The force of two thousand atomic bombs is, according this game's retail box, the power of an explosion that lit up the Siberian countryside in June of 1908.
Secret Files 3 combines a moving story with engaging gameplay, mental challenges, and beautiful locations. True to the tradition established by its popular predecessors Secret Files: Tunguska and Secret Files 2, the game combines an exciting story with entertaining gameplay, mental challenges, and beautiful graphics.
For as long as PC games have existed, the point and click genre has always had a welcome home.
Simply put, the face of “Lost Horizon,” Fenton Paddock, has the potential to be one of the coolest new characters in the video game world.
Speaking of good-looking, the backgrounds and character models here are full of life and color, making it perhaps the prettiest point and click adventure to date. Set for a mid-September release date on PC, this title looks like it can and will surprise. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new articles by email.
Siguiendo el ejemplo de JessicaTJ y dandole las gracias por excelente idea :44pmN: y aunque de forma tardia, les traigo en un solo tema, TODOS MIS APORTES !! Muchas gracias a ustedes que descargan mis juegos ^^ Eso me motiva a seguir subiendo juegos ^^. En cuanto al Secret Files Tunguska, yo creo que si vale la pena, me llamo la atencion la portada y pues apenas lo voy a jugar, junto con el TM: Ghost Recon.
Such a massive blast serves as the catalyst for the events of Secret Files: Tunguska, a recently released adventure title from Fusionsphere Systems.
The classic PC point & click adventure features a cinematic story, a variety of locations, and much more. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. No gimmicks, no free-to-PAY, no paywalls – just strategy, mass destruction and epic battles. Taking advantage of the mouse, these games often relied on great stories to fuel the action, with gamers forced to search every nook on cranny on the screen to find clues to advance in the often-epic adventure.

Even though the preview only allows a few hours of gameplay, “Lost Horizon” looks to pick up right where Secret Files left off and in the process, delivers the goods. A nice spin on the genre, “Lost Horizon” separates itself from Secret Files by making Paddock’s conversations and the outcome of them, pivotal to advancing the game.
Improving the cinemas from Secret Files, Deep Silver has proven that they are dedicated to not only keeping this genre alive, but making it a viable one in today’s gaming landscape. Puede que no muestre este u otros sitios correctamente.Te recomendamos actualizar o usar un navegador alternativo. You play primarily as Nina Kalenkov, a young woman whose father gets nabbed by an unknown party, sparking her search. Who, James Bond and Indiana Jones, Paddock’s antics are essential to enjoying the game and a blast to watch. One instance of this is found early on, as Paddock bets a club owner friend of his that he can get a sexy singer’s room key after just one conversation.
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Feeling like a great movie that you can control, Paddock gets himself into a ton of trouble over the course of the game and it’s up to you to help him through it.
Taking a page from the great movies of yesteryear, “Lost Horizons” has a noir feel to it, with Paddock playing the role of the good-looking and intelligent detective, hell-bent on adventure.
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Starting off in their hometown of Berlin, Nina and Max follow a twisting series of leads across the globe, visiting pubs in Ireland, asylums in Cuba, and the Himalayas, among other locales.
Though the story and characters aren't the strongest around, the game manages to stay entertaining thanks to a convenient interface and some interesting puzzles. First, it's got a button that shows all the spots that can be inspected or manipulated onscreen.
This isn't really anything new, we've seen other games with glowing items or sparkles or whatever, but it's definitely appreciated. You'll accumulate quite a few items while moving through each area's generally static screens, many of which can be combined.

While it's fun to see what items fit together, combining them can occasionally feel more like random chance than an exercise in logic. For instance, who would have thought a wrench should be combined with a hollow street sign?
Even though some combinations don't make a lot of sense, they're still easily accomplished by clicking through every item in your inventory.
Weights on the phonograph come to mind as a little of the ordinary, and the method for acquiring a safe combination in Cuba is truly bizarre. Unfortunately, this only happens during one sequence where Nina is trying to escape captivity. There's another instance where players can switch between Max and Nina as they explore two different areas, but they'll never be able to directly aid each other like in the escape. Eventually a few characters are revealed to have additional layers of personality, but they're never very deep or intriguing. First, it's never really made clear how Nina or Max are making all these trips across the world, or how Nina is capable of some of the monumental athletic feats she's able to perform.
During one of the game's more interesting puzzle sequences, Nina is able to clamber across the top of a speedy train. This means that through most of the game you're fed morsels of plot and progress largely on assumptions.
Normally this might increase a gamer's hunger to reach the end, since they want to find out more more. The problem is, even though you will want to know what's really going on, you'll have no idea of its scope or severity of the issue at hand until the game's practically over. We know there are a number of furtive interest groups whirling about and are given hints about what could occur, but the world never really seems to be in danger. Even after the game ends, we found ourselves unsatisfied with how much information was divulged, particularly regarding the most interesting faction of the game.

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