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When you're living in a city like New York, every day is an opportunity to discover another mind-blowing piece of real estate. There are lots of secret (or semi-secret, or not at all secret, but kept on the down low by those in the know) bars in Detroit, Michigan. The dapper owner, Larry Mongo, comes from a well-connected Detroit family – both politically and criminally, depending on the family member in question, by his telling. He's only open one night a week (Fridays), and there's food (cooked by Larry himself) and live music and great bartenders, and the room remains wonderfully frozen in time, the sort of place where characters in an Elmore Leonard novel from the 1970s would've plotted a heist, the red booths and the curvaceous bar and the overall decor falling somewhere between a lost 'Superfly' set and a New Orleans bordello.
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The decision to use Jackie was widely praised on Facebook, with many applauding the retailer for "embracing old age" by using a model decades older than her youthful counterparts typically gracing the covers of fashion magazines and catwalks.One person commented: "I want to see more models like her! You can remove any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you from using parts of our website.
There's the spot on the west side that looks like a shack, where the owner has to buzz you in, and the ceiling is low and slanted, and an old guy from the neighborhood might wander in and start playing the piano. Amazing!", while another said: "Hope I age just as beautiful!"Cameron Diaz is wrong about pubic hair. According toA the Corcoran listing, there is more than one cottage, and there are two private garden terraces to go with them. Then there's the upscale African-American karaoke joint where the clientele comes so correct, you can close your eyes and not be sure if the singing you're hearing is live or coming out of the jukebox. Especially if you want to chat with Larry, one of the great repositories of local city lore.

The bush is not backThis is not the first time the retailer has controversially subverted fashion 'norms', after their New York store featured mannequins with visible pubic hair in the window - to very mixed reactions. Fortunate for all, our hands-down, favorite drinking spot in the city, the wonderful Cafe D'Mongo, is no longer a closely guarded state secret. Then, a few years ago, as young hipster kids began moving back into the city, Mongo decided to reopen his bar as a speakeasy. High above the stage, Roxy entertained Hollywood's elite, including Samuel Goldwyn and Alfred Hitchcock.

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