Comedy Central rolls out a new half-hour, single-camera comedy called Secret Girlfriend on October 7 at 10:30pm ET.
The series stars Derek Miller (Scrubs) and Michael Blaiklock (Hung) as BFFs Phil and Sam, respectively, while the crazy ex is played by Alexis Krause (Ugly Betty) and the latest romantic interest is played by Sara E.
Jay Rondot and Ross Novie, who created the original Webisodes and television pilot, serve as executive producers along with Ben Wexler. LATEST NEWSJennifer Hudson and Harvey Fierstein Can't Stop the Beat in 'Hairspray Live!'Idris Elba to Star in 'Guerrilla'Eric McCormack to Star in 'Travelers'E!

Maureen FitzPatrick oversaw development and production for FremantleMedia North America and Scott Landsman and Monika Zielinska are the executives in charge for Comedy Central. Each episode of "Secret Girlfriend" contains two back-to-back 11-minute scripted mini-sodes.In the premiere episode, Sam and Phil are determined to get their buddy laid so he can move on from Mandy, his psycho ex-girlfriend. His luck turns around when he meets a cute girl named Jessica while out on a late-night beer run.
Additionally, fans of the series can play the "Secret Girlfriend" game, When Booty Calls, allowing them to set off on a wild adventure in search of fun and getting laid.

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