I like the fact that Hannah died and belle came alive which is what happened when Alex said He loved Hannah and did not love Belle.
Created by Lucy Prebble, "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" is a TV series based on a popular blog. Season 4 (8 full episodes) Episode 8 - Episode 85 years agoBelle is distressed when Ben asks her to give up her job. In the second-season finale, Belle and Alex make a go at a relationship, but Stephanie's offer of one final job for Belle, with a mystery date who asked specifically for her, is too much of a temptation for Belle to resist.
Premise: Sexploits of a highly educated, high-priced London escort whose working name is Belle de Jour but in her non-working hours is known as Hannah.
Brooke Magnanti, author of the scintillating blogs and novels behind Secret Diary of a Call Girl, was an interesting half-hour of chat, but the meat of the premiere was promised to Monday's episode.
The show follows twenty-something Hannah Baxter, played by Billie Piper, an average underachieving young woman with a naughty secret.
She finds her life further complicated with Harry being around and one of her clients who looks familiar. Hannah and Belle have the same common goal - to make as much money as possible while they still can.

Episode 7 - Episode 75 years agoBelle throws herself into a vampire role play, but the appointment comes to an unfortunate end. Each half hour episode opens with a monologue mimicking blog posts of Hannah offering anecdotes about her secret life as a high class London call girl. Meanwhile, Ben and Belle's already-rocky relationship is further tested by an unpredictable Harry and alluring Poppy.Episode 6 - Episode 65 years agoAfter Belle arrives home from New York she is in for a shocking surprise.
Although Belle often finds herself in awkward or even dangerous situations, the drama's delicate subject manner is generally given a comedic edge. Throughout the show Hannah wrestles with keeping her secret lifestyle and alter ego a secret from her family, friends and love interests.
Early in the series, Belle breaks away from her agency to strike out independently and takes another call girl, under her wing in the process. Her best friend and one-time love interest Ben, played by Iddo Goldberg, learns her secret and presses for a romantic relationship in spite of it. The premise has always circled around the conflict between two parts of the same whole; prostitute Belle and daytime Hannah battling it out. But Season 3 has already made some huge changes to the particulars and Hannah was completely left out of the premiere.

She tries to keep her career hidden from him but when he learns the truth he makes her choose between being with him or being Belle. This departure severely limits Piper's character and the season previews make it seem as though Hannah will take a back seat for the rest of the series.
In season three she must keep her identity as an author secret while continuing her work as a prostitute and living her normal life as Hannah. Meanwhile, she falls for her book's publisher and refuses to see him for the womanizer he is until he breaks her heart. In the show's final season Hannah begins a relationship with Ben only to be thwarted constantly by the demands of her job and another girl's interest in him. Their relationship ultimately fails when he asks her to stop being Belle and in the end Hannah chooses her profession over true love.

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