They’re the latest in a long line of exclusive and often secret societies favored by each era’s masters of the universe.From Freemasons and Opus Dei to college fraternities and the TED conferences, like-minded individuals of similar calibre have always gathered for social discourse, mentorship, philanthropy, or to conduct their business in darkened back rooms and exert a mysterious influence on our culture.
The new supper clubs are unique among secret societies in their singular devotion to good eating. You can grumble about the elitism of the supper clubs, or envy their privileged access to prized tables and chefs, but these are our leaders, visionaries, and innovators. What’s new?  Well, Bump still lets you share contact info with others simply by bumping your phones together like before but now you can share a lot more than just basic contact data.

Contacts: Not only can you share your contact information, you can also share an unlimited number of your contacts with others. Parking: Metered street parking (free after 6pm) is available in front of, and all around the Sacramento Comedy Spot.
Accessibility Information: Currently, no accessibility information is available for this event. It joins the ecommerce-oriented CEO Supper Club and the ultra-exclusive outings held by the west coast’s Silicon Valley Supper Club.

They’re the twin cultural pillars of the New York and Bay Area communities where so many startups are incubate.
There is also a parking garage open to the public on the weekends on 20th Street between K and L Streets.

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