Secret Extensions has the coolest product (ever) for your hair — hair extensions to give your hair a total glam look. I’m excited to announce that I will be a panelist during this Twitter Party with Secret Extenions as they celebrate the launch of their brand new hair extension products. 6 New Year New You Secret Extensions Goodie Bags to contain Secret Extensions, Secret Extensions Bangs and a Secret Extensions Ponytail. I love the way blonde hair looks on those that can pull it off, but with my olive complexion, I’m a brunette, and I have still have more fun!
Copyright © 2016 Mom Generations – MOM FASHION AND BEAUTY – CREATING A STYLISH LIFE FOR MOMS. Secret Extensions say they are a way for women to add fullness and length to their hairdo instantly (and secretly.) TV personality Daisy Fuentes says she uses it, which consists of lengths of hair-like fiber attached to a white, clear headband that looks like fishing line.
It’s no secret that Secret Extensions are sold by Allstar Products, a direct marketing company in business since 1999. They say you can use it with short or thinning hair to create a longer, fuller head of hair that looks completely natural. The product seems to work as advertised, but there are plenty of other extensions out there that are more popular and cheaper.
By marking this checkbox, I agree to the Review Guidelines, I confirm that I'm a real customer who used this product or service expressing my real experience and not an employee of this company. NoNo Pro says it solves a hairy problem some women have – unwanted peach fuzz (or worse) on the face, under the arms, or on the legs. Finishing Touch Freedom is a woman’s razor they say is painless and lasts up to 2 years. Secret Color is a brightly colored hairpiece the manufacturers claim is inspired by singer Demi Lovato and can instantly change your look without the commitment of dye.
One of my favorite things to do lately, when I see friends, is to show up or receive guests wearing my new Secret Extensions extra hair. The extensions I have are actually the double weft – you can pay extra to get double the thickness depending on the thickness of your hair. If you have a good stylist, bring the extensions to him or her and have them trimmed to fit the shape of your hair. Secret Extensions also makes removable bangs (I KNOW!) and a funky ponytail extension that makes it look like you have a cute little up-do in a snap!

So far they are only sold online, Diane, and I’m told they were such a hit that there is a 3 week backorder in progress! Secret Hair Extensions & Salon was founded by Serrena Adams, a life long expert in beauty industry who decided to create the ultimate luxury salon experience. We are located in the Houston area, however, many of our customers travel to us from all around the country. We use the highest quality hair extension system available known as the Locking System and is featured in many style magazines. A noted make-up artist, hair stylist, and extension specialist in the fashion and bridal industries, Serrena has worked in the beauty world for thirteen years. Traveling extensively all over the world, Serrena has had her hands in all aspects of the beauty industry. Serrena is a certified Dinair airbrush make-up artist, a former senior make-up and hair artist for The Perfect Face, and a former MAC Cosmetics free-lance make-up artist. If you are seeking flawless, long-lasting perfection with your hair extension experience, Secret Extensions is the salon for you.
Clip in hair extensions are the safest way to add length, volume, or color without causing damage to your own hair — a great alternative to permanent extensions. Unless, of course, you do a surprise reveal like Daisy does in the commercial, pulling it off and swinging it around your head. They state it blends in with your regular color, or you can choose another for a highlighted or ombre look. If you want more sets, each additional Secret Extensions is $29.99 and shipping is included. However, you’d better check the color through the packaging, because they add they only accept unused, unopened merchandise. They appear to be using the popularity of Hair Secrets extensions, perhaps to confuse you into choosing their product.
Although not thrilled with it, my niece kept hers because she desperately wanted more hair than she has due to a thinning hair problem. You can absolutely see the line over the top of your head where the clear band goes, it is no secret. They show you these girls with luscious hair, when they send you like 5 strands of hair on a piece of plastic string.

Then when I finally got them I opened the box and they were very flimsy also they were very thin. Just leave a comment below to let me know that you want to enter and make sure I have your contact information by using a real email address.
A former model, she keeps up with the latest, hottest trends and knows how to achieve the most sought after looks. Perfect for busy women & moms who want a simple way to look and feel great, without investing a ton of time and money.
They say these fibers can be cut or styled like regular hair and won’t be damaged by rain or water. They moved around your head, you can't put it up in a high anything, and they look overall fake. Since the BBB has no info on the company either, we suggest you shop around for a better buy. No need for tweeting or sharing for extra entries (but I would love it if you’d share with friends who might like this post). And, the amount of hair on the product was pretty skimpy, not at all like it looks in the advertising.
I would love to enter the contest for the Secret Extensions, especially since I have been thinking about going shorter. Secret ExtensionsTM are made of an all brand-new keratin conditioned fiber that moves like, seems like, and looks like the genuine thing!
These undetectable clip-in hair extensions allow you to go from long to short or from short to long without cutting your hair. I got home, tried it on and there was very little hair on it and it wasn't an invisible band. The very best part is, Secret ExtensionsTM are offered in various colors to perfectly mix in with your hair!
I have thick hair and seeing the commercial band with thick hair and the models with thick hair, I knew it might work.

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