Traders Secret Library lets you in on the secrets the world’s best forex traders know. Al Shaheen LibraryUndoubtedly one of the city’s best-kept secrets, this little-known literary haven boasts a catalogue of over 10,000 books. Alliance FrancaiseAt Dhs750 for the year (Dhs1,000 for a family), membership certainly isn’t the cheapest, but then as the only specialist outlet of French language literature in the Emirate, you’d have to agree that’s tres bon value. As a tribute to these contemporary indoor oases, we put together a post with 37 beautiful home libraries, bearing within knowledge and acting as a refuge from the hectic lifestyle characterizing big cities.
Open since 2002, it claims to be the city’s only privately owned public library, and stocks the latest issues of your favourite health and style magazines alongside classics and best-sellers. As well as access to more than 18,000 books and periodicals, members also receive a 10 per cent discount on Alliance Francaise’s French and Arabic Language courses.
By becoming a member of Traders Secret Library, you’ll have access to the best trading systems and the largest collection of trading techniques in the world. There are many ideas from the photos below we find inspiring, starting with the circular bookshelves in the shape of an indoor dome, the attic room library or the suspended above-the-stairs shelving system.
There are no English language novels on offer, though, so don’t go along and ask for Bravo Two Zero – you’ll only get yourself an unapologetic Parisian shrug.Open daily 9am-8pm.

You can learn the award-winning systems of these traders, learn about the market and currencies they trade as well as learn about their trading schedule and attitude toward their work. The fireplace bookshelf is also an intriguing and daring idea, provided it is never left unsupervised.Collect this ideaWe also love reading nooks and window seats surrounded by books, which make for great relaxations spots.
Khalid Bin Abdel Aziz Street, opposite Khalidiya Mall (02 666 6232)The ClubWith over 16,000 titles on the shelves, ranging from DIY manuals to Agatha Christie classics, The Club’s library boasts one of the largest selections of books in the city. Traders Secret Library will also teach you about how to find little-known propriety indicators, how to start trading and how to achieve great results. Depending on the features of each home, a library can be extended horizontally or vertically.
It’s not the cheapest, sadly – even after paying the Dhs3,500 joining fee, you’ll still need to shell out Dhs2,875 for a year’s library membership.
Some of the photos below present seamlessly infinite walls, with a jaw-dropping effect-just imagine the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of books in the comfort of your own home! You’ll get access to The Club’s various other facilities, of course, including their exclusive bars, restaurants, sports activities and private beach.
So at least you’ll have no shortage of places to kick back and enjoy your papery selections.Open Sunday-Thursday 10am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-7pm.

Mina Al Saadiyat (02 673 1111)Daly Community LibraryWith just 7,000 titles on offer, this may not be the most choice-packed library in the city, but, having been open since 1978, it is certainly one of the oldest. It’s owned and operated by the St Andrew’s Church, which pledges all membership revenue towards updating their catalogue and renting the premises, so you needn’t worry about feeding the capitalist machine as you flick through the latest Dan Brown.
St Andrew’s Church, Airport Road and 17th Street (02 446 4752)National LibraryAs the city’s biggest, don’t expect the quaint community vibe and personal service offered by some of the city’s smaller, independent outlets as you wander among the National Library’s heaving shelves. Mind you, with over 300,000 Arabic titles and more than 100,000 in other languages, only the snobbiest of bookworms could bemoan what’s unquestionably the capital’s greatest literary resource.
Best of all, membership is free (a refundable Dhs400 deposit aside) and you can keep hold of your selections for 15 days at a time.Open Sunday-Thursday 8am-10pm, Friday 5pm-8pm, Saturday 9am-1pm, 5pm-8pm.

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