Promising a more effective way to deliver weight loss ingredients, Secret Diet Drops are to be taken with a strict low calorie diet plan.
We just couldn’t ignore the number of concerned consumers who wanted us to take a look at this.
Manufactured by Secret Diet Drops Limited who are registered in Aberdeenshire in Scotland, with the company having been trading since 2011.
On the plus side, the company address is clearly displayed on the website along with a telephone number and email address. Well firstly it’s important to realise that the diet drops aren’t some magic potion that work on their own. To help you though, the official site has a handy selection of 19 Secret Diet Drop recipes that give you an idea of the type of meals possible on this diet plan.
Well the Secret Diet Drops Diet Phase is split into three parts; the loading days, the diet and lastly the maintenance phase.
Loading Phase (2 days): You can eat anything you like during these 2 days, including high caloric foods like takeaways, confectionery snacks and alcohol (not too much though!). At breakfast time it looks like you’re only allowed to have tea or coffee with little milk and no sugar. Lunchtime you’re allowed some food and can choose one 100g of meat or fish with one type of vegetable. Snacks are allowed but just 2 per day and consist of an apple, orange, few strawberries or half a grapefruit.
Maintenance Phase (6 weeks): Once you have finished the drops you spend 3 weeks increasing calorie intake to between 1,500 and 1,800 calories per day. The remaining 3 weeks you can gradually introduce flour, rice, bread, pasta and potatoes into your diet.
But that’s not all; they claim it’s the “Secret protocol they don’t want you to know about!”… Exactly whom they mean we can only guess!
All impressive claims but without ANY evidence presented to back any of them up then we would take them with a pinch of salt. L-Carnitine, L-Omithine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Tryosine, Tryptophan, Beta-Alanine, Chromium, African Mango, (irvingia gabonensis), Grapefruit Powder, Green Tea Leaf Extract EGCG, Glycyrrhizin Extract, Panax Ginseng, Maca Powder Extract, Grapeseed Extract Pyruvate, Blue Green Algae, Ginger Root, Guarana, Garcinia, Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng), Capsicum. If you’re looked at other diet supplements before then some of the ingredients may be familiar. African Mango: Derived from the seeds of the Irvingia Gabonensis with two trials that have shown the link between African Mango and weight loss. Green Tea Leaf Extract EGCG: Evidence suggests that along with a number of health benefits weight loss is one of them. Guarana: Said to contain a stronger acting form of caffeine albeit in smaller quantities that is released slowly to give sustained energy. Chromium: A clear favourite amongst diet pills as its suggested to stabilise blood sugar levels and increase energy levels.
Garcinia: Dried fruit rind of Garcinia cambogia that contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia to suppress appetite. Capsicum: Extracted from the Chilli pepper and responsible for the spicy taste and red colour.
This supplement requires following a VERY STRICT diet regime that involves abstaining from alcohol, daily weighing and taking up to 45 drops each day.
Whilst there is an indication of the ingredients used in the drops, you’re required to take the word of the manufacturer that sufficient amounts are used and that using diet drops is more effective than taking weight loss ingredients any other way. The manufacturer mentions no side effects but it’s important to highlight that strict low calorie diets aren’t for everyone. Although some consumers have reported on a couple of forums that the drops have worked for them, the general consensus is that it’s the strict diet and not the drops that cause the weight loss. In terms of the drops helping the strict diet plan more manageable, again there is no evidence to support this claim.
There is no information about the ingredients at all on the official website, instead you have to rely on blind faith that these work. If you were tempted to try Secret Diet Drops we would recommend speaking to your doctor first to ensure such a regime is suitable for you. Diet drops can be fairly expensive so it’s worth noting that Secret Diet drops are one of the cheapest diet drops on the market costing ?35 per bottle. The return policy is that only unopened bottles can be refunded within 28 days of the purchase date. We have seen a fair number of diet drop supplements in the last 12 months, all of which we have rejected. Secret Diet Drops are one of the cheapest on the market and have some impressing looking testimonials on the official site; the fact is it’s most likely the strict diet that is causing the weight loss seen.
Following a very low calorie is not for everyone with medical opinion urging caution if you intend to adopt such a diet. Scientifically proven ingredients making this one of the most potent Superfruit diet pills on the market. Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. You mention Kevin Trudeau – it is in fact known that one of the directors of Secret Diet Drops Ltd is a member of his MLM scheme, Global Information Network.
Anytime i said anything even a little negative on there facebook page i got lynched and comments got deleted. I have been up half the night trying to tell the foolish people who are taking these drops just how dangerous they are. I have just been blocked from the Facebook page because I asked what the drops actually do; do they speed up metabolism, give you energy etc. I think this is a skewed review and shows that immediately by bringing the name of a fraudster into it almost immediately. I have been trying for a long time to drop a bit of weight and had been stuck at the same weight dropping and regaining a few pound constantly. Just proves that you will pile the weight back on and more once you stop sticking to the unrealistic, unhealthy 500 cal a day diet. I used to feel sorry for anybody falling victim and getting pulled in by new shiny scams but after reading some of your mindless comments I can’t say I feel sorry for you now. Hi Linda O’dell, I acutally think you are a gullable, spending that amount of money on a product that has no offical claims of weight loss. Any so called company that sells a diet product should also not give out misleading information to peeps, as SDD did tonight on their fan page on FaceBook. Hello ive used sdd i have lost the wieght but i was also very negative, i was always weak and constipated, when anybody did coment bad on them they did get slated it did make me think why.
I saw you on the Facebook page and you have practically given the exact same statement.I was blocked that day for asking why they were only on Facebook and why delete peoples comments. Now here is something for everyone to consider,Chromium is indeed a very interesting ingredient, not least because it’s illegal to sell a supplement containing it without specifying the amount in a dose. Ever so strange that the people commenting and fighting SDD corner on here are the same peeps on FB page who are using the EXACT same words.
I too am a reseller of the drops and would recommed them to anyone who wants to loose weight. I must admit the drops are not for everyone, thats why people are asked to go and see there GP before embarking on such a diet like this.
They are only available on Facebook and yes if your only consuming 500 cals a day of course the weight would fall off anybody with half a brain would know that. Secret diet drops are available in alot off hair and beauty shops in Ireland and England, maybe some people could do with finding out abit more information about them before stating facts. Can I just add, when they say it takes 4 days for the drops to be fully in your system, that’s actually just the amount of time it takes for your stomach to shrink.

I had been reading into these drops for months and decided to take the plunge, I lasted 2 diet days. Well I took the diet sheet and the drops to my dietitican at the fat clinic I was at, and she was ok with it all, she has since been very pleased with the weight loss to date.
About At Best Hcg Diet Drops Reviews, we pride ourselves in bringing you the Best Hcg Diet Drops Reviews, diet drops and hcg foods. There are a number of diet drops now on the market and Secret Diet Drops doesn’t stand out to be any different. The official website is fairly poor and is somewhat lacking in information on some of the pages.
A low calorie diet plan needs to be strictly followed and care taken to ensure you’re sufficiently hydrated by drinking plenty of water each day (around 2-3 litres per day). The guidelines are strict with adherence to the diet plan important for results to be seen.
As well as ensuring you stick to just 100g when weighed raw, no oil or butter is permitted for cooking and so it must be boiled or carefully grilled. This was back in the fifties and despite being outlawed by the FDA it was again resurrected by another notorious scammer called Kevin Trudeau. These include a number of amino acids, superfruits and other weight loss ingredients seen in other supplements.
Significant weight loss results were shown after consuming 300mg of African Mango per day for 10 weeks. A certain amount and type of green tea has been shown to increase metabolism and promote fat burning. A comparative study by The National Institute of Health found that some studies claiming Chromium has effects on body mass and composition are questionable. Studies have suggested 500mg or more per day could have a beneficial effect on appetite and weight reduction.
Popular in a number of chilli based diet pills as suggested to boost metabolism and increase calorie expenditure.
Side effects can be associated with low calorie diets such as fatigue, constipation, nausea, and diarrhoea. The very low calorie diet protocol is not for everyone and you’re recommend to check with your doctor first.
And unusually for this industry they appear to be genuine pictures and not copied from another site!
Any weight loss will be through eating fewer calories and not down to the diet drops at all.
On top of this the amount of ingredients in each drop is a mystery and so its impossible to tell how effective the drops will be. Don’t be fooled, the diet regime won’t be easy and if you have the will power to follow it, then you could simply follow a similar diet without the drops. The manufacturers even recommend speaking to your doctor before starting the very low calorie diet.
Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings.
I don’t know whether Trudeau is personally behind the product, or if GIN is just a go-between for the manufacturer and the seller (while of course taking a fat old fee from both parties), but I do know that GIN supplied the Secret Diet Drops advertising video which was hosted on Vimeo for most of last year. I woke this morning to find that I have been banned from every page on facebook belonging to them. I was referred to a note placed on the fb group page by someone who I was told was a dieter.
Of course you will experience headaches in the first week as the body is not used to this regime ( i sorted that with paracetamol lol). I saw the results a colleague got from using the Secret Diet Drops and thought I’d try it. I found the diet a wee bit hard the first few days but I soon found my food cravings were gone and weight was coming off at 1lb almost every day. I didn’t get these confirmed fro my doctor but I am doing them the last 6 weeks and they do work, im a diabetic and I tell you now they are working wonders for my blood sugar and if I feel weeki or hungry a have extra fruit, it is a hard diet ye but if you want to loose the weight you will stick to the diet, people should not knock something before you try it.
You are starving yourself, anybody who thinks losing a stone in 10 days is normal needs their head looked at.
Soon afterwards someone replied back to SDD comment, about being misleading both the SDD reply and the reply from the commenter were both removed. I have been trying to tell people this is a scam but they won’t believe me as they have become brainwashed!!!
I’m living proof of that, I lossed 16 stone on this diet and never put a single pound back on like Shazia (you go gurl).
They have been clinically trialed in the US before the wonder ladies from Fraserburgh brought them here to the UK, 20 people of from obese to cinically obese conducted the trial, 10 people were given the Secret Diet Drops and the VLC diet and 10 people given a placebo with a VLC diet. Not one thing I asked was answered and the minute I said id been to my GP one of the women behind this scam made personal comments that were un called for. Surely if they were that bad they wouldn’t be so easy to get, thousands if people would not be purchasing them and the seller would be forced to stop?! Why such bad reviews when there workin for hundreds and makin them alot happier about themselves. A few people have been the same as you but got banned from the page for asking why they felt so ill, some support group huh?! Diet Fads Come and Diet Fads Go, (And You've Probably Tried Most of Them) And For Most People Those Unwanted Pounds Keep Lingering.
The “about us” page is particularly poor, with a pithy statement as to why women should give the supplement a try – nothing on who is behind Secret Diet Drops!
When we say strictly followed we really mean it, such that raw ingredients need to be weighed. He created a technique whereby patients were injected with hCG (human chrorionic gonadotrphin) and forced to undertake a very low calorie diet. There is no indication of the amounts used and so it’s impossible to know if sufficient quantities exist to trigger any weight loss effect!
We would add that under the Distance Selling Regulations you are able to get a full refund of any product within 7 days as these are your statutory rights under UK law. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.
I took these drops for just over 2 months and I suffered with massive headaches and the sudden lack of vitimans, calcuim, nutrients and so on has caused long term bowel problems as well as eye problems. The seller knew very little about the product yet many people jumped to the defence of the drops. I have no hunger now whilst taking the drops and I have no euphoria or low mood , just feel as I did without the extra weight.. I know such a Spartan diet would help drop weight but I would be craving other food and would feel extremely hungry if I was to do this ordinarily. You’ve lost weight because of the diet your doing and yo hungry because of the water your consuming.
I get how people are defending the drops because they are losing weight rapidly but I can tell you I know somebody who is doing the very same diet and is losing weight just the same as people taking these drops, before I get jumped on again by people who say the drops have all the natural ingredients that the body needs, read what people who have the proof that the drops aren’t beneficial to the body have to say. Its the vlc diet you have been on that make you loose the flab and not these so called drops, that have no amounts of what is suppose to be in the so-called active ingredients, .
The doctor and nurse at my obesity clinic told me id be as well just putting water under my tongue and saving myself money. A diet plan comes with the drops and more importantly there is a members support group on Facebook. Also may I point out to you the drops are 100% legal and so is the advise that is given on the support page in FB, as there is a fully qualified doctor and a dietitician in the group, who have also done this diet YES, done this diet also Kevin!

Hey presto the ten that took the Secret Diet Drops lost staggering amounts of weight, including inches of fat lost from areas like hips, tums, bums and legs! If they are so great and wonderful why can’t you buy them in boots or any health food shop? Ive just started them and im findin them very easy to stick to cause unlike the shake diets that cost alot more, u can eat on these. Also, no one has actually proved that they are a qualified doctor or dietitian on there, people just believe them. I suffered headaches, weakness, I was aggressive and teary and I did not like the person it made me, you are literally starving yourself on this diet.
Our site is a great option when you need quality product to support your hcg weight loss goals.
The admin took my comments down i even put a link on their page about the effects and that was taken down.
I showed my doc the drops and he sent me to the hospital where they took blood and they nurse said I was lucky that I had stopped taking them.
When I asked if the weight loss effects may simply be a cause of the low calorie diet I was told that you couldn’t survive on so few calories. I wont be buying any more drops, as I will be trying to maintain after this but I know genuine friends on this plan and I am thinking even if it is a placebo being used, its telling their brains its real and its working for them.
So i do have to agree with you sam, this diet is not good for you, please be warned that there can be serious side effects to this diet as i have learnt the hard way.I am now recovering slowly and dieting sensibly and still losing weight gradually and safely. They areripping gullible people off, why else do they delete comments and block people on Facebook when they ask questions or say something that they don’t want other people to see. In 5 years time when you are still probably overweight and have developed an unhealthy relationship with food you may see how blind you was. I found the diet to be brilliant the only diet I have done where the weight came off and stayed off. Why are they not being given to people who otherwise would be getting gastric bypass surgery ?
A plan that fits your lifestyle, your personal health goals and that's customized to deliver lasting results so you can finally end the cycle of yo-yo dieting and deprivation. Most Powerful Clinically Proven Fat Burners That Reduce Hunger, Increase Focus, and Ensures You Lose Fat From the Right Places. My iron levels were rock bottom and sugar levels too, before taking these drops I was overweight but healthy and now even though I lost over 1 and a half stone it is not worth the problems I am left with.
Ultimately I believe it is the placebo effect going on here – people want to believe the drops work and when combined with eating so little they do. I did take these to my local pharmacy and they advised that it should be used with great caution and if in doubt to speak to your doctor.
I have been dreaming about losing weight for a good few years now and I’ve dropped 1st 10lbs so far with the drops. One of them had a reply that told them to wait 6 weeks for their doctors check up, the other was told to start them whenever she wanted.
Go on one of the woman who is a director for this company and look at the success photos they are not the same people and when people are congratulating them for losing the weight not ONE person named in these pics replied.
I read all the reviews on diet pills provided by Watchdog before I decided to try Superfruits Slim. This socalled company is breaking many law’s within the UK and also throught the EU, this is just one of them. While the ten that took the placebo with the VLC diet, three of them lost some weight, but afterwards put the weight they had lost back on and some more, so ended up heavier. Many people have asked for proof or have questioned them, their comments are deleted, they are banned from the page, and are sent threatening emails by the owners.
I too believe its not the drops that allow such a rapid weight loss, it’s the fact you are practically starving yourself. It's time to try The Secret Diet Drops, it has the perfect amount of the recommended weight loss ingredients, and has sold more than one hundred thousand bottles worldwide. When I found out about SDD I asked the dietician about it and my local gp, their response was it couldn’t hurt to try it. I am not on any kind of diet but thanks to these tablets I am losing a sensible amount of weight every week as they suppress my appetite and make me feel full for longer as well as increasing my metabolism. One woman was told not to take them whilst breast feeding because ‘the baby will lose weight.’ How ridiculous?! They both agreed to monitor me fortnightly again and both have been astounded by my weight loss, in fact they’re both looking more into it ( the gp is even doing it herself now!) with a view to recommending it to others who have a problem with losing weight. Any legit business would take criticism and have an answer for everyone if they actually knew what they were talking about. I was told I couldn’t dilute my water with orange juice, I did and still lost 2 pounds in the 2 days so I 100% believe the reason you are losing weight is the calorie controlled diet. They are to be used with a low calorie diet resulting in fast weight loss and a healthier you. If you are on a VLC diet you won’t be able to produce enough milk to feed the baby, it’s nothing to do with the drops! I take it this diet has got your mind wondering hahaha your GP must be a quack, is it Shipman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have pretty much a full bottle left but I will not be putting myself through this diet again. And in other answers they say the drops don make you lose weight, they just give you the nutrients you need so you don’t feel ill. The diet works as I have personally tried please don’t reject something without actually doing proper research by trying it.
All that took the placebo also reported very bad headaches, nausea, mood swings and the constant feeling of feeling hungry all the time, while the people on Secret Diet Drops had the same side affects as reported as the others, these side effects died off after fours days of taking Secret Diet Drops, as the drops had fully entered their system, and made them feal fuller for longer and had a feeling goodness and happier than they were pervious, all because of the drops. And, the longterm positive effect is that it has really made me change my attitude to food. I’m getting so frustrated with the page appearing on my news feed every day because so many gullable people are now spreading it to their friends. These will also increase your energy to help you get through your day in addition to the decreasing of your appetite.
I then had the piss taken out of me and got told by one of the woman behind these drops to go and do weightwatchers. The Secret Diet Drops are manufactured in an FDA Registered, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified facility in the USA. Eating so little for a while naturally gives you a smaller appetite following the three weeks the bottle lasts.
I also read earlier that they supply some shops with the drops, but they don’t know what the shops are called.
You will also receive our Complimentary Nutrient Wise Weight Loss Program to Ensure You get The Most out of Your Weight Loss Experience. Most of the people on the page have to ask over Facebook how to use them, surely instructions should be given on the bottle?!
But each to their own and people will do whatever to lose weight but a can of worms has been opened and I’ll keep posting my opinion unless they can prove these drops work .
Some one needs to put these [word removed] in their place, so many people have been taken for a ride and then defend them because they have been completely brainwashed by the bull!!!

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