From the deserts to the plains and everywhere in between, outdoorsman Jeff Thrope shares some of his favorite photos from Canyon expeditions across the country. You have every kind of terrain within a relatively short drive and, more likely than not, the drive is just as entertaining as the time on foot. There are so many people here with such incredible knowledge of the outdoors, so it’s been a joy to learn so much.

This is on California’s Lost Coast, one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen in my entire life." "A few friends of mine from Juniper Ridge and I have started retracing The Desert Trail, a route that takes you from the Mojave to Eastern Oregon. It was founded by this fella Steve Tabor from SF, who was an instructor at Desert Survivors for years.
Showing me secret Native American dwellings somewhere in southwest Utah.""Backpacking trip with a whole crew of hoodlums in Mt Hood National Forest.

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