Although this was nothing more than a widely spread video game urban legend, Blizzard found it so entertaining that they actually included the Cow Level in Diablo 2.
After you finish the game (beating Diablo in Diablo 2 or Baal in the expansion), go back to Act I in the Rogue Encampment. You may revisit the Cow Level as often as you want, provided that you don't kill the Cow King.
In StarCraft -- another famous game by Blizzard -- by entering the following cheat code: "there is no cow level" you can skip the current mission.
We have no details on a possible Cow Level being developed for the upcoming Diablo 3, but it's hard to imagine that Blizzard won't give their fans what they secretly desire.
We'll keep you in the loop with news and updates regarding Diablo III, but for now here are some screenshots from the beta so you can appreciate the awesomeness of this game's graphics. Diablo neither others blizzard games have any achievement that are not listed in the achievement list. Where it ask you to kill 20 Treasure goblins, after you accomplished this task, another achievement appears and now ask you to kill 100 treasure goblins.
The 100 treasure goblins achievement only appears after you complete the first 20 treasure goblins kills. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged diablo-3 or ask your own question.
Is it possible to get all the slabs (tiles) in the Holy Sanctum, and does it give any bonus or achievement?
Is it acceptable for a student to ask a professor to be included as a co-author on the professor's paper? When Blizzard’s hack-and-slash action RPG Diablo was unleashed on computers in December of 1996, it caught on like hellfire. While secret content was never found in the original Diablo, rumors persisted, with fans claiming that the game contained a secret cow level. Blizzard vehemently denied the story, with “there is no secret cow level” becoming a rallying cry of sorts, but the legendary cow level finally made it’s way into the series in Diablo II.
But when Diablo made it’s triumphant return with Diablo III, many fans were disappointed to find that the third entry in the franchise featured no cow level.

To reach the new and improved cow level, players will need to troll the wilds outside of the Sanctuary. For Diablo III fans on PS3 and Xbox 360 looking to chew the cud with friends on the cow level, tough luck.
While silly, the secret cow level holds a special place in many gamers’ hearts, so its nice to see Blizzard bringing the classic easter egg back – albeit temporarily to ensure they aren’t milking the nostalgia. Vous devrez ensuite aller voir le forgeron et depenser 60 000 pieces d’or (prix en mode normal) pour fabriquer le baton.
Mettez vous dans l’ambiance, on est dans les annees 80, Atari produit des jeux a tour de bras, et la firme est en quasi monopole dans son domaine. Supposedly, a normal portal clicked a given number of times would lead to the secret Cow Level. The cheat mocks the Diablo I rumor, however Diablo 2 is launched four years later so, obviously, the joke's on you Blizzard, because THERE IS a cow level.
Anyway, if Blizzard will bring back the Cow Level in Diablo 3, they will absolutely force you to kill the Cow King, so you will not be able to return to the secret level.
Are there any achievements that are not listed in the Achievement UI in game but can still be unlocked?
The unique blend of dungeon exploring and real-time RPG elements gained the game a cult following, which in turn lead to fans combing through the game to find more content. The story went that by clicking on a specific cow a particular number of times, the player would be transported to a secret level filled entirely with bovine warriors. Populated entirely by bipedal, spear-wielding hell bovines, the secret cow level tasked players with defeating the insidious cows and their ruler, the mighty Cow King. Sure, there was the occasional bovine warrior found wandering the wilderness, but the spawn rate of the cow was found to be very low, and there was no level dedicated to triumphing over the mooing marauders. To celebrate it’s third anniversary, Blizzard has brought the famous cow level to Diablo III. Randomly generated Treasure Goblins can be encountered that carry the portal to the Cow Level, and will grant players passage to this mythical bovine-populated realm. Blizzard has announced that the cow level is exclusive to PC and next-gen consoles, but last-gen gamers will be given a +100% EXP and Gold buff as a consolation prize.

For players of the classic Diablo games that have been on the fence about giving Diablo III a whirl, the latest entry in the beloved franchise is the rare (or at least medium-rare) game that manages to raise the bar on its predecessor, and that’s no bull. Si vous ne voulez pas gacher votre plaisir et decouvrir ce niveau tout seul, ne lisez pas la premiere partie de cet article ! Blizzard a joue la carte de l’humour en creant un niveau special et cache aux couleurs pour le moins chatoyantes. Puis ils ont recommence sur Diablo 3 en nous creant un super-trop-joli monde avec plein de licornes-bisounours-trop-choupinou <3. Since then, Diablo has released for new systems and received expansions, but no mention was made of bringing back the cow level. Dubbed the “Cowpocalypse” and announced via a set of blurry pictures showing the bipedal cows roaming the wilds of Diablo III, the revamped cow level will return to the world of Diablo for a limited time. Once there, players will contend with polearm-wielding cows that want nothing more than to put any wayward adventurers out to pasture. On vous dit tout, et notamment sur le niveau cache ambiance Petit Poney que l’on peut trouver sur Diablo III.
Available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One players, the Cowpocalypse will run from May 15th to May 21st.
De nombreux fans ont en effet reproche aux developpeurs de ne pas avoir cree un univers assez sombre. La reponse ne s’est pas faite attendre : des licornes, des petites poneys, et des oursons, le tout dans un univers girly qui pique les yeux ! Si vous aussi vous avez envie de dechiqueter du bisounours, ce niveau secret est fait pour vous !

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