Secret Escapes offers flash sales – with discounts of up to 70% – on luxury hotels and holidays to members who sign up for free via its website. Do you know an innovator you would like to nominate to be included in next year's list? Filmapia is a comprehensive library and platform for Film Shooting Locations and Resources, worldwide. When Walter Mitty flies to Greenland in search of Sean O'Connell, he lands at the Nuuk Airport in Greenland. Walter skateboards energetically with pieces of lava coal tied to his hands, into the town of Sey?isfjor?ur in Iceland, surrounded by Mount Strandartindur and Mount Bjolfur.

When Walter meets Sean in Afghanistan, they play Buzkashi - the national game of Afghanistan with the local goatherds.
When Walter hears that Sean is in Iceland, he cycles through the village of Grundarfjor?ur – on the Sn?fellsnes peninsula. As Walter hears that the only chance for him to meet Sean in the ship is via the helicopter which was starting to ascend, he runs and jumps into the helicopter at Greenland. Walter Mitty is a fictional character in James Thurber's short story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", first published in The New Yorker on March 18, 1939, and in book form in My World and Welcome to It in 1942. The company grew its membership base from four million in January 2014 to 24 million by the end of 2015 while expanding to several new markets including The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Italy.

In July 2015, the startup raised a further $60 million in funding from Google Ventures along with existing investors Index Ventures and Octopus Investments. It was made into a film in 1947, with a remake directed by and starring Ben Stiller released in 2013.

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