New Line has picked up the remake rights to Secret, a Korean crime thriller made by CJ Entertainment. Released in 2009, Secret ostensibly followed a detective that finds incriminating evidence that may implicate his wife at a murder scene, and he must uncover the mystery before anyone else can. New Line and the producers are now looking for a writer to adapt the material in the goal to make a thriller tonally in the vein of No Way Out, Usual Suspects and The Departed.
Stodel is a former New Line exec and Paramount Vantage topper turned producer with credits including the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind starring Jack Black. One of Asia's major media companies, CJ Entertainment is an entity that produces and distributes films. Korean movie "Secret Reunion" continued to take control of the Korean box office during the final week of February, according to estimates on Tuesday. The Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) revealed the action picture sold over 458,038 tickets during the weekend of February 26 to 28 to attract a over a total 4.2 million admissions since its release earlier in the month.
Meanwhile, Korean drama "Harmony" and Hollywood epic film "Avatar" remained fourth and fifth in ranking, respectively, with the James Cameron sci-fi epic becoming the most-watched film in South Korea's box office history with over 13.08 million admits since its release in mid-December.
Other movies in the top ten were "The Lovely Bones", "The Fourth Kind", "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs", "Chloe", and "Happily N'ever After 2: Snow White".
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You'll be forgiven if you cringe a little when you first hear of director Jang Jin's upcoming Korean cop movie Man On High Heels, expecting from the title and the transgender aspect of the story that what is coming is a broad and tasteless comedy. This week, the Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele comedy Keanu premieres, and in one of the supporting parts you can see veteran character actor Luis Guzman.
It is rare to encounter an artist at the beginning of their career and know, innately, that you are in the presence of a master of their form. Plenty of words have been written and said about the ongoing disgruntlement with Scarlett Johansson being in the live-action Ghost in the Shell film. Tribeca 2016 Interview: Janicza Bravo Talks HARD WORLD FOR SMALL THINGS, As Her Big World Gets Bigger With VR4. So the only thing which normally comes to our mind when we say Korea is Gangnam Style video of Psy and Kim Jong.
Starring Ha-kyun Shin, this a story about a deaf worker whose sister needs an urgent kidney transplant. A serial murderer is raping female victims by gagging them with their underwear and then torturing them in province of Gyunggi. Based on a true story which revolves around the tension between two countries, North Korea and South Korea. A man, who leads a regular life with a regular family is kidnapped out of the blue and locked up in box for 15 years. What happens when a mobster meets an old friend, who is a director now and wants to make a movie regarding the same subject?

An aspiring opera singer goes on a day trio with his Professor; mesmerized by her beauty, Professor tries to make advances on her. Based on a true serial killer case, the story is about an ex-detective who is now working as a pimp. An emotional story with drama at right places including plots and thrilling twists at right moments.
One of the most popular movies given to us by Korean Film Industry, the story is about a an average Pawn shop owner, who gets into mess with drug and organ trafficking mob to save his only friend, who is a child. A secret agent, who is working with South Korean Government, finds his wife brutally tortured and murdered by a serial killer. Starring (Kang-ho Song) and (Na-yeong Lee), the story revolves around a detective who jumps at a murder case to speed up his promotion, and partners with a rookie detective to solve it. The company is behind Snowpiercer, the English-language debut of The Host director Bong Joon-ho.
2 with a total of 210,669 viewers and Korean thriller "Parallel Life" starring Ji Jin-hee came in third place bringing in a total of 178,310 spectators. On Simido Island in North Korea, 31 criminals, including some who are on death row, are being trained to get inside North Korea and take revenge from them.
When he is released, he sets out to find his tormentor who took 15 precious years of his life.
A Korean team sets of to expedition in Antarctic, where they find a 80 year old lost journal of a British Expedition party.
Too many beans are spilled and now the mobster is under scrutiny of the whole Mob and Investigative authorities. The kidnapper calls the parents for extortion money and gives them direction for the drop facility. Since Police doesn’t find any resistance at the crime scene, they believe that crime was done by one of the acquaintance of the victim. A forensic pathologist is investigating crimes of a serial killer, who loves to decapitate his victims. After extensive research and good connections, he zeroes on one man who he believes that has killed his wife. Tired of his city life and desperately looking for a break, the son travels to his father’s village to pay his last respects. A piano teacher hires one of his students as housemaid to help around with chores and his wife in sewing orders. Two power groups starts fighting amongst each other to take the chair, but then there is a third man, a mole planted by the Police.
For any great suggestions or movies that we might have missed, please feel free to mention those in the comment sections.
To get to the bottom of the event, an investigation panel under Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission is set up to understand what exactly happened that night. But then suddenly, peace talks start happening between two countries which is leading to elimination of 31 criminals.

Initial days went smoothly, but then strange incidents, resembling the incidents recorded in the journal, start happening around them. She gets support from her daughter and other inmates, but then will these actions help find her solace from the burning fire of vengeance inside her? And then they both realize that now they are a part of sadistic mind games of the forest thugs.
He realizes that all the missing girls were contacted by the same client with whom one of his girls is going to meet at the same moment. But he has not heard from his wife for over an year now, Worried, he goes to South Korea, only to realize that International gangsters including police and local gangs want to have a word with him. Soon the police find a suspect, who doesn’t confess to his crime, but is clearly involved some way or the other because Mr.Pathologist’s daughter is missing. But then the housemaid seduces him and they sleep together, leading to scandalous pregnancy! When they examine the victim’s body, they realize that the body has bites from either a wolf or a dog. But lack of judgment makes them miss out on a huge clue which could have solved the murder mystery in minutes. But after 1 year, one of the suspects dies in the same manner, making the scenarios of the crime more grave.
He tries his best to find out reason for such alienation, but does he become successful in his attempts? The housemaid then goes on a spree of jealousy and makes sure to threaten Mr.Pianoist for abortion, to have a family life.
Also a father, who is living with the pain of murder of his daughter by Lee, swear vengeance. It may sound a little cliched, but then plots of the movie will leave your thriller buds satisfied. That is when his street smart girlfriend gives him the idea to kidnap his Boss’s daughter for extortion money.
But the kidnapper outwits investigative authorities at every step, making the plot more amazing! After 1 years, the lead investigator is about to retire, but with a heavy heart because he is not able to solve the only case of his career. But there is one more killer to confuse everyone, and an identity crisis occurs as to who is the real killer?

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