If you want a simple way to tell your friends to "live long and prosper," here's how you can get Spock's signature greeting on your iPhone.
Now any time you write "llap" (or a shortcut of your choosing) in iMessage, you'll have the option to drop in the Vulcan salute emoji. I was about to head on a business trip when my friend sent: “Have good trip” followed by a little airplane.
Installing this extra keyboard will give you access to 722 symbols you can use in your texts.
You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web. Sassy ego blogger Justine Ezarik, the unofficial (official) Apple pin-up-girl of the internet, has uncovered a $.99 app capable of unleashing those adorable emoji icons that cult of iPhone faithful have been lusting after.
The app allowing access to the secret emoji icons can be found by searching FrostyPlace via the App Store. It's quite possible that iJ will finally get a huge parade in her honor for this epic iPhone discovery. His mother never thought he’d rise to the position of Palace Guard, smoking as much weed as he did. Jerry began to wonder if the new look he was experimenting with for his mustache, which he liked to think of as The Lobster Prong, could be contributing to his sudden overwhelming popularity with the ladies.

Phyllis was still trying to catch her breath from the running they’d had to do a few minutes before. No matter the weather, The Woman With No Hands never wore a coat, even when it was 27 degrees in February in the burnt-out western edge of Detroit. In she would stride, her features giving away so little that her face almost looked like a blank. One evening, she finally decided to walk across the wide stripe of grass separating her yard from the Meyersons’ and knock on the front door. Then Julia appeared a second later, head somehow too close to Rick’s, face too still.
She stopped listening but kept looking at him so that the rickety mechanism of his thought process might resolve itself. The late Leonard Nimoy would find this emoji a most logical addition to your iPhone's keyboard. Although the app I had downloaded was free, when I tried to install it on other friends’ iPhones, I couldn’t find a free version anymore. If you’d like to see and add the new symbols on your texts or emails, simply click on the globe icon when the keyboard appears on your iDevice to toggle between Emoji and your keyboard layout. The headband was a little too tight over her temple, but it would be all right for the three minutes they’d need to scope their target in the audience and complete their mission.

We never found out what had befallen her—if her difference was the result of genetics or a terrible accident of some kind. Rick stood in the doorway, wearing a blue turtleneck that looked a little warm for the day.
Kenny covered his eyes with both hands and laughed until Gary came over and hit him in the stomach, hard.
I setup my Gmail account and liked replying to e-mails with the standard ‘Sent from my iPhone’ line. The apps all did the same thing and offered the same amount of characters but they all charged the standard 99?. The only drawback is that only users with iPhones are able to see your texts with the new Emoji symbols.
This app may soon be making developer Chin-Lan Huang a very wealthy man thanks to iJ.The steps for adding these wildly popular emoticons are as easy as iJustine promises.

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