For the most part, my issue with Daniel this season has been in how his story has always seemed ancillary to the A-plot of Emily (Emily VanCamp) reuniting with her father (James Tupper), and the implications that reunion holds. This creates an interesting arc for Victoria, as she both mourns Daniel and vilifies him for the good of the loved ones left behind, including Charlotte.
The episode allows us to see Victoria work through the stages of her grief, until she achieves a certain stoicism at the funeral that is both touching and heartbreaking. However, the best scene of the episode ends up centering on how Emily processes Daniel’s death. The first date went to Kaitlyn, who spent the day walking around Bali with Chris and getting attacked by monkeys.
At dinner, she was extremely nervous, but finally decided to go into the fantasy suite and tell him. Honestly, I was annoyed with his reaction.
After the overnights, Chris said he was falling in love with all three and (through tears) that the was afraid of making a mistake.
Yoon Sung remembers what YJ told him before he died, to reveal the truth found in the secret documents. JP tells Yoon Sung that he looks forward to seeing Yoon Sung when he finds out the true and ugly side of the President that he respects so much. Target Number Two is telling news sources that the City Hunter’s next target is the President.
The ex-officer is with JP asking that he just return honor to the dead of the “Wipeout Plan.” The ex-officer doesn’t want to see the whole nation become shaken. The President is thinking by himself, he’s connecting the dots and begins to think that Yoon Sung is the City Hunter after all. YJ’s underling ariives at the Blue House and begins to relay everything that YJ has figured out about the City Hunter. Yoon Sung arrives in the President’s office and asks the President whether the news conference was true. The President is talking with a senator in order to pass the law to decrease tuition costs he wants.
Yoon Sung has arrived at the President’s home saying that he is tutoring Dahae, Yoon Sung is looking for the President’s diary that has the information about the funds received during his candidacy days. Nana is outside and asks Yoon Sung if he is going to continue on with his course of action. Right at the moment of the President’s victory in passing the tuition reduction, the City Hunter has released all information about the “Wipeout Plan” and also the illegal ways he has gathered funds for his presidential candidacy.
The City Hunter also has sent the senators who have received illegal funds in order to pass the tuition decrease law to the prosecutor’s office.

It seems that Yoon Sung was trying to get Nana out of the upcoming conflict, she has been put off-duty when her personal diary says otherwise.
JP calls the President and says it is time to receive my judgment instead of the people’s judgment.
The President asks Nana’s supervisor that he has an important guest and wants him to be sent in without any body-checks.
JP arrives at the meeting place of the President and he has a face-off with Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung, “A ruthless vengeance where I have to kill my biological father. The President pushes Nana aside saying “I am sorry Nana.”, the moment JP fires, Yoon Sung takes the bullet for the President. I heard that some Korean Netizens online have stated that they believe the happy ending is all in Nana’s head. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services.
Yet Daniel’s death has galvanized action, setting a grenade into the center of the relationship between David Clarke and Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe). After being interrogated about the incident by Ben (Brian Hallisay), Emily tries to sell the lie that Daniel beat her nearly to death before she was able to shoot him in self-defense. They had a perfect Pacey-Joey jumping off a boat moment, but she was the only woman who didn’t get to see his hometown of Arlington and that worried him. YJ’s underling goes crazy on Yoon Sung, calling him the City Hunter and blaming Yoon Sung for YJ’s death.
She asks if Yoon Sung is going to find out dirt and “take out” the President like everyone else. JP is pointing his gun at Yoon Sung, and in order to protect Yoon Sung, JP declares that he is the only survivor of the “Wipeout Plan.” Also, JP declares that he himself is the City Hunter.
I highly disagree with that, because we know that this is kind of a prequel setup for City Hunter the comic series. A mutual hatred develops between Victoria and David, an animosity that has apparently been hidden just beneath the surface. Jack (Nick Wechsler) is understandably concerned about Emily’s ability to sell such an obvious lie, since she already nearly gave it all up on the initial interview at the scene of the crime. After their cute and relaxing day, they had a romantic dinner and she finally told him she was falling in love — and he said he was too. But right before he made his picks, he pulled Becca aside and she reassured him that she was falling in love with him too.

You should clean off YJ’s blood as well.” Yoon Sung says that JP is the same as Target Number Four, because JP has caused YJ’s death. The President explains that it is his cause to make life better for Korea’s citizens by passing tuition decreases and also blocking privatized insurance from passing.
Anyways, JP in the end sacrificed himself once more for Yoon Sung, in true fatherly fashion. Victoria indirectly blames David for Daniel’s death, since he essentially gave his life to protect Emily. Even in her confrontation with David early in the episode, she fiercely defends the memory of Daniel as a good person, stating that he gave his life for Emily. What do you think it would be like, to have to face off against the father who lost a leg to save me? I liked how the dream scene was reenacted, and JP dies an honorable man, at least in Yoon Sung’s mind.
She admits to having married him for the wrong reasons, and that despite all the scar tissue and bad attitude, Daniel was a good guy, deep down. Because Malcolm Black will have each and every one of them tortured and killed if he finds out they had a hand in the death of his daughter, David must ditch Kate’s body while Emily tells the police that she shot Daniel in self-defense after he attacked her in a blinding rage. It’s an utterly gutwrenching performance, speaking to the depth of the grief Victoria feels, and the weight of her regret at not being a better mother to Daniel.
This argument hints at the larger issue brewing between the two, as David shockingly reveals to Emily that his plan since coming back has been to kill Victoria. Emily seems to surprise herself with how much her candidness is affecting her, as she wipes away tears recalling how much she’s hurt Daniel over the years. Needless to say they had the most awkward goodbye ever, and she was confused more than anything.
However, now that this has happened, and Malcolm Black is a looming threat, he isn’t sure what his next move will be. Yet it’s interesting all the same, since father and daughter are now pretty much aligned on their goals. And he’ll do anything to keep his identity a secret, going as far as to stab Alvarez (Nestor Serrano) and pull him into his car before driving off.

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