Feeling hypocritical about his motives for being there, Ben left early with Henry, who felt uncomfortable too, being a Catholic, what with the lack of statues and holy water.
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In the series finale, High school graduation is finally here, prompting everyone to reminisce about how much their lives have changed over the past few years. Ricky gives Amy an ultimatum after learning that Anne told Amy to head to New York City on her own. Omar breaks Adrian’s heart by ending their engagement, and Adrian takes her pain out on others. Ricky gets upset when he discovers the meaning behind the date Amy selected for their wedding day. Amy and Ricky set a new wedding date, but their loved ones have doubts about them following through.
Grace persuades her friends to attend church, but her plan doesn’t come together as she expected.

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She explains to her that it's not about her mom being gay, or her dad being with Kathleen, but that her parents are not the ones that she grew up with and that scares her. We have confirmed carriage with a number of providers, and as others are confirmed, we will post them here.
Meanwhile, Ben realizes he may have been wrong about his first love; Amy and Ricky open up to Dr. He made his screen debut with the comedy-drama television series Get Real from 1999 to 2000.
Adrian got a kid to take a photo of her and Omar to prove to the school board that they aren’t just together for sex. Margaret tells her that she understands, and that she appreciates Amy being direct with her. After his first leading role in the film Roger Dodger (2002), he appeared in such films as The Squid and the Whale (2005) and The Education of Charlie Banks (2007).

Her saying sex in church freaked out the kid but that didn’t stop Adrian from making a loud remark about sex and Jesus. Amy’s feathers were ruffled by seeing her father with Kathleen, but if that wasn’t bad enough, Jack comes waltzing in with Madison. She also tells Adrian that she's tried to get her to come over for a long time.  Amy and Margaret hugging. He also tells her that he is all hers, and that (although he wants to have sex with her) he will wait until she's ready. Leo doesn’t want Ben to have anything to do with Dylan, period! Dylan wheedles and cajoles, we see him waver, but it is Dylan’s mom who caves first when Ben calls and lets them talk.
The fact that she has made up her mind to give up her child without any reservations seems to bother him.

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