Fly into the fray with the Super Secret Police Enforcer with red and blue lights and control levers plus a cool blaster weapon.
Working in marketing has allowed me to gain a unique perspective on the decisions companies make and I’ve come to learn to respect brands that are willing to take big risks.
Elves is another brave step – building on the success of LEGO Friends and taking the (now iconic) Minidolls and brilliant pastel colour palette into fantasy settings has earned major points in my book. To be honest, the LEGO fan in me couldn’t care less about the music videos, animations and carefully fleshed out plot of Elves but I can see that these elements will (hopefully) resonate with the younger demographic. The picture above highlights some of the parts that stood out to me in this set, with the most interesting being the lavender, purple and magenta (I totally left out the magenta variants) tree leaves.
Elves’ fantasy setting allowed LEGO to introduce a wealth of new mystical elements that would probably look out of place in Friends but fit perfectly in a universe where magic and talking animals are the status quo. Naida has an otherworldly charm that is manifested through gorgeous printed details on her face and a beautifully designed halter neck top and skirt. Pointed Elven ears are built into the hairpiece, which has an amazing colour gradient that just looks immaculate. I was really surprised by Naida’s tattoo on her left arm, and equally impressed by the printing on her legs where she has pair of thongs (flip flops, for you non-Australians) with scallop shells on them. Delphia has some Elvish printing on her brow, which makes her look pretty mystical and stuff. Despite being a small build, I like that all the accessories and spa supplies are kept here as it means that the main spa area is a lot less cluttered. Naida’s Spa is a compact yet busy scene which contains a wealth of details and of course, a juicy secret. Naida’s Spa Secret embodies all the great pastel-coloured elements which contain many mystical and magical flourishes such as the abundance of crystals, jewels and otherworldly pieces of foliage.
The Spa is a simple ring of purple bricks which has space for a board game (stickered tile), a bottle of bath gel and even an Elven glass of umm, bubbly.
The waterfall looks really good and you can see that its flanked by jewels protruding from the rock face which helps with breaking up all drab grey bricks. As a set, Naida’s Spa Secret is a veritable treasure trove of parts that will delight any serious builder. Above all, Naida’s Spa Secret is fun, simple and is quite a great introduction to the magic of the Elves theme.
Despite being simple, the set also manages to include some very subtle designs such as using curved slopes to create a dynamic running water effect as well as the generous use of the new purple, lavender and magenta leaves that bear crystal fruit. I couldn’t really find anything that I really disliked about this set, and I hope that you will be brave enough to embrace and enter the wonderful world of LEGO Elves.
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Just when I thought I’d covered every set being released for The LEGO Movie, I remembered that there was one more set that I saw on display at the New York Toy Fair 2014 last month! Along with a LEGO Movie Batman figure, the set also includes an Emmet minifigure, a Ninjago LEGO Green Ninja minifigure (in his Green Ninja ZX form), a Johnny Thunder minifigure (from the LEGO Adventures theme), and four Robo SWAT minifigures (of three different types). Of course, I’ve also completely overlooked the humongous LEGO Super Secret Police Dropship that makes up the bulk of this set!
The set includes a very cool-looking prison cell that can be used to capture a Master Builder, and then be loaded into the back of the Super Secret Police Dropship LEGO set.
The LEGO 70815 Super Secret Police Dropship LEGO Movie set will contain 854 pieces (and eight minifigures!) for $79.99.
The fresh and frankly, brave new LEGO theme which sends fans on an adventure exploring a new world filled with fantasy, elves and mystical energies is a great move from LEGO. Friends was an incredibly bold move by LEGO and one that has paid dividends many times over. Despite the awkward name (my mind keeps reading it as Naida’s Secret Spa, because that makes so much more sense to me), it was a great introduction to the Elves theme. Just like LEGO Friends, my intrigue for LEGO Elves lie in the wonderful array of new colours and elements that you simply cannot find in other LEGO sets and themes. I’m super excited about these new parts and I hope you share my enthusiasm for them too!
Just like Friends, LEGO have gone to great lengths to develop interesting personas to allow kids to better relate and role play with the sets. Her hair is made out of the same substance as LEGO Friends hairpieces – soft, squishy and slightly rubbery plastic.
It’s immediately apparent that LEGO put it a lot of care and thought when designing the  Elves minidolls and boy did it pay off.
Since this is the magical world of Elves, I’m pretty sure the Dolphin is capable of speech.
I guess the white 2 x 1 cheese slop gives some sort of indication that it’s pillow, but I thought that this was more like an area where Naida prepared all sorts of nice smelling bath soaps or where she kept her supplies.
The tiny accessories and small tree with those gorgeous new purple and lavender leaves are a nice bonus too. The Spa is built into a cave which sports a waterfall that supplies the bath area with water and another watery area for Delphia to frolic.
It’s bright, colourful and has an air of mystery and magic which you simply cannot find in any other LEGO theme on the market. Seems like the perfect place to put your feet up and enjoy the magical waters – they can be controlled by hot and cold knobs, which I think is a very clever and sensible inclusion!
The colours go pretty well together and there’s a fascinating mix of greys, browns and the pastel colours which makes this set very eye-catching.

The set does an awesome job capturing the mystical nature of the new Elves universe in brick form thanks to a wonderful blend of pastel coloured elements which have very convincing organic and mystical designs. The grey slopes are always useful for rockfaces, the brown arches are always in need for trees and all the foliage and uncommon colours are great additions to my LEGO inventory.
It was a really easy build and most of all, I enjoyed just admiring and playing around with all the new coloured parts. Don’t let the girly tones fool you, this set is a great starting point to set you on a journey to discover the colourful characters (and parts) that are the hallmark of Elves. I’m on a temporary LEGO spending hiatus for a while, but I will definitely be picking that up and maybe the Treetop Hideaway one too!
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Even so, LEGO has given this set a unique selling-point that no other LEGO Movie set can boast–it’s the only set from The LEGO Movie that contains minifigure from three other themes! This is the one and only set that will be released to feature an accurate LEGO Batman figure, as this variation of Batman includes arched eyebrows on the cowl, just as in The LEGO Movie!
The assault on Cloud Cuckoo Land was one of the most shocking and memorable scenes in The LEGO Movie, and this is the perfect vehicle to add to your collections to recreate the scene.
This is a great price by most standards at just over 9 cents per piece, and should hopefully help this set to do well when it hits retail shelves in summer 2014.
Is this set and its incredible selection of minifigures enough to earn your $80 this summer? Elves represents LEGO’s next step to conquer the female market and builds upon the success of LEGO Friends which I am also a huge fan of.
As her name suggests, Naida Riverheart is attuned to the Water element, which is reflected in her aqua-coloured attire and hair. I like that the stickers are transparent decal stickers, which make them look a lot better than the paper type ones.
I think this play feature is exceptionally designed – I had a lot of fun playing with it over and over again. The map supposedly leads the Elves to find some sort of key that will help return the human protagonist Emily Jones back to her world.
The arched-eyebrows LEGO Batman minifigure is definitely going to be hot when it hits along with LEGO 70815, though.

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