Fashion, Art and Music – they are never far apart and none closer than the launch of a brand new collaboration between Umbro and Foot Locker.
This beautifully produced invite dropped through our letterbox this morning for an exclusive one night only event that is happening tomorrow evening. Home and Garden retailer ‘The Range’ is offering our readers the chance to win a ?100 gift voucher that can be used in store to buy gardening goodies. On Thursday the 24th of March, Secret Walls x Australia teamed up with Humans of Western Australia (HOWA) to put on an art battle event involving 9 local artists. Inside, the Car Stereo Shop garage had been cleared and re-purposed as a pop up bar and food stall, provided by the crew at 5 Bar of Beaufort St. As the artists got stuck into their creations and the night’s lyrical entertainment got under way, with the likes of, SBX general and Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Optamus, leading the freestyle jam, as well as a host of other local emcees, including Bekon, who steals the show with his smooth delivery and flawless freestyles.
Kaye Guthrie, the organiser of the night and Coordinator of Secret Walls x Australia, took the mic to announce that Fudge, with his Queen of Speakers design had won the night, and will be the featured design on the Howa vs Secret Walls Hoodies for the Homeless. Everybody moved in for an inspection of the artwork and had a chat or a photo with the night’s competitors. The event closed up at 10pm and those that wished to continue made their way to the after party at 5 Bar further up Beaufort St. With such a great display of live freestyle art, fantastic musical accompaniment and delicious provisions courtesy of 5 Bar, with an awesome vibe and all for a great cause, the event was without a doubt, a great way to kick off the long weekend.

To celebrate the exclusive collection, available from Foot Locker nationwide on the 5th November, the two giants of street culture are on the hunt for Europe’s best underground artists. The food menu is a mix of tapas and street food styled treats, including the 5 Bar signature popcorn chicken, which I sampled, and is a generous serving of Japanese Karaage style chicken bites, tender and crunchy with a spicy dipping sauce and slaw. The cypher gives way to another Dj bracket from Charlie Bucket, and the crowds attention turned back to the artists who are at least a third of the way into their pieces. The music amped up to make way for some dancing and another round of libations courtesy of 5 Bar.
We are looking forward to the next Secret Walls event, not to mention seeing some dope hoodies keeping Perth’s rough sleepers warm this winter. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In partnership with Secret Walls, a team of established artist, including Riff, Conzo, ALPHA and McBess, has been assembled to help launch the career of one aspiring artist. Every time we see a new show from him, its another evolution of his style, and a beautiful evolution  at that. As well as a range of local wines and a variety of spirits that are all very reasonably priced, the drinks flow and help get the Easter long weekend off to a delicious start. Though it doesnt show all of the lanes that were done, unfortunately, its a pretty cool hyperlapse of some of the main ones!

The Melbourne street art and graffiti scenes are blessed to have spots like this, when other countries struggle to get legal walls – though, we always need more … enjoy the video!
After catching the high speed express train into the city, then a connecting monorail to Bukit Bintang station, I’d thrown down my bags and walked the short way over to near Jalan Imbi where everyone was gathered.
District Shop and Gallery is at the heart of graffiti in Kuala Lumpur – and the organisers of Meeting Of Styles Malaysia 2016. Nine Sydney artists tackle ideas of force and power as an innate aspect of the human condition. The inaugural Meeting Of Styles Melbourne was held across all of Melbournes most iconic laneways, as well as adding a few new ones.
We were in amongst it all and it was one of the best painting events the city had ever seen – and it was entirely self orgnaised, showing the power and potential of the graffiti and street art community in Melbourne to accomplish great things.
Drawing on his years of writing experience, and as an artist himself, Facter founded Invurt with the aim of promoting artistic events, and the established and emerging Australasian urban, street, illustrative, underground and low brow artists that partake in them.

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