If you want a simple way to tell your friends to "live long and prosper," here's how you can get Spock's signature greeting on your iPhone. Now any time you write "llap" (or a shortcut of your choosing) in iMessage, you'll have the option to drop in the Vulcan salute emoji.
No one cares about our social content enough to give it a like, a retweet, a comment, or even a share. Emojis are super-powerful because they allow us to communicate so much more than we could with words alone. Think of the sheer volume of words people sift through in a day, especially online across media, websites, email and text messages. We know that people process visuals 60,000 times faster than plain text, and emojis are a great way to tap into that image power in your social posts, where space is at a premium.
Emojis are so impactful that Facebook has spent an inordinate amount of time and resources developing and testing a set of six additional emoji-like “reactions” to join the thumbs-up button. Right now, they’re being tested only in Spain and Ireland, but they may eventually roll out to all users worldwide.
Apple released a slate of new and updated emojis for iOS 9.1 last month, adding a burrito, a middle finger, a robot and even a unicorn to the mix. If you look at my Twitter and Facebook feeds, I never do an update without at least one emoji, and often I’ll do replies and updates completely lacking in words, with just emojis. Unfortunately, when it comes to organic social media marketing, it’s super-hard to figure out which update does better or worse because there are so many different variables at play. However, in paid social, it’s super-easy to do a split test of the same promoted post with and without emojis to the same targeting group at the same time.
Like I said, we’re seeing this as a trend consistently across tests (Sometimes the emoji variant beats out the non-emoji promoted post by as much 3x), but I’ve noticed that it’s key that your emojis are relevant to the update.
In partnership with the Ad Council, Apple released a new emoji as part of an anti-bullying campaign.
Apple has released one of the first emoji dedicated to a good cause, and it could make a huge difference in the lives of bullied children and teens.

The emoji is meant to help bystanders and victims, via social social media and text message, call out cruel comments and harassment, and support those who are bullied. Apple unveiled the emoji, a black-and-white eye surrounded by a speech bubble, in Wednesday's iOS9 update. Image: MashableWhile the emoji will live on the iPhone keyboard, it's the centerpiece of an anti-bullying initiative called I Am A Witness and launched by the Ad Council, a nonprofit organization that creates public service communications campaigns. I Am A Witness was created in partnership with Johnson & Johnson, Apple, Google, Facebook, Adobe and Twitter.
Besides the iOS keyboard, the eye emoji rollout includes two custom Snapchat filters, ads in movie theaters nationwide, a Tumblr site with tips and resources, and YouTube videos featuring social media stars who are passionate about fighting bullying, such as Fine Bros., Grace Helbig and Glozell Green.
The campaign's app, which goes by the same name, includes an additional downloadable keyboard for Apple and Android users. The Ad Council tested the emoji with teens this year, hoping it might empower them to confront bullying behavior and comfort victims. A nationally representative Pew Research Center survey of teens ages 12 to 17, conducted in 2011, found that 90% had ignored painful or mean comments directed at others. Nineteen percent of teens said they had been bullied online, by text or by phone in the previous year. Goodby Silverstein & Partners, a San Francisco ad agency, designed the eye and campaign pro bono. As a symbol of "vigilance" and "awareness," the eye sends a message of support to isolated kids and reminds a bully that others are watching.
But Lizzie Velasquez, a motivational speaker and anti-bullying activist in Austin, Texas, and supporter of the campaign, is hopeful most teens will adopt it with good intentions. At 17, she discovered a YouTube video naming her the "world's ugliest woman." The video, made by a stranger, had been viewed four million times. If the digital equivalent could happen to even some of the countless kids who experience bullying, Velasquez believes the campaign will have a profound impact. The late Leonard Nimoy would find this emoji a most logical addition to your iPhone's keyboard.

I’ve stumbled upon a stupid-simple way to dramatically increase your social engagement, and it’s actually a lot of fun. I’ve pretty much memorized the entire emoji character set and try to introduce them in conversations wherever it makes sense. Think about it — how weird would it be in real life to have a conversation with someone without showing any emotion at all? Some of these tech companies have been criticized for not providing their users with the means to adequately stop or report online harassment. Users can access variations of the emoji as well as colorful stickers and GIFs that can be pasted into instant and text messages.
Research shows that teens frequently overlook online cruelty; they may fear becoming a target themselves or feel like they need more information before intervening.
It's likely that, despite the clear mission of the campaign, some will find clever ways to make light of the eye's purpose, or use it in completely different scenarios.
She recalls how a popular classmate in elementary school overheard another group of kids making fun of her in the cafeteria and offered a simple, kind response. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. A conversation about an event in a specific country allows you to insert an emoji of the flag.
Emojis help solve a major problem in online communications: the missing context of emotion.
This campaign offers another approach to the problem, something both companies and users can get behind.

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