Last night Richarda€™s character Superintendent James McKay was sensationally stabbed to death on the TV3 soap. Red Rock actor Richard Flood has revealed he always knew he was going to be killed off - although he kept his castmates in the dark. Red Rock Spoilers: The warring families are finally in court tonight - will Michael be jailed? I knew from conversations that it wasna€™t just going to be a transfer, it was going to be death.a€? However, Flood was sworn to secrecy about the plans for his character by Red Rock bosses.
While his grisly end came as a massive surprise to fans of the drama, Dubliner Richard confessed he only signed up for one year meaning Supt McKay was destined for a bloody death.

He said: a€?On the first day, they took me aside and told me that they were not going to tell any of the cast. There was a little bit of a slip up in the script department, when something fell out of a folder or something like that.
Ita€™s not that getting out of a show is good, ita€™s more that this is really good for the show. Then we trying to pull back on that and say it was only an idea, but when the scripts came out I think everyone was genuinely shocked and a bit emotional I guess. We had spent a lot of time together.a€? The Rathfarnham native filmed his last scenes for the show back in June and now he admitted hea€™s not sure what his future holds.

In the meantime, Richard and his Italian actress fiance Gabriella Pession are busy raising their 16-month-old son Julio. The young family are based in Rome and Flood admitted returning to Ireland for work is no mean feat.

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