Hello Asia editor Johnny Au spoke to the members of K-Pop idol group Secret in Seoul, South Korea. Secret have had many different concepts- pretty (Starlight Moonlight), cute (YooHoo), glamourous (Madonna), sexy and mature (Poison). Hyoseong: Ever since I became a member of Secret, I’ve found out many sides of me which I didn’t know existed, as I tried different concepts. Hana: Secret’s everyday life is most similar to “YooHoo” the title song for our 4th mini album.
Secret have said in an interview once you would prefer to be seen as “confident women” rather than “sexy women”.
Your choreography is known for its catchiness, which of your songs is your favourite to perform? Hyoseong: My first solo album has been released recently and I have been performing the title song “Good-night Kiss”. Hyoseong: When my first solo album “Top Secret” came out, the album almost felt like ‘my own child’. When I was preparing for the solo debut, there was alot of pressure on me because I had to do the entire 3 minute performance all by myself.
Overall, I think my solo album came out as a high-quality release, and it was very difficult to decide the title song. Hyoseong: Our recently released tracks such as "I Do I Do" and "YooHoo" are for cuteness and loveliness.
Hana: Our comeback date has not been specifically decided yet, but we are always on the move and preparing songs for our next album. What would you say the best part has been about being young musicians travelling around the world?
Hana: The incomparably great part as an internationally travelling performer is that we can deliver good energy to the different nationals around the world. Hyoseong: Nowadays, there are so many girl groups and boy bands compare to when we made our debut. Jieun: We had not had a fan meeting event in Japan for quite some time, and we finally got to meet them recently. The four members of Secret Hyoseong, Hana, Jieun and Sunhwa talk about their last experience in Australia, life as a K-Pop idol, how their music has changed since Secret debut in 2009, current solo projects, next Secret comeback and their very loyal fans: SECRETTIME.
In fact, I was so busy with the tight schedule we were on, I didn’t have time to take a tour. The stadium was full with 20,000 people in the audience and I could really feel the power of K-Pop. If I must choose the concept I liked the most, I would say ‘Madonna’ the title song of our 2nd mini album. Not too long ago, I participated in producing the theme song for a drama in which Sunhwa is making an appearance. For me, it was only my second time appearing in a drama and I was very nervous in the beginning. Can you tell me your thoughts on performing as a solo artist and how much involvement did you have in the making of Top Secret?

Not a single aspect of the album that has not gone through my touch: I worked hard and nailed it.
When we chose "Good-night Kiss" as a title and made the music video, we tried to go as hypnotic and dreamlike as possible. We will not let our fans down, we will show you a more mature and grown-up Secret to you all, so please wait for us! In the 5 years since your debut what changes have you seen in the way you perform or record? I was very nervous at the recording booth, thinking ‘what if I make mistakes?’ However, 5 years have passed since the debut, and now I am at a stage where I can actually actively discuss the way I interpret the songs with the songwriters.
However, we are planning to continue on our effort to meet the fans abroad through tour performances and concerts around the world. I love powerful and sexy concepts and that was exactly what we aimed to present with that song. We were just being ourselves both when we filmed the music video and performed on the stage. Being an independent lady who cherishes herself, does not depend on someone else, and has her own thoughts is essential. This dance routine involves various movements, yet they are easy to follow and loved by fans.
I was so nervous in the beginning, but now that we are going into the 4th and 5th week of performance, I am finally enjoying myself on the stage. But soon enough, the storyline was interesting and the character was very attractive; I just could not quit. In our next album, I hope we do funky dance music that shows healthy and sexy girls at our age. I am very grateful that I achieved my personal goal and yet I am loved by so many people as Secret, too.
It implies that more girls and boys can enter the industry and make their dreams come true. Just by the thought of having a fan meeting and meeting up with our Secrettime Japan was, therefore, even more exciting to us.
The crystal clear sky and the deep blue sea, and the Opera House fell into a perfect fairytale scene. Of course “a sexy concept” is so common that it even seems too ordinary nowadays, but I believe that we had our own colour on it. For example, there is a part where you walk on the stage with such confidence, singing “be good and loyal while I’m around.” Overall, I love how the dance moves are just full of energy and excitement that the song just automatically catches people’s attention. On the radio, I realized that unique bonds develop while we honestly speak to each other, even if you don’t meet the audience in person. The song is called "If Only I Can Go To You" and many people have commented back that my voice matches the song well.
We tried to include geometric designs in the scenes, too, and I think the music video came out very glamorous and fancy. From time to time, physically demanding moments do come when we have tight schedules or get sick.

However, we sometimes worry that younger ones may be looking only at the fancy and glamorous sides.
It seems that this year has meant a lot for every member, growing a lot, learning a lot, and gaining more name-recognition.
More than anything, we are hoping to get to meet our Secretime fans in Australia as soon as possible! If I get a chance to visit Sydney again, I would like to visit the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, and take enough time to relax there. I told myself I should work harder since we are loved not only in Korea but also so far abroad, too. If you can neither love yourself nor be confident with yourself, I do not believe that you can truly love others.
I would like to take steps to become an even more beloved artist who gives out good energy and spirit to the world in the next five years. However, during the performances, meeting our smiley and happy fans who sing along with us melt our fatigue away. Of course performing on the stage, singing, dancing, and being loved by many fans are something very exciting and fortunate.
Hyoseong has just gone on to appear in a long running drama (My Dear Cat) which is aired every day.
It is probably because the beat of the song automatically gets their heads and shoulders bobbing with the song. Whenever one sees us or listens to our music, he or she finds joy and happiness: that is our goal as Secret.
If we cover songs by Kim Gun-mo, it will be a great chance to reveal different sides of us because his songs vary from dance music to ballads.
It seems that she will keep herself focused on becoming the character she is acting, until the end of this year.
My schedule looks quite hectic now and I am so busy these days, but I feel very happy every day. Every time I do the job, it feels like I’m doing this for the first time: I get very excited!
Now I’m shooting a tvN drama “Marriage, Not Dating” which will be aired at the end of June. But we will get to the rest of the world and we will continue to do our best as Secret, so please keep watching out for us. Secret members would like to become and show the confident ladies to both our male and female fans. The fact that this much work has been given to me reflects how much love and affection I am receiving from my fans. If you still have passion, my piece of advice is that think deeply about ‘what my real dreams and goals are’ before you pursue the career.

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