This entry was posted in CBC Original and tagged animal, chipmunk, hammer, kill, murder, princess, psycopath, sociopath, squirrel, torture. Johanna Basford's intricate hand-drawn coloring books for adults have sold nearly 1.5 million copies worldwide.
Basford began her career making hand-printed wallpapers and was approached by an editor at Laurence King to do a traditional children's coloring book in 2012. Although her books are aimed at adults, Basford says that the audience is broad, citing emails and photographs she’s received from young girls, financial workers, art students, mothers, stressed teenagers, retirees, hospital patients, and more.

Basford's elaborately rendered illustrations include hidden elements like “a rogue butterfly, a tiny beetle or an elusive white rabbit,” she says, to add mystery and whimsy to the drawings. Basford draws inspiration from a library of botanical books she inherited from her paternal grandparents, who were both gardeners.
Kristin Hohenadel's writing on design has appeared in publications including the New York Times, Fast Company, Vogue, Elle Decor, Lonny, and Apartment Therapy.
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I think there is something natural and soulful about the little intricacies which are evident in a hand-crafted illustration,” she said. I draw the outline and create the composition, then the owner of the book brings the color.

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