Product description (from the front of product): Fresh lemon leaves rich in vitamin C moisturise the sensitive or problem prone skin caused by external environment or imbalance between moisture and oil to keep it soft, supple, refreshed and healthy. How to use: apply certain amount on dry skin, then massage until it rolls up with the impurities from your skin, then wash off with warm water.
This gel has a smooth texture, without visible cellulose bits like in Skin Food's Pineapple peeling gel, but it's also not as jelly-like as Ginvera Marvel Gel. As you can see gel didn't roll up on the plate - which proves for me that it indeed reacts with my skin impurities and dead skin cells.

Products has a bit chemical lemon scent, but it's not unpleasant and doesn't bother me at all.
I have already reviewed for you some of Secret Key's Snail Products, now it's type for my favourite type of Korean product - peeling gel. You can also use it to remove you make up, but I like to use it in the morning, when my face is only a bit oily, to make sure it targets my pores. In long term of regular use I can see improvement in my skin clarity - my nose used to be covered in blackheads, now they re-appear only on the nostrils.

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