When she and her husband Krishnan see a photo of baby Asha from a Mumbai orphanage, they are overwhelmed with emotion for her. Click here to join our book club Facebook page where you can chat about this book and previous selections too! Ottawa Valley Moms Book Club The Ottawa Valley Moms Book Club is a virtual book club that reads a new book each month.
I don’t know if I have any more space to add another book to my reading list, but I am sure going to try! Moving between two worlds and two families, one struggling to survive in the fetid slums of Mumbai, the other grappling to forge a cohesive family despite their diverging cultural identities, this powerful debut novel marks the arrival of a fresh talent.
Librarians from international schools in China are putting together the Panda Book Awards list for 2013. The first batch is a group of books we were able to acquire for free from the Scholastic Book Club orders. We also pay for books and we have just received another shipment of 167 books purchased from overseas. If you would like the library to offer one more round of Scholastic Book Clubs before the end of the year, please let us know via the comments.
The library will be scheduling a used books sale in April, in time for those of you who will be leaving books behind when you leave China at the end of the school year. The IST Library-Parent Book Club met this morning to discuss the book, The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Beijing, by Riuyan Xu.
The same year in India, a poor mother makes the heartbreaking choice to save her newborn daughter’s life by giving her away. Asha, adopted out of a Mumbai orphanage, is the child that binds the destinies of these two women. Looking ahead to April, our selection for that month is Man from Beijing, by Henning Mankell. We are excited to be choosing our favorite Panda Books from the Panda Book Awards shortlists.
As we will have to wait for the other international schools, some of which are not yet back from their CNY holiday, the winners will not be announced for another two weeks.
Thanks to the Follett Library Solutions company for creating the online voting booth that we are using to vote for the Panda Book Awards.
Here are some of our most recently added books on snakes in different languages to start off the Year of the Snake. Award winning photographer and naturalist presents yet another wonderful non-fiction book, this time on snakes.
This book for the Year of the Snake features four folk tales about snakes from around the world.
From the series Lendas Brasileras (Brazilian Legends) by famous Brazilian cartoonist, Mauricio de Sousa, this folk tale is about a snake called Honorato. Last Tuesday, we had a parent session for grades 2 to 5 titled: Principled Inquirers in grades 2 to 5.
On Tuesday, we spoke about the progression of citation skills we expect from our students in grades 2 to 5. Britannica Online School Edition – The school edition of the famous Encyclopedia Britannica offers three different levels of reading ability.
WorldBook Online – Like Britannica School Edition, WorldBook Online offers three levels of reading difficulty and citations for each article.
This week has been a great week for the library: we received three Birthday Book Club donations!

The birthday child is the first to check out the book, and a name plate on the title page commemorates the occasion.
We present the book to elementary students at the closest weekly library session to their birthday.
Remember that our library OPAC lets  you place a hold on a book that has been checked out by another patron. Register for the Birthday Book ClubThe IST Birthday Book Club invites students to contribute to our library collection. The IST Library Parent-Community Book Club is open to parents of IST and other Tianjin expats who love reading. But in a culture that favours sons, the only way for Kavita to save her newborn daughter’s life is to give her away. Somer knows life will change with the adoption, but is convinced that the love they already feel will overcome all obstacles.
Moving between two worlds and two families, one struggling to survive in the fetid slums of Mumbai, the other grappling to forge a cohesive family despite their diverging cultural identities, this powerful debut novel marks the arrival of a fresh talent poised for great success. We work with publishers to bring you the latest in great books and we also choose books independently, depending on what we are interested in reading.
I hope that you were able to read many of the Panda Books and that you enjoyed the voting process. IST gets bonus points for every 10RMB our community spends, and we can use those bonus points for free books. Hou taught all elementary G3-5 students on Chinese painting at the Temple Fair last year and her session of gold fish painting was loved by all. Goldfish in Chinese culture are symbolic of wealth and good fortune. We talked about the book’s themes of language, communication, relationships and isolation.
It is a decision that will haunt Kavita for the rest of her life, and cause a ripple effect that travels across the world and back again. We follow both families, invisibly connected until Asha’s journey of self-discovery leads her back to India. Students at our school and many other international schools in China will be voting this week and the next for their favorite title in four categories. We read and discussed two of the books on the Mature Readers shortlist, and I’m sure those two will feature among the most favorite once the votes are tallied. I thought that I would start off the new year with a post on our latest non-fiction titles about snakes, and I was surprised and pleased to see that so many of our newer titles are from our World Languages collection. In the elementary school, IST offers mother-tongue classes to our Danish, German, French, and Chinese students. Brilliant photographs and accessible text make this a book for lovers of snakes, nature, and photography of all ages.
Illustrated with traditional paper cuts, this is a beautiful book to browse even if you cannot read characters.
We would like to thank the Brazilian community once again for their efforts in bolstering our Portuguese language collection. One of the skills that principled inquirers use is giving credit to the sources that help them arrive at their answers. Congratulations to the IST Library Birthday Club members and thanks for supporting our library. This is the first in a series about Binky, a house cat who thinks his house is a space ship and anything outside of it is outer space. The animals in this story can speak, but at first only to the youngest child in the family.

Just tell us the date of your child’s birthday (or half-birthday), share with us his or her interests, and pay 150RMB per book. Secondary students will receive the book in the quarterly reader’s advisory period closest to their birthday.
The IST Library and Information Literacy Center serves the community of the International School of Tianjin.
It is a decision that will haunt her and her husband for the rest of their lives, even after the arrival of their cherished son.
Most of the participation happens on our Facebook page so be sure to join us there and take part in lively discussions about books, authors and more. It is a lovely painting of bamboo.  Bamboo is one of the four favorite plants along with Chinese plum, orchid and chrysanthemum, the so-called Four Men of Honor by the Chinese. We all agreed that while we could relate to the difficulties of communicating when one is not fluent in a language, the choices made by the characters kept them isolated from each other and frankly, exasperated us readers.
Our Danish collection is possible in large part to the generous donations and efforts of our Danish community. We can say without a doubt that we are the only international school in Tianjin with such a large collection of Portuguese language materials.
One of the benefits of using databases for research is that they often supply citations ready to be copied and included in student’s bibliographies. Students are taught by the librarians and their classroom teachers to access them via the library OPAC.
The database is arranged via a graphic interface that makes it easy for our younger students to find the topic of their choice. Although BrainPop does not include ready citations, there is a FAQ page that explains how to cite a BrainPop movie. 8 short stories provide an interesting look at life in China after the death of Chairman Mao.
She helps the others find the magic and become closer to each other as they cope with changes at home. We will look for a book that will fit your child’s reading level and interests and purchase it in their name.
Please give us at least one month’s notice so that we can place overseas orders if necessary.
You may also contact us via email, library at istianjin dot net, or leave a comment on any of this blog’s posts. Halfway around the globe, Somer, an American doctor, decides to adopt a child after making the wrenching discovery that she will never have one of her own. The library copy is available for checkout if you’d like to see what sparked such a lively discussion. To support our international students, the library has a robust collection of books in languages other than English, and we are grateful for the support of our international parents who often donate books in their mother-tongues to us, either personally or through the auspices of their companies.
Please let us know if you are a member of the IST community and you need help accessing our databases.

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