How to get them there?Getting both cats across the country, then, was a challenge not unlike the old puzzle about the fox, the hen and the bag of beans.
If our only priority were simplicity and relaxation, we could have put the cats in the pressurized cargo section of the plane, but my wife had done research and read horror stories about the dangers of that option.
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This secret puzzle box is a beautifully handcrafted creation, high quality workmanship, and made of different natural woods (all colors are natural woods.
25,000 feet per second, to an orbiting solar mirror gun, designed to boil harbors dry and burn enemy cities to a crisp.
Hitler may have easily won the War had this secret Nazi Stealth plane been in service at the time.
I hear these theories a lot, and my main question is: If the Nazis had these types of weapons (or delivery systems) why didn't they use them? Nazi Germany was fighting basically three fronts: The Soviets, the British, and the one in North Africa. While it is true they did try to develop some far reaching technologies, most of them never got off the drawing board.
Also, why would the spend so much time and resources to moving stuff to Antarctica when they could have used those resources to win the war? It is interesting to speculate on what they were doing in the many secret labs, and also what the Bell was. Yes, they didnt have much luck getting these secret weapons to work by the got the flying saucer 1000 feet off the ground, as far as I know. This ties in with a thread I made long ago but didn't get the response it deserved in my opinion.
If they were able to build fighter jets, tanks and other weapons of war, they would have been able to build these types of craft.
That almost sounds like a bad 1950s science fiction movie: "Hitler and the Flying Saucers". The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.
What it sounds like is that Lockheed Martin is hedging their bets when it comes to winning the LRS-B contract.
Yet look at the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber, at one time well over 100 were planned to be built, but rising costs and world events would see that number cut to 21 airframes. This entry was posted in News, Opinon and tagged aviation week, bomber, development, disclosure, high speed, high-speen, hypersonic, inlet, ISR, lockheed, Lockheed martin, LRS-B, mach 6, recon, secret, skunkworks, SR-71, SR-72, surveillance.
Lockmart can’t build riding lawnmowers on budget, and on schedule, and now they are making a play for the LRS-B? Since when do secret development projects don’t make public pitches before the customer makes a funding decision. I would be OK with the development of the small single engine brother, test the concept and do some research but anything more than that is a waste of money.

In fact the more I learn about McNamara, the more I think he’s the single person that did more to damage aviation development than any other.
Your comment on the F-35 is relevant to an article on a proposed strategic reconnaissance aircraft how?
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Such aircraft have invariably been shrouded in secrecy, and this book finally presents a serious factual study of these mysterious designs.
I like to joke that my cats have lived in more states than most of my friends, and it's the kind of joke that's funny mostly because it's true. The catch was that we'd need to immediately pick up our lives and move to Las Vegas, Nevada. We decided that my wife would deal exclusively with Etta, the small one, while I would deal with Turkey Pan, my crazy best friend.
From what I read they had all these weapons but were only 2 weeks away from getting finished, before the War ended. Following that, we might ask whether current UFO sightings are a result of that technology taken 50 years beyond where it was in 1945. The Ho229 is remarkably similar to the objects sited by Kenneth Arnold and just as similar to what we today call the B2 Stealth Bomber. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.
Now, this once upon a time mainline bomber is a silver bullet force unto itself, one that costs astronomical numbers to maintain. It is to fast to do real ISR work, you would need to come up with some type of weapon for it anyways since I doubt you could just drop an unmodified JDAM from that height and speed.
This book covers 20 "flying saucer" and similar aircraft projects in detail, including the Vought V-173 Pancake, the Boeing B390, the German AS-6 and Focke Wulf VTOL saucer, and others. Together, we've traveled in moving vans, in cars and on planes, and each time was its own hectic and (eventually) funny adventure. We've always liked adventures and we figured the chance to move to Las Vegas for free was probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Etta is a small calico who loves nothing as much as sitting on people's laps or sleeping on their chests.
So how on earth are we going to develop a next generation bomber, field it in relevant numbers, an all stealth fighter force via the F-35, procure a fleet of new tankers and develop a stable of mach 6 prompt strike and strategic reconnaissance aircraft? At this point in time, I’m wondering if Lockheed Martin is qualitatively different than Herbalife. It also covers NASA's research into lenticular lifting body designs, lunar ferry systems, exotic lightship concepts and recent laser propulsion experiments.
But none were as instructive about the nature of humanity -- and about our shared love of pets -- as the time I flew direct from Boston to Las Vegas with my wife and our two cats, Turkey Pan and Etta. First it would provide on demand strategic reconnaissance, basically satellite imagery but in a semi-unpredictable surprise fashion, and some form of prompt global strike.

They call it an information, surveillance and reconnaissance platform (ISR), but how much data can you really get beyond a snapshot when you come barreling through a target area at 3600mph!?!? Yet isn’t this what stealthy assets are for, and arguably could do it at much lower cost? Some aviation editors just won’t let that puppy die, they keep swinging at it even after endless misses, in hopes that their own dreams may be true. All of the craft featured in this book are on the cuttin edge of aviation research and will appeal greatly to those fascinated by flying saucers and their sinister or conspirational connections.
Basically, when you need pictures or the destruction of a target within hours or even minutes, anywhere in the world, this thing could potentially offer a solution.
The whole things sounds like plea for development dollars to provide a backstop for staying in the airborne strategic weapons platform marketplace should the LRS-B contract go to Northrop Grumman, and who better to raise the public’s attention to a capability that is sure to get 10 year old boys and four star generals who can never have enough speed or noise salivating?
Additionally, what does this say about survivability of stealth assets currently being developed and bought by the tonnage? Aircraft like the RQ-170 do one better than the SR-72 in that they provide persistent monitoring of the enemy in a stealthy manner.
The reality is that the public just loves the idea of Aurora, even though strategically it is a dinosaur and was so even during the 80′s when aircraft like Tacit Blue were proving that you could literally hang out over enemy territory and reconnoiter the battlefield for hours on end in a survivable nature.
An almost glowing, 100 foot hot chunk of sonic booming metal, flying at over 100k feet is a good investment, but wide aspect slow and quiet stealth is not? A picture in time says a thousands words but hours of video, ESM, and high-resolution radar data tell almost the whole story. In the end we must look at our priorities, and sadly a weapon like this just is not one of them.
This may be so, but it sure does not help with the argument for a new stealth bomber does it? If Lockheed wins the LRS-B contract, a competition they are investing heavily in as the stakes are ridiculously high, then expect the SR-72 to go back on the ash heap of aviation history. In this case the SR-72 could provide some coverage for capabilities lost, but how many of these things would you really need to even begin making a dent on losing our large array of intelligence satellites? Maybe the billions spent on such a weapons system would be better invested in securing our military satellites, making them more maneuverable (see the X-37B), and less accessible to enemy anti-satellite capabilities. Also, surface to air missile systems, and especially anti-ballistic missile systems, are advancing rapidly.
Sure mach 6 is fast, very fast, but hitting a relatively tiny ballistic missile warhead as it reenters the lower atmosphere is currently a reality, not science fiction. If this is possible, how long will it until a relatively mission inflexible gold-plated asset like the SR-72 will be countered by the exact potential enemy it was built to survey, attack and deter, a peer state competitor like China? Between the technology involved and its limited purposed applications, I just see the risk for such an expensive project as bordering on absurd, especially during the current economic turmoil. Going after a hypersonic spy plane at this juncture in American fiscal history would be like someone who is not paying their rent in full going out an buying a cigarette boat.

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