sealed lips about the activities of the society. When we had taken the drink, we were congratulated and welcomed to the society with huge promises that we would get all the riches and the powers that we desired. To reassure himself that he was on the right path, Obi would use some of the magical powers given him through rings and handkerchief. Not satisfied with those little benefits from the magical powers given him, frustration began to set in when he could not understand what he would do to get the real wealth he needed. The beginning of the end, however, began when, on further inquiry on how to get the desired wealth, he was told that he had to sacrifice his first son. He took me to a big restaurant in Onitsha metropolis and there he bought me sumptuous meal and drinks worth thousands of naira. When I asked him how he struck it rich, that was when he dropped the bombshell, saying that he had to sacrifice his first son. The confession of his colleague dropped the scale from his eyes and then it dawned on him that he needed to take a decision to proceed and do likewise or take a walk. In fact, I wanted to get rich quick so as to give my family the best in life but it was the same family that was being demanded as sacrifice for the riches. He came to ask why I was being absent at meetings and I told him that if the only way for me to get riches is to sacrifice my family, I was opting out.
Against the background of incessant kidnappings and other violent crimes in Edo State, members of various cult groups in the state came together in Benin, weekend, in a move they said was to tackle insecurity in the state. Some of the cult groups represented by at the summit included Green Circuit (Maphites), Norsemen (Vikings), Black Axe, Eiye Confraternity, Family Fraternity of Nigeria and Avarian Organisation of Nigeria.
We Buccaneers can do it if they give us the chance, pls if the stupid so called Aiyes and Eiyes join this issue that means they don spoil everything, Aiyes and Eiyes are thieves and kidnappers, but Fine boys are just too decent for that, buccaneer till I die, fine boy for life, No blood shed, no price no pay, he who price must pay, pls belong to buccaneers today and be save, no more oppression, love u my beloved brothers. Buccaneer is a boyscat jun frat: no leve dat is y day cant call u boys who can u fight 101 jusssssssssss. Secret cult members are the ones that produce armed robbers, kidnappers, assasins and thugs, so why give them such task? This is not a bad idea,let give them a chance they can do what Nigerian didn’t expect and make us happy.

Magistrate Aka Bashorun sitting at an Ikeja Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday remanded an alleged cultist, 33-year-old Peter Udoh, at the Kirikiri Prisons in Apapa, Lagos State, western Nigeria, for fighting in public with weapons.
The accused of 1, Durojaiye St., Lawanson, Lagos State, is facing a three-count charge of causing a breach of the peace, conspiracy and being a member of a secret cult. Olatunde said that the accused and others still at large conspired to cause a breach of the peace of the residents by fighting with a gun and other weapons. The prosecutor alleged that the accused was one of the notorious cultists that had been terrorising the area with his members that had killed residents and destroyed their properties there. Olatunde said that the offences contravened Sections 42, 166 and 409 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011. My birth brought joy to my family as my parents were in dire need of a male child when I was born. My unending cares for worldly things ended me in a secret society called Santeria Secret cult.
After my initiation into Santeria secret cult headquartered in Bauchi state, I made enough money to feed a whole community.
The devil who will gives something without telling you the consequences later mandated me through our chief priest to sacrifice the blood of innocent kids below 5 years on monthly basis and the kids must be from my relations. I carried out my evil mission by buying gift and taking it to our cult leader to for sacrifice. One week after my visit to any of my  sister’s children, one of the kids will die mysteriously. One day I was told by our chief priest to donate an adult and the adult should be a relation I loves most.
After shopping at a supermarket, she was hit by a reversing car and pronounced dead at the hospital. As a child of God, it is highly essential to pray for God’s protection before you head out. From onitsha to owerri, we stopped at Mr biggs to buy a lot of foods stuffs so as not to raise any suspicions. At the appointed time and place our car tire bursted causing the car to somersault severally leaving my friend dead instantly.
I came out of the accident untouched because the spiritual attack was meant to take my friend. I pretended as if I got injured and I liaised with a Santeria secret cult member friend of mine who owned a popular hospital in Onitsha to bandage me as an accident victim so as to please my friend’s family and after 2 weeks I was discharged. Nobody ever wishes to be bad however, during their initiation into the the secret society, their original good heart has been removed and replaced with a devilish heart that thinks of nothing but destruction. They take proper care of the imbecile amongst all their children because the money comes through them. They build uncompleted houses not because they don’t have money to complete it they then rent it out. Secret cult members will approach you to start a business and once you allow them to combine their evil money with yours, they will command all your money to become theirs on their spiritual altars.
They set a wardrobe in their room and whenever they want to operate, they bring it out and set it up.
Most of them have a room dedicated for themselves only and no other family member can enter. If they are pastors, they use the commanding power to do miracles so as  to get more worshipers.
What shall it profit a man to win the whole earth and loss his precious life to devil, so BEWARE. You sound like a prophet of doom, preaching distrust, instilling fear in people, causing misunderstanding to arise among relatives etc.
I personally did nt see any truth from this so called confession, if he is sure let him provide us with the full details of his initiator? Pls kindly call me or forward the detail to me for I will like to join that cult too…. Hi AUSTINE, Our cult will give you whatsoever things you need and make you to achieve your aims in life…. No surprised my father tried to sacrifice me some weeks ago when i went to visit him, this is a man that has never paid my school fees before oh.
Hi NANA, Our cult will give you whatsoever things you need and make you to achieve your aims in life….
Bro please am interested in this Samteria church of orisha pls can you link me, am serious and eagerly to join. Our cult is here to bless you and give you anything also whatsoever things you need and make you to achieve your aims in life….
Not just what it has done to the tenets of our educational structure nonetheless it has left many young, ambition and talented students dead and others in serious injuries that threats their own existence in life. These reasons many differ from one person to the another and it is might be hard to identity the common reasons which most members share. Not just that, when things go wrong, it will directly or indirectly affect your families and loved ones. This is a very tricky question and many people might argue that because secret cult activities are associated with death, the negative effect out-weight the positive effect and so there is nothing good with secret cult membership. The unemployment rate is so severe and landing your dream job might not only be based on your degree. The list can go as far as  being guilty of association in crimes like unlawful possession of fire arms, drug use, assault, kidnapping, robbing and much more. They did not disclose their identity or involved themselves or carry out operations that will mark them as enemy target in revenge attack.
Taking  someone’s life today as a student might become the greatest psychological and self battle you will face in life. No parent will like to receive a news that their child has been killed in a violent attack by other secret cult member or that their kid is involved in carrying out such a barbaric and hideous crime. His decision to quit the secret society has not helped as he claimed that leaders of the group have been all out to destroy him. I got the money from my contribution in the firm I was working before I joined the society.

I was also given some liquid in a calabash to drink; the liquid looked like red wine, but it was very red.
According to him, “there was no time I was categorically told how to make wealth or get riches but each time I asked them when it would happen, they would tell me that I should just continue to attend the meetings and make effort to get deeper and know more about the society. In his narration, he said “something happened about six years ago which made me have a second thought about the society and desired to take a walk from them. He said that thereafter, he continued to kill his other unborn male children from his wife. Suddenly, I began to realize that I was foolish to have accepted to join the cult for riches. He looked angry when I told him that and warned me against the consequences of quitting the society. But they told me through their delegation that they wanted to leave me because I had not got riches through them. Those of u critisizn d testimony just becos u saw Lord’s chosen there are as fools as those who still in d cult. However, the cult groups during their summit with the theme Interactive Peace Summit: Strategy for Social Cohesion, which held at the Sand Beach Resorts, Benin, expressed dissatisfaction with threats posed to Edo and other neighboring states due to the activities of kidnappers, armed robbery gangs and other criminal activities. Kehinde Olatunde, told the court that the accused committed the offences on May 15 at `Empire’ in Surulere area of Lagos State.
I’m a former member of a secret society called Santeria Cult in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria. While the rest of the world is making scientific and technological advancements beyond the imagination of many, our continent is still stuck in some fictitious religious bullshit devoid of any form of rationality. Why have we as students made rules that involves taking another life in any slightest provocation? Almost all the articles posted here were contributed by people who have passion in sharing their knowledge.
He said that he had built a business empire for himself and dealt with white men in Hong Kong. I couldn’t make myself to attend the meetings again and I began to burn the fetish items they gave me. A series of persuasions and threats followed for sometime so as to make me change my mind but I stood my ground and drew closer to God and was praying fervently.
They added that my soul would have been demanded by them if I had got riches before quitting. I paid tithes, huge offerings and even bought things for the churches but nothing happened until last year January when I attended the crusade of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries at Mgbidi where I eventually got my deliverance from their attack”, Obi stated with a sigh of relief.
Others were representatives of the Commandant of Civil Defence and Security Corps, Edo State Neighbourhood Watch Council and the OC, SIB, AIG Zone 5. If he wants pay the thugs that worked for him in his election, he should just pay them off and stop this risky venture.
That this so-called confessor is exhibiting signs of mental illness (schizophrenia) is beyond dispute.
Even those countries who advance in such knowledge r the most practitioners of freemason, occultic, demon woshiping etc. For instance, I was able to pay far less than what I bought from sellers whenever I went to the market to buy things. The man took me to one of his firms where he prints many fake documents for several business transactions.
It became crystal clear to me that the society expects me to also sacrifice my first son to become rich and I shuddered at the thought of it. My friends, particularly the one who was the general secretary of the society, had deceived me with great promises of wealth, they had even told me that they saw my father’s name in the Ogboni membership list when they were checking the names of past late members.
After a few days that they didn’t see me at the meetings, they sent that my rich friend to me.
However, what is bothersome is that so many people (including our so-called university graduates) believe this type of bull crap.
Such information included the names of my first born, my wife, my relatives and my age, among others.
I remember the priests shouted some incantations which I later understood were warnings for me that what I was joining wasn’t a child’s play. Actually, I never got myself into trouble with anyone because all I wanted was to be very rich.
I could buy things and ensure my bags are full with foodstuffs and other things with just N1,000 and I even get some balance from the sellers.
The woman, a teacher teaching me english, apparently sacrificed me to dark powers to steal my fortunes and make wealth. I blame the Nigerian government for the exacerbation of material poverty in the country, as this has made this unbelievable level of stupid and avoidable mental poverty possible. The westerners & Europeans the so called developed worlds have all the keys to the hinden knowledge on hw 2 evoke those demons the have them reveal the hinden knowledge on any area of endeafour. Whenever we go for meetings, which we call club meetings, I used to eat sumptuous meals and drink so much.
Its now 27 years down the line i am only begining to undertand what the hell happened so many years ago. That would make me happy but once I come back home, I became sad because I was still poor and couldn’t feed my family.
Nation dat will collect bribe from job applicant 4 job, govt dat is d defrauding her citizens.
After NYSC the youths dat serve d country with life are abondon for cultist simply bcos they help them to win election.
When this goat finally dies, how are we going to remember him?It seems he derives so much joy acting gay and doing silly things.

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