News will be automatically added to the BuzzNav as you play the game and pass by other players in the real world. Like with Pokemon's previous iterations, this game has various events which occur each day. Located on the western part of the ground floor of the Mauville City shopping area is this stall.
With each of these, you have a set amount of turns until your food is ready, which runs across as many trainers as you can face. Once a day, you can go to the special Inverse Battle hall in Mauville City and find Inver, who will allow you to challenge him to a Pokemon battle. Once a day, after you have access to Mauville Hills, you can find this Aroma Lady in one of the north apartments.
Once a day, after you have access to Mauville Hills, you can find this Fairy Tale Girl in a house, where she will start talking about Ice Cream. Once a day, after you have access to Mauville Hills, you can find this elderly woman who will want to battle you.
Once a day, you can speak to this girl in the Pretty Petal flower shop in Route 104 and she will give you a berry.
Once a day, you can speak to this Bug Maniac who dwells within the Pokemon Center in Fallarbor Town.
Once a day, you can speak to this Rich Boy south of Lanette's house, who will give you a berry. Once a day, you can speak to this Aroma Lady in the south-west of the route, who will give you a berry. Once a day, you can speak to this gentleman in the north-east of the city and he will give you a berry.
In the first floor of the Lilycove Department Store, one of the receptionists will offer for you to participate in the Pokemon Loto-ID. Once a day, you can speak to this girl, Kiri, in the south-west of the city and she will give you 2 berries. Dotted around the Battle Resort there are numerous trainers, specifically Aroma Lady Carnation, Rich Boy Antoin, Fairy Tale Girl Josephine, Poke Maniac Kelvin and Bug Maniac Fenix, each with specifically typed teams. Once a day, you can speak to this woman in the house east of the Battle Maison and she will give you a berry each day. Every Monday, the Energy Guru Stall in Slateport's City market holds a special sale, which gets announced via a BuzzNav television show. Genesect can be super broken if its moveset lines up just right with the Adaptability Ability on Genesect. No Pokemon movie is without its sins, and Genesect and the Legend Awakened is no exception.
After capturing the Shiny Haxorus in the Nature Sanctuary, Ghetsis will discover the rarity of Pokemon in the Open Island.
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ORAS Hack Flygon Evolving To Rayquaza Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Hack Genesect Evolves to Kabutops.
Son alphabet comprend les 26 lettres de notre alphabet mais également les chiffres et la ponctuation.
Il existe un type de braille pour d’autres alphabets, tel que l’alphabet japonais ou coréen. La porte de l’antre est ouverte si vous avez suivi les instructions du Sanctuaire du Chenal 134.
Camerupt has always been a rather interesting Pokemon that is somewhat both hindered by its typing and benefiting from it. This set is more of a mixed attacker, using both of the Attack stats of Camerupt to its full advantage. Curse is another option if used in a Trick Room, boosting Attack and Defense but lowering Speed. Iron Head is a decent option for physical Camerupt, as it has a decent chance of taking out Fairy-type Pokemon. Trick Room teams use absurdly powerful yet absurdly slow Pokemon to deal the heavy damage needed to destroy faster but frailer teams. For the most part the only non mega Camerupt you'll encounter are from opponents who are still playing XY or haven't found Cameruptite yet in ORAS. Sheer Force: Moves with a secondary effect are increased in power by 33% but lose their secondary effect - A very good ability, essentially giving a Life Orb equivalent boost. There's not really much to explain as each of the moves lose their special effect, but these moves all hit hard and fast in a Trick Room. Camerupt will perform its best when under Trick Room, so its partners need to reflect that. Because Camerupt is very dependent on Trick Room, should the Trick Room set up to be prevented then Camerupt's ability to smash things before getting smashed itself is gone. A Secret Base (Japanese: ????? Secret Base) is a special area that the player can create in Hoenn- and Sinnoh-based games to decorate with various accessories, furniture, and Pokemon dolls. Most routes in the Hoenn region feature several areas which can be converted into a Secret Base, with small indents in walls being able to be carved out into a cave, tall trees being able to drop down vines, and clumps of grass being able to be moved.
Trainers can decorate their Secret Base in any way they please, being able to put up to 16 decorations into the area.
If a player mixes records with other Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald game cartridges, Secret Bases will copy over between them (even those from other players who have previously mixed records).
Southeast of Meteor Falls, head east after passing the first set of steps leading to Meteor Falls.
The Trainer the player is seen as on other games is dependent on the player's gender and the last number of the Trainer's ID number. Unlike in Generation III, the Secret Bases in Generation IV are found in the Underground, and instead of NPCs being used to represent other players, the other players can be encountered face-to-face using DS Wireless Communication.
Secret Bases return in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as Super-Secret Bases (Japanese: ????????? Super Secret Base). A Secret Base can be decorated using decorations the player has bought or received, it can be filled with Secret Pals, and its rank can be upgraded by capturing flags from the Secret Bases of other players. Other players' bases may be imported into the player's game by StreetPassing players (on the PSS or local Wi-Fi) or by scanning a QR Code on the Secret PC in the player's base.

A player's appearance as the owner of their Secret Base in another player's game will match the Public Icon on their PSS Profile.
When a normal QR Code is scanned, no daily events will be possible with the scanned base or with its owner until the next day. The owner of a Secret Base uses the Trainer class "Secret Base Trainer" and they use three of their own Pokemon to battle when challenged, with the level of their Pokemon limited by the number of Badges the player has (unless a Level Release is activated). When the player visits another player's Secret Base, that player's Secret Pals will not use their original teams. Secret Pals are owners of other Secret Bases in the player's game that the player has recruited into their own Secret Base.
The special skills a Secret Pal can perform depends on the Trainer class they are represented as (which also matches that Trainer's Public Icon on the PSS), and, depending on the rank of the player's base, they know between one and four different skills. Do some exercise: increases the effort values for a chosen stat on a chosen Pokemon in the player's party by 30. In aggregate, the first nine Berries listed above (through Sitrus) appear approximately 80% of the time, while the rarer seven appear approximately 20% of the time. Massage a Pokemon: increases the friendship of a chosen Pokemon in the player's party by 30. Escape Rope and Ultra Ball together have approximately a 50% chance of appearing, with Escape Rope twice as common as Ultra Ball.
Once you encounter another player through the StreetPass function, a mark will appear in the screen's upper-right corner. If you manage to end a battle right on the turn your food is ready, you will get an item that can be sold for a high price.
These battles are the special Inverse Battles which inverse all type compatibility making Super Effective moves not very effective and so forth. If you speak to her, she will give you Pokemon a special Ribbon which changes depending upon what day it is.
If you show her a Regice once a day, she will offer you a Castelia Cone for purchase for 200. This berry changes each day and can be the Razz Berry, Bluk Berry, Nanab Berry, Wepear Berry or Pinap Berry. During the night time and in any other place on the route, Feebas has a 5% chance of appearing. Based on what you respond with, she will give you a berry such as the Cheri Berry, Chesto Berry, Pecha Berry, Rawst Berry, Aspear Berry, Leppa Berry, Oran Berry, Persim Berry, Lum Berry or Sitrus Berry.
They will generate a random number and, if any of your Pokemon have an ID that matches it, you will receive a prize.
These spots are small islands that are dotted around the oceans of Hoenn and can only be accessed by Soaring.
Inside, you can speak to the team leader and receive a decoration for your Secret Base each day. He will announce that it is the special Clearance Sale and will sell a variety of Super Secret Base merchandise. The rage of a mysterious Pokemon is about to be unleashed upon the city, and the Legendary Mewtwo is joining the fight! Eruption is a decent option, especially in Trick Rooms so Camerupt can move first unencumbered by health loss, causing ridiculous damage that will OHKO practically everything weak to it, or 2HKO most of the things that don't resist it. We start off with Stone Edge or Rock Slide, to wreck Flying-types (hence the name of the set) and various other Pokemon that can cause Camerupt some grief.
Camerupt hates water, and just hitting it with Water-type moves, even with Solid Rock, would result in a likelihood of fainting within a couple of turns. Earth Power, thanks to the Sheer Force boost and Mega Camerupt's Special Attack stat is a far better option over the general Earthquake. Stealth Rock can help you decimate various opponents, being able to deal up to 50% damage, but mostly it'll just be chipping away at opponents. That's the kind of power that will absolutely destroy under prepared teams before Trick Room's time is up! Cresselia is by far the sturdiest setter of Trick Room, but if you need a partner that sweeps fairly well under Trick Room than Quiet Sylveon is a great choice too, as Camerupt eats the Steel type for breakfast, most of Sylveon's Hyper Voices will go unresisted.
When using Camerupt, one needs to have multiple reliable ways of getting Trick Room set up to allow it to do its job. If you stop that team being in a Trick Room, then you can do significant damage on Camerupt before it can even do any damage.
While the name is retained as the same between Hoenn and Sinnoh, the only real similarity between the two is in the manner in which they are decorated.
These areas become accessible to this conversion only if the Trainer has a Pokemon that can use Secret Power, available via TM43.
Inside of Secret Bases that do not belong to the player, an NPC can be found to represent the person that took that Secret Base as their own. In addition, all Secret Bases in Generation IV are all the same shape and size, unlike Generation III bases which can vary in size and shape. However, if a player enters another's Secret Base while they are not decorating (as that requires the entrance be closed), they can attempt to steal their flag and take it to their own Secret Base for rewards, from decorations to a Trainer Card star. A player can create a QR Code for their base at the Secret PC, where it will be saved to an SD card, or by syncing their game to the Pokemon Global Link, where the QR Code can be viewed on the player's Profile. In addition to positioning decorations, the player may also alter the positions of their Secret Pals and their own position (for when other players visit the player's Secret Base).
The Secret Base rank can only be increased by speaking to Aarune at the Secret Base Guild in Fortree City after capturing the required number of flags. When a base owner is recruited and battled as a Secret Pal, they will also use the same team.
Instead, they will use a preset team based on their representative Trainer class (which also matches that Trainer's Public Icon on the PSS). Once a day, a Secret Pal may be battled (regardless of whether they were battled at their base) or asked to perform a special skill. Individually, the more common nine generally appear at least twice as often as the rarer seven. The elemental stones (Fire, Leaf, Thunder, and Water) are the next most common, followed by all of the remaining stones. You may see a show about the Name Rater, Pokemon Contests, Secret Bases, Interviews, and more!

This will give a bigger boost if your Pokemon isn't friendly, and a smaller boost if it is.
While you wait for it to be served, you have to battle various trainers who want your seat.
After a few wins, he will start giving you berries such as the Colbur Berrys and Evolution Stones, just like Pokemon X & Y. This berry can be the Pomeg Berry, Kelpsy Berry, Qualot Berry , Hondew Berry, Grepa Berry, Tamato Berry or Cornn Berry. There are over 30 of these islands, separated into five categories: Mirage Island, Mirage Forest, Mirage Cave, Mirage Mountain & Crescent Isle, and the different variants of each have different wild Pokemon and different items.
You can also collect a flag, which counts towards your Secret Base rank.However, there is a drawback.
These items are the vitamins that boost your Effort Values by 10 points (Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Carbos, HP Up). Utilisez Tunnel et les portes vers les Golems s’ouvriront aux trois coins de la région dans un tremblement de terre. Alternatively, you can use Overheat for similar power but it will result in a reduction of power.
Stone Edge is more powerful but less accurate while Rock Slide is a decent option if you have set up a Trick Room, as it can cause the opponent to flinch. While it trades away its ability that helps reduce the dreaded Water-type weakness, it adds Sheer Force as its ability and has a decent increase of stats to make it a force to be reckoned with.
Hidden Power Ice provides some decent coverage against various Pokemon while Protect lets you scout. Protect is to keep Camerupt safe while the partner sets up a Trick Room and the last slot is dependant on what Camerupt should cover according to your team. Otherwise Camerupt will be no more a threat to the opponent than it was in game against Team Magma. Go in for the Water-type moves and Mega Camerupt, despite its bulk, will collapse with ease.
After the Elite Four have been defeated, the player can battle the NPC, who will have the party of the person who owns that Secret Base as of the time of record mixing.
If the player already has an established Secret Base, they will be asked if they want to relocate to the new spot. However, QR Codes cannot be successfully scanned using the same 3DS they were produced from.
This influences their team if they are battled as a Secret Base Trainer Grunt and the special skills they can perform as a Secret Pal. Daily events in bases scanned for Mossdeep are possible immediately after the base is scanned in; however, the daily events for all bases in Mossdeep City are persistent.
The Secret Base rank limits how many special skills Secret Pals can use and influences which items are available for sale at the Secret Base Guild's shops. If the player's base has reached the Platinum Rank, Secret Pals may use a skill twice a day. Second, you can use one or two (depending on your base's rank) of their Special Skills each day. If you receive the base via scanning a QR code, then you will not be able to do these features in the first day and need to wait for the next day before you can do it. That's not to say that Camerupt is a bad Pokemon, as it has a great movepool and decent offensive stats, but outside of Trick Rooms, you're going to have a bad time. Flamethrower and Heat Wave can deal with most threats, even Trick Room threats like Amoongus and Steelix, and Rock Slide can help cover the Flying-types. Eruption at full health deals more damage than Heat Wave, but is a little difficult to preserve the damage output as Camerupt's health dwindles. A non-boosted Milotic can OHKO it, and many Water-type Pokemon can just wreck it with such ease. These battles award money, experience, and all other things that normal battles with NPCs do, but they can only occur once per day, with the time resetting at midnight, and items stolen from the NPC's Pokemon using Thief are not kept afterwards. Initially, only 10 goods can be placed in a Secret Base, but as the flag is upgraded, the limit increases to 15.
That is, the game remembers which daily events have been done for the Mossdeep Secret Base, for its owner, or for its grunts and only allows each different event to be done once per day, even if the base changes. Up to 25 decorations may be placed in the base (including the five Welcome Mats that are set out by default for Secret Pals, but which may be put away if they are unused). Occasionally, a Secret Pal will also gift the player with a number of flags they have collected (ranging from 1 to 30) the first time the player speaks to them.
However, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire have gifted it with a Mega Evolution, so it has suddenly become a bit more useful, but that's not to say that standard Camerupt is useless. Lava Plume, Flamethrower and Fire Blast provide alternate Fire-type STAB options without any of the drawbacks of Eruption and Overheat.
Flamethrower, Heat Wave and Earth Power provide STAB move coverage, all boosted by Sheer Force. Flamethrower is a reliable single target attack as a means of simply dealing more damage than a multi target Heat Wave or dodging Wide Guards. Should the NPC win, the player will not "black out" and return to the last visited Pokemon Center, nor lose any money.
Fire Blast and Flamethrower are your Special Fire-type options and Earth Power provides Special Ground-type moves. With the predominance of Earthquake, Camerupt does shudder as faster Pokemon will just destroy it.
Hidden Power Ice is a solid option for hitting Salamence hard who otherwise resists Camerupt's STABs. Alternatively, as with standard Camerupt, go for the Ground-type moves and just keep hitting it.
That's where you have to focus, be faster and hit with those super effective moves and Camerupt will fall with relative ease.

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